MehRya my version Part 36

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At the train Mehak dozed off. After almost 6hrs of travel they reached Patiala station. There was a driver waiting for them. He greeted and help to collect their suitcases into the car. On the other side, Shaurya reached Mumbai in 2hrs and he headed straight to check into his hotel. He took his mobile and check for any calls and messages. He shrugged when he sees nothing. He gets ready for his meeting and left the room.

At Patiala, the driver drives them home showing them the Patiala town and surroundings. Mehak been once to Patiala with Sonal 6 years back during their school holidays. She loves the place as it’s surrounded by lush greens. Sonal tries to distract her by showing Mehak scenery outside. But she still in a different world. Mohit and Nehal felt bad seeing Mehak like this. Usually she is chirpy, active and lively all the time. But first time they are seeing her colorless like this. They reached the village and Sonal’s cousin house. Upon reached they were welcomed by Sonal’s aunty Harpreet. They greeted with Namaste and gets their blessings. Harpreet aunty hugged Sonal and asked how is she doing and as it’s been few years they didn’t meet her and her wedding also was not informed. Sonal said is okay mausi now I am here we can talk and enjoy, she asked where is Neelima the bride, she pointed to the upstairs saying she must be at the room. Harpreet mausi hugged Mehak, wow this must be your best friend Mehak right? Look at her she have grown so beautiful and totally different than what we saw few years back. She notice she is slightly pale.  She asked her are you alright beta? Mehak nodded and Sonal quickly replied she tired and need rest mausi. As they go in the house they greeted and hugged everyone. Satvin their house maid lead them to their room upstairs. They went upstairs and look for the bride Neelima, Satvin bring them to her room and they surprised her and hugged her. Sonal introduced Mehak and Nehal and Mohit to Neelima. Neelima asked them to freshen up and come downstairs for meal they will talk more after their meals. Satvin open for them their room. They entered and Mohit were lead to the other side of the house where men will be staying he joined with them.  Mehak walked into the room and headed to the balcony. Sonal and Nehal dropped on the bed and relax themselves. Nehal said she will freshen up first and headed to the bathroom. Sonal look at the balcony saw Mehak standing and she gets up and walks to her. She stands next to Mehak and cupped her face. Mehak look at her. She seems to be lost. Sonal shushed her said you have cried enough Mehak don’t cry anymore now calm down. We are here for wedding and everyone will notice you are not the same Mehak all know. The Mehak that I know is happy like butterfly, her wings are colorful and she makes everyone happy and her smile is genuine. Please try to cheer up yourself at least for myself.  You talk about of what happen once you are really calm till then I won’t ask. Mehak nodded. She tried to smile a little. After Sonal freshen up, Mehak went into the bathroom to shower and came out stand in front of the dressing, her eye look at her bare neck. She touch her neck and she felt weird and sad as her mangalsutra is not there. She can’t think where she kept it.  Once all of them ready they joined the rest of the family members for dinner. Mehak can’t eat as her tummy is upset and she don’t have appetite as well. After their meals they joined the house elderly lady badi dadi with Neelima. Badi dadi has lost her eye sight but she is very wise and caring person. She touch their face and recognize one by one. As she touched Mehak’s face, why this gudiya is sad my child whatever you are facing now is just temporary. Mehak looked down. Sonal continued dadima this is my best friend Mehak do you remember her now I married her brother and we are now sisters. Yes I remember that little bird she is chirpy and full of life, what happen dear she is quite now. Neelima replied she must be tired dadima due to the long hours travel. Mehak holds her hand and said I am good and fine dadi. How is your health? Dadi replied ha our little bird is talking I am good child, now Neelima getting married and wish to be alive to see till Neelima’s child. Now tell me child you are same age as Sonal right are you married? Mehak baffled by the question she don’t know what to answer, Sonal replied dadi she is not married, Mehak’s eye opened wide in shocked. Sonal ask her calm down. After chit chat with Neelima and dadi they move to their room. Nehal locked the room door and Mehak quickly asked why did you lied to them that I am not married. Sonal holds her and makes her sit down and said calm down my baby jaan, how to tell them that you are married, you didn’t wear your mangalsutra. Your maang also is not marked. Your face looks like you just fought with your husband and came out of your house which is what happen. All will be asking where is your husband, how did you come without your husband etc. how to answer all these. Anyway we will be here only for 1 week so you can be single for this 1 week anyway Shaurya is not here so not to worry. Mehak gives her a glare and looked away from her. Mehak can you please tell me exactly what happen yesterday at least I know. Mehak exhaled a deep breath and said Sonal what I saw yesterday I can’t tell, it crushed my soul, you will not understand. Sonal become demanding if I don’t understand you who else can understand you. Mehak gets up and walks to the balcony ignoring Sonal and Nehal. She looked at the beautiful sky. Nehal rushed to offer her a jacket, she makes her to wear it and told her it’s very cold here di so please wear some thick clothes or else you will fall sick. She smiled and left her alone at balcony. At room Sonal and Nehal talks quietly can’t understand what is happening between these two. When they are in love the entire city screams in love, but when they fought it tears us apart. Hopefully they both clear their misunderstandings as soon as possible. They went to bed. Mehak sat at the balcony, their New Year celebration memory flashes in her mind. How Shaurya wished her, and what all they did together. Tears rolls down from her eyes, she wiped it off and after a while she came back to bed.

