Mere Angne Mein 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya coming outside the shop to stop Shivam. She apologizes to him and asks whats the problem, that he got angry on phone. He says nothing and leaves. Rani asks Riya why did he go. Riya says I don’t understand Shivam, he was getting romantic and held my hand in the shop, now he got angry and left. Rani says I understood, maybe he has male ego, as he did not had money to pay the bill. Riya says yes right, I m stupid, I did not understand this. Rani says I know all this, but could not end my marriage problems.

Rani says this male ego is nice, if we ask the husband to buy things for us, he will surely buy, I wish Amit has male ego. Riya asks how to convince Shivam. Rani gives her tips. Riya says I will buy something for Nimmi and Preeti. Riya says fine, then I will

also get some things for my sister in law. Nimmi thinks what to do about Shanti. She calls RJ and complains about Shanti in indirect way. Shanti and Preeti hear it. Shanti says this voice looks similar. Preeti says everyone’s voice looks same, that woman said her name as Bindu.

Shanti says Sarla’s sister in law Bindu, but her voice is not same. Nimmi says she has a problem with her mum in law. RJ Mohit gives advice to mum in laws not to trouble their bahus. Shanti says he always takes side of bahus and daughters, let me meet him, I will slap him. Preeti smiles. Shanti asks Preeti to apply oil to her hair. Pari comes out of parlor and gets Vyom’s call. She says she will meet him today and gets glad seeing him there. She hugs him and says she was dying today, an employee has spoiled the eyebrows of a customer lady, the lady demanded 10000rs and I thought to keep this ring mortgaged, parlor is running in loss. He says no need, I will give you 10000rs, I got pocket money from my elder brother today. He hands over the money to her. She says she is ashamed to take money, but she can’t say no if he is giving money with love, she will close eyes and take it.

Sarla is on the way and thinks of selling the photo frame or giving it to Shanti. Amit calls her and complains about Rani, who came to get money from him and is roaming. Sarla gets angry and says she will not leave Rani if Rani is not at home now. Rani sees Sarla and asks rickshaw driver to take her home fast. Nimmi tells Preeti that she wanted to get anger out on Shanti, She says your RJ is good and teases her. Kaushalya comes and asks Nimmi to call Raghav, as he won’t take her call.

Nimmi and Preeti tell Kaushalya that they came upstairs late and saw Shanti and Sarla hearing mum and dad’s conversation. Kaushalya asks what. Nimmi says we have seen it and dials Raghav’s number, asking Kaushalya to talk. Raghav is upset and gets Kaushalya’s call. She asks him not to drink more tea, as sugar is happening in this age. He asks if you worry for me, try to understand me sometimes.

She says you also love me, you also try to understand. He says I do, what I see at home, I don’t know where to go. Shanti calls out Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Raghav not to drink much tea and take care. She ends call and goes to Shanti. Shanti talks to pandit and says she will talk to Raghav and then this matter will go ahead. Kaushalya asks why did she call. Shanti asks her to bring tea or lemon water. Shanti asks pandit to find people who don’t take less dowry and ends call.

Rani comes home and hurries. Shanti comes to Nimmi and Nimmi gets tensed, thinking Shanti knows that she has called the RJ. Shanti gets pandit’s call and goes. Sarla comes home and Rani opens the door. Sarla asks where did she go without asking her. Rani says I did not go anywhere and asks her about the photo. Sarla says I know you met Amit and asked for money, Amit called me. Rani says no, I did not meet Amit. Sarla asks her not to lie. Rani says I did not go, I thjnk my twin sister Tani has come. Sarla asks who Tani. Rani says like Priya came in Riya’s marriage.

Sarla says I know you don’t have any twin. Rani says Prabha will know better and calls Prabha in balcony. Rani asks Prabha to say whether she was at home. Prabha says I did not see you at home. Rani asks do I have any twin sister. Prabha says no. Rani gets tensed. Rani asks whom did Sarla see now. Sarla asks why did you do this decorations in balcony. Rani says if police comes again, if they see me in open room, will this look good, the lady inspector was passing by and asked me about you, I said my mum in law is very good, so I have put curtains to keep personal things at home. Sarla scares her and asks how dare you hold my hand. She scolds Rani.

A man comes to Ashok and asks for 1 lakh loan which Ashok too for Amit’s marriage. Ashok asks for some time. The man asks him to give from dowry. Ashok says I m against dowry, I did not take any money. The man asks him to give some money now, he needs it. Ashok asks what will I answer to owner, I m manager here. The man says take money from Raghav. Ashok says if I had to take from him, why would I take from you, you know if money comes in relations, then relation ends. The man says you are good person, so I will agree, arrange money soon. He asks Ashok to call him when he arranges money. Ashok says its better to die than beg.

