Mehrya My version Part 90

Part 90 10/07/2018

Mehak was busy with her preparation for the Delhi Haat event. She discussed with Shaurya and gets his nod for hiring extra help for the kitchen at White chilies. He worked with Vicky to advertise for the position and started to screening for that position. Mehak worked at home kitchen for the desserts and snacks and she listed out few items. She started to prepare mango Rasmalai, fresh fruit kulfi. As she prepares them she took video of them. She finish the preparations and place them in the fridge to cool down and called Shaurya who was busy at White chilies. He saw her name flashing on his mobile and he has to reject the call as he was in the midst of interview. Then he send her a message busy in meeting call you back. Mehak looked at his message and continue to search for other recipes in the internet. Harish papa and Karuna maa just came back after running some errands they asked Mehak what is she doing and she explained about the desserts and snacks she is planning to do for the Delhi Haat.

As they sat with her at the dining table and looked at her IPAD and suggested some, Harish papa suggested some and Mehak said that one need to prepare on the spot can’t prepare in advance, then they changed to another one Dolly maasi who came back from temple feed them all prasad and suggested something too. All were exchanging ideas and tired and sat there looking at other stuffs. Harish papa suddenly got an idea said he knows a dish his village there they will do it is slightly hot and crunchy. It’s originated from Haryana side. Mehak think about it and decided to check with Kanta chachi and PD. She called PD and asked her for some suggestions, the octogenarian give her some suggestions. Mehak wrote down all and said she will try and let her know on the outcome. She ask PD to pass the phone to Kanta chachi and chachi asked how her preparations for the Delhi Haat and their moving to Bangalore is coming up. Mehak replied her she still busy coordinating the dishes for the Delhi Haat and she haven’t done anything about Bangalore trip yet. Chachi assured her all will be fine and if she need any help just call her and she will be there to help her with the preparations. Mehak thanked her and hang up.

Within next few days Mehak manage to tried few snacks and it all came out well with the few assistance from White Chilies she manage arrange her snacks at the booth . She was busy arranging them and pasting the posters of menu on the booth exteriors. Shaurya came and pull her aside and looked at her intently she ask what by raising her eyebrows. He asked her all these petty works let the assistance to do you just manned the booth and explain about the new dishes. Mehak folded her arms to her chest and said Shaurya no work is small or big you know me I am able to do all. It’s okay I will manage. He took out an apron he was bringing for her, and help her to wear it for her and kissed her forehead wishing her best of luck Mrs Khanna. Mehak blushed and kissed at his bearded cheek Tq Mr Khanna and moved inside her booth. Crowd started to come in to the Delhi Haat and many customer patronize White Chilies booth to try variety of sweet dishes and snacks. The Khanna’s came to show their support and love for Mehak. Later the Sharma’s join them as well. As the crowd increase Kanta chachi helped Mehak to prepare some snacks as it finish quite fast. Shaurya who was there try to flirt with Mehak but she warned him not to disturb her as she is busy or else she will whack him nicely so he decided to stay away.

He admires how she entertain customers patiently as some ladies ask about the dishes and some suggested her to have her YouTube channel so they can follow her methods and prepare these dishes at home too. Mehak smiled and said we will soon come with these idea too. The fair went well and at evening they wrapped up. Sharma’s who stayed till late evening took leave from all before leaving. Kanta chachi and Jeevan chachu informed all that they are following Mohit to Jaipur because he have rented a home and Sonal with Mahi is moving there. SO they will be there for some time to take care of Sonal and Mahi and will return home once Sonal settle down. Mehak elated hearing this and she whispered something to Sonal and both giggled. Kanta chachi hugged Mehak and wished her all the best and asked her to take care of herself and Shaurya as they are in new city and give some advices too. PD interrupted Kanta chachi said you are talking as if she is going away from India, is just Bangalore, our laddoo can manage all and my handsome hero is there he will do all the arrangements for laddoo so you don’t worry so much. All laughed at PD’s suggestions.  Sharma’s leave from there. Mehak with Shaurya cleaned up the booth and check all before their staff load all the items into the truck to White Chilies. Shaurya suggested Mehak to have dinner and go home so they can rest and the next day can start packing.

After dinner out they reached home and gets freshen up. Shaurya informed Mehak that he already hired an assistant chef for White Chilies and some extra helpers too. Mehak thanked him for all the helps and today at Delhi Haat was a memorable event for her as she manage to handle the customers without panicking. Their first meeting at Delhi Haat she was panic and shy and he was like attitude problem Celebrity hearing her taunt Shaurya tickled her waist harder and she laughed loudly. He hold her and kept her on his lap and caress her hair and tuck them behind her ears. He asked her not to stress on the packing things and he will help her too and the things that she can’t pack its okay they can buy it at Bangalore. Mehak nodded and Shaurya asked her to rest properly as she had long day today. Both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace.

