Mere Angne Mein 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Rani will she come back to inlaws. Rani sees Amit. Shanti asks her to manage her family, will life get better if you give divorce, no one holds hand of a woman left by husband, will you become foolish, be sensible, I like you, so I m requesting you to come back home, if divorce happens, I will stand with Amit. She goes with Aarti. Rani and Amit argue. He says I know you gave that obituary note, I gave photo and bio data at marriage bureau, see how the girls come.

Kaushalya asks Raina to calm down, there is much work. Shanti and Aarti come home. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make Raina quiet and show. She says she is not getting quiet, give her to Charni, she will make Raina quiet. Aarti thinks Kaushalya will feel bad if she comes in my lap and gets quiet. She signs Raina and makes her quiet. She says I will manage Raina after getting fresh. Kaushalya says see Raina got quiet being in my lap. Shanti jokes and goes. Raina cries again.

Aarti asks Kaushalya to sing songs, Raina will get quiet. Kaushalya argues with her. Amit calls his friend and asks him to do his work, find a girl for me, when will I get her. His friend says it will take time. Amit says I want to marry soon, listen to me, I will not pass your tender if you take much time. He rests.

A lady comes home to sell curd and talks to Kaushalya. Nimmi takes the curd. Kaushalya pays money. Shivam comes downstairs and holds head. Kaushalya asks him is he fine, do you have fever. He says no, I have headache. She asks did you drink. He says no. She asks him not to lie. He says yes, I had wine, so I m alive. She asks him to stop it pitying himself. He says you just scold me, you can’t say in front of others. She beats him. He asks her to beat him more, is the melodrama over. Nimmi asks Shivam to stop it. He says I m not interested in talking to you. Aarti looks on.

He takes a knife and asks her to give lemon. She gives him lemon. Aarti gives him lemon water. He throws back the lemon and drinks the lemon water. Kaushalya asks how do you know this will be relief, did you also drink before. Aarti says no, I read somewhere. Kaushalya says really. Shivam says leave it, why are you asking her. Kaushalya throws the glass. She asks Shivam to go away and not dare to come to kitchen. She asks Aarti to tell if there is any remedy to quit drinking, not to end hangover, do you want him to drink everyday and come to you to get rid of headache. He asks her to stop drama.

She says stop it, you start living with headache, or stop drinking, I will call Shanti, she will put chilli in your eyes. He says I don’t get sleep without wine, i see Riya’s face and get dizzy, I can’t leave wine. He goes. Kaushalya asks Aarti not to give anything to Shivam for his headache. Shanti asks Aarti to give her some fruits. Kaushalya gets the fruits. Shanti asks why were you making noise. Aarti gets dizzy and drops utensils. Shanti asks her to sit, did you have anything, have fruits. Kaushalya gives fruits to Aarti. Shanti takes Raina.

Kaushalya acts rude to Aarti. Aarti eats fruits, Kaushalya picks utensils. Preeti comes home and complains about her inlaws. She says my inlaws have come, you did not come to meet them. Shanti says I will see them. Kaushalya says its our mistake, we should meet them. Shanti says they were not ready to see Preeti’s face, now they came to complain. She asks Preeti not to tell this here. Preeti thinks I should have said this to Shanti. Shanti says I will not see Nandu’s mum.

Amit’s friend calls him and tells about a girl. Amit asks how is she. His friend says I did not see her, I told him you are getting divorced, you are MLA’s son. Amit says call her at home tomorrow. Pari asks what treasure are you getting. Amit says I m getting a girl, change the house. Pari says I can’t do any work. He asks won’t you clean house. She says I will do your facial. He says fine, make me fair, don’t tell this to Papa. She says yes, since mummy left, we have no support. He says once your Bhabhi comes, you will rule.

Shanti pays the money to dhoban. Aarti checks the account and says you gave less money. Dhoban argues. Kaushalya comes and checks. A neighbor comes and asks for lemon pickle. Shanti says I told you on phone, its simple. The lady asks her help. Shanti goes with her. Kaushalya says its Aarti’s mistake. She asks Aarti to take clothes. Aarti goes. The lady says I think there is danger in your house, you have young girl at home, your son’s wife died, if anything happens, house will lose name, get them married. Preeti hears them.

Kaushalya asks what are you saying. Dhoban says girl is very beautiful, your son may fall for her, what’s wrong in it. Kaushalya asks her to leave. Dhoban goes. Preeti asks what are you thinking about Charni, before Shanti thinks this, do something. Kaushalya says I can’t accept this girl, I don’t know anything, how can I make her your Bhabhi, Riya passed recently. Charni shows she loves Raina, did we see what’s in her heart, Shanti did not think so, don’t tell this to anyone.

Shivam stops Aarti and calls her Riya. She gets hurt. He applies ointment to her foot. Kaushalya comes towards them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Read in spoiler shanti will get aarti and Shivam married.

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