Sarla asks Rani to remove the curtains and Rani stops her. Prabha asks Rani not to keep curtains, else how will I see free drama. The pandit comes to meet Shanti and says he has got proposals. He says he has got rate card of how much dowry people take. Shanti thinks she lost 15 lakhs as she did not get dowry from Riya.

Sarla asks Rani to keep curtains and stop Prabha from seeing their home. She taunts Prabha. Rani asks Sarla about the photo frame. Sarla asks her to keep it on table and not touch it. She sends Rani to kitchen. Sarla thinks its good she got the photo frame and goes to see what Rani is doing in kitchen. The pandit tells about railway guard taking 25 lakhs. She asks how much senior guard get. He says 17-18 lakhs. Shanti tells Kaushalya that if he gets Raghav remarried, she will get 17-18 lakhs, his son is like good, you got him for free and so you don’t value him. Kaushalya cries.

Sarla asks Rani why did she make puri curry, did she make it for Bindu. She scolds Rani and says she will cut her feathers, this home is running by Shanti, not Ashok. Sonal comes home and looks on. Sarla and Rani argue. Sonal asks Sarla not to scold Rani, you should be happy if Rani makes something for Ashok. Rani says yes, Ashok is elder, he should get good food. Sarla asks Sonal not to get in this matter, go and study, when you earn, then give me lecture. Sarla scolds Rani and asks her not to become like cow, as she knows Rani is like a fox. Rani says Bindu has ate 8 puris. Sarla asks 8? Is any human or a devil? Till I don’t settle scores for 8 puris, you will eat 1 roti less every day, I will count your rotis. Sarla hides the frame and goes to her room.

Rani says I will eat one roti infront of Sarla, and then have good food later, how to say Prabha took 8 puris, not Bindu, but what is Sarla doing by shutting the room door. Nimmi and Preeti look on, as Shanti is seeing proposals for them. She says she is against dowry, she did not get money from bride’s families at Shivam and Amit’s time. Nimmi sees the proposal, that the guy’s wife left him. Nimmi gets angry and tells Preeti about the guy looking like a goon. Preeti says will Dadi make us marry anyone. Kaushalya asks him to show good proposals.

The pandit says its good, this guy’s wife died by falling in well. Kaushalya tells Shanti to find bachelor guys. The pandit says this guy’s wife has given divorce to him, next is govt officer, whose wife left him in 2 days, this guy does not take dowry. Shanti says this is nice guy, and asks him to talk to this guy. Nimmi gets angry and says no.. She says Dadi finds good guys for Pari, and for us, such married men whose wife died or left. The pandit says the guys are not bad, is this good to talk between elders.

Shanti says Nimmi is saying right, the guy has govt job, car and house, what if he is married, fine cancel this marriage. She asks Kaushalya to give tea to pandit, and takes Nimmi outside. She shows Nimmi the shopkeerper’s guy, and asks him to marry the tailor’s son, they both can stitch clothes and work together.

Shivam hears pandit saying about Riya, she is very sharp who changed the groom. Shanti says yes, she is very sharp and said about her love also. Shivam asks them is this good to backbite about anyone. Shanti gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is just a serial and still we cant bear.. No idea how ppl bear such bias people in real life,. So bad shanti is doing.

  2. Nice

  3. I agree with DiA. Who needs someone that negative in their lives? Shanti represents every thing I dislike about mothers in law, and more. She’s always against her son’s kids yet they’re way better than her daughter’s kids, of course with the exception of sweet Sonal. Please change the track very soon before we lose interest.

  4. I joined watching this show in august only.. please tell how did riya married shivam instead of amit..

    1. Please read previous updates. That is the easiest way.

  5. Please get Riya back to shanti Sadan!! And more Shivam-Riya moments please! That couple is reallllly cute!!

  6. How can Shanti do that with her own granddaughters? Marry them to married men. Disgusting! Poor Nimmi and Preeti. I like their characters so much. Don’t want injustice with them.

  7. I think this is the first serial I’ve seen in which a grandma hates her own grandchildren so much… Like seriously its so sad! When the promos were going on I thought shivam would be like a favourite of shanti’s… Coz.. That’s how it normally is right??
    But instead, what matters to her most is her power in the house and money… Its sickening!! And gosh… Shanti and sarla’s drama together is too much to handle! Gives me a freaking headache! >.<
    Still waiting till riya takes over… Wonder when THATS gonna happen… She's being pretty ignorant now :/

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