Next day Mehak busy packing her stuffs and Shaurya was doing his suits and all. After few hours they manage to pack all into the suitcases and Mehak suggested to drop by White Chilies to see how the arrangements with Priya and Vicky is. Vicky brief them on the arrangements from menu decision to raw material handlings to catering arrangements. Mehak assured them all will be fine and anything ask them to call her immediately as she will help them. Shaurya assured all will be fine and she can relax as well. After that they decided to go to Sharma Nivas to spend some time as their flight to Bangalore is on next day. Mehak sat with PD as she played with Mahi. Shaurya who was with Ravi chachu and Daduji chit chat and spend their rest of the day happily. Next morning all Khanna’s came to airport to send off Mehak and Shaurya to Bangalore. Karuna maa blessed Mehak and asked her to take care of herself and call daily to talk to them and Dolly maasi also hugged and blessed Mehak. Shaurya ask them not to do dramas as they are just away from Delhi to Bangalore for few months its few hours away only they will come to see them anytime.  AS their flight call announced both went to the gate and boarded the flight to Bangalore as they wave happily to their loved ones.

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  1. Hiii Haseenah2020 how are you… It’s short part… But it’s ok i know your problem… Thanks for uploading yrr… I love this… I love your all ff like always…. You are so amazing…. Plz upload next part soon as you feel better… ????????????❤❤?

    Now really want see…there banglor Journey….

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna thank you for the feedback dear, yes kind of busy with work load , deadline and sore eyes so I cant type update long ones but assure you the upcmg ones will be excitng ones too. stay tuned dearies as the bangalore trip will be exciting as ever…tq

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah…hru now…very lovely prt yrr as always…it was short thn other prts bt its ok still it was osm…luved it very much…I m eagerly waiting 4 their Bangalore journey n also how Majnu Khanna will behave in Bangalore?? poor Mehak wont get any excuse 2 run from him ??? upload nxt prt soon…tk cr…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali hru dear I am glad you like my update Bangalore update will b fun and exciting with Mehryalicius updates too please stay tuned dear, and I assure you Majnun Khanna wont leave his Laila.. as it is he wont behave normally so now … let me keep you waiting , okay wait for me take care bye

  3. Hi Haseenah di…hope u r fine now….sry for late comment bt I m bsy with my scl projects….teachers to hm pr taras hi ni khate…coming to ff it was super awesm….I am also waiting for their trip…n I m sure tht u will surely give us lovely updates n tk care di…

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Anjali thank you for the feedback dear Glad you like the update. its okay dear I totally understand that , school is important. Yes Mehrya Bangalore trip will be exciting and I am also super excited to write them up and post it here, My work load has increased and i am facing tight deadlines too so please bear with me. thank you dear have a great day ahead

  4. Hi haseenah all the episodes u have put till date r amazing….!!!
    Take care

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Armanian thank you for the feedback I am glad you like my update do read my other ff too AABMDK and give your feedback too , have a nice day ahead

  5. Hi haseenah, very nice part. Just loved it. Short n sweet. Please do take care of ur health. Update next part when ur fine. Take care n lots of love ????

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you dear for the feedback glad you like the update. thank you for your well wishes dear.
      My work load has increased and i am facing tight deadlines too so please bear with me. thank you dear have a great day ahead

  6. Awesome
    Loved it ??
    Family moments are fabulous
    Waiting for their trip…as it is shaurya cannot behave normal, don’t know what will happen in Bangalore??
    Post ASAP dear
    Keep smiling??

  7. Haseenah2020

    Hi Cindy hru dear. I am good and glad you like the update. thank you for the feedback dear Yes Mehrya Bangalore trip will be exciting and I am also super excited to write them up and post it here, My work load has increased and i am facing tight deadlines too so please bear with me. thank you dear have a great day ahead

  8. Sry fr the late rep Dr quite busy in brother’s marriage luv❤this update??.. But very small update every day I’m dying fr your update yarrr… And take care of yourself dear… Plzz update the next part haseenah Dr..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anu Naidu thank you fr the feedback and glad you like the update, Will update my AABMDK by tdy or tmrw please read and leave your comments there as well, do enjoy your brother’s wedding dear, I love wedding seasons as we can dress up and meet with all family members and chit chat gossip with cousins… have fun and enjoy your day dear

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