The next day morning, Sonal wakes Mehak. She gets up and saying she feeling tired and kind of sick. Sonal touched her forehead but no fever maybe you are jetlag due to the train travel that’s why, come shower and dress up. After breakfast Neelima wants us to go to town with her. She gets up and walks to the bathroom slowly. After shower she wore a pink and peach color combination patiala suit. She wore a simple earring and the bangle given by Shaurya. She followed them to have breakfast and joined them to go to town. Once they reached the town, she saw a gurdwara. She asked Sonal whtr can they go to the gurdwara, they nodded and all went there. She sat down at the prayer hall and said her prayers in her heart. Waheguru I don’t know what is happening in my life. Is my eyes can deceive me? Is my ears can deceive me? I loved Shaurya with all my heart and soul. But everything is over in my life. Please give me the strength and guide me the rest of life. I need your guidance and light in my life. After she felt calmness she gets up and left gurdwara slowly with the others. They went to the bazaars and Nehal busy taking pictures and uploading in her fb. After they walked around for few hours,  they were at the street going to another shop, Mehak’s eyes get blurred and she stretch her hands calling Sonal before she could say anything  she collapses. Nehal who was behind her screamed di and Sonal, Neelima with Mohit rushed to her. Mohit and Nehal lifted her and patted her cheeks to wake her up. Neelima suggested to bring her to the nearest clinic and they slowly bring her to the clinic. After checking if there is any doctor in the nurse replied yes and suggest to go in to the doctor’s room, Neelima and Mohit stayed outside. Doctor checked her pupil movement and her pulse rate. Sonal tells the doctor they are from Delhi and just reached yesterday, why doctor what happen to her. Today morning she told not feeling well too. After a while, they give an injection. Doctor explained to Sonal and Nehal. She is very weak, looks like anemic as well. She should be taking Iron fortified food and vitamins supplements. Also she didn’t rest properly. After a while Mehak opens her eyes and try to vomits. Doctor said is because she is having gastric as she didn’t eat proper meals. Wind trapped in her tummy so I will prescribe some medication for her please take good care of her. She will be fine, they thanked the doctor and came out of the doctor’s room. Sonal give the prescription to Mohit and ask him to get the medicines. Neelima asked what happen to her what did doctor said. Sonal and Nehal told her she is tired as jetlag and didn’t eat properly. Doctor already given her injection and she will be fine after taking the prescriptions.  They bring her back to their home. Neelima runs inside and tell Harpreet mausi and others what happen, they gets panic and they rushed to Mehak asking is she okay, Mehak with a fake smile assured she is fine and she will be fine too. Just anemic and she forgot to take her prescription past few days. They asked her to go to the room and rest if she need anything they will get for her and cook for her. She nodded and Nehal assisted her to the room. Mehak lie down on the bed and in a while she fell asleep. Sonal and Nehal talks in silent, do we need to tell this to Shaurya Nehal asked. We must but since he also in Mumbai what is it to tell him for. He already break her heart and makes her sick like this but let’s see if anything worst we have to inform Shaurya or else he will fix us badly Sonal replied.

At Mumbai after finish his meetings he took of his coat and remove the sleeve buttons and rolls up his sleeve while waiting for his ride to the hotel. His driver came to pick him up. He opens the door and makes him sit and closed it and rushed to the driver seat. He ignited the car and drive out to the road. Shaurya closed his eyes and rested his head on headrest. Driver asked, sir can I on the radio, Shaurya nodded. Driver on the radio. RJ did some announcements and played a song. It was Meherbaan from Bang Bang. Shaurya’s eyes open wide. Driver saw him from the rear view mirror why sir you don’t like this song I can change now, Shaurya replied its okay let it be. He closed his eyes and remembered where by last year Valentine’s Day how both danced at White Chilies. How he lifted her and swing her around. How they enjoyed their special moment. Shaurya smiled with his eyes closed driver saw that and concentrate on the road. Shaurya took out his mobile from pocket and saw that it’s in Silent Mode which he set during the meeting he forgot to turn it back to Normal mode. He check his messages and whatSapp that’s nothing from the one that he is expecting. If in a normal circumstances, he would have received 6 selfie, voice notes and messages from her but today there was nothing. He clenched his fist in anger and sat quietly the entire trip back to the hotel. The driver reached hotel opened the door and wished him good night. Shaurya reminded him to be here next day 8am. He walked back to his room after freshen up he calls for room service and had his dinner at room while watching television.  He slept after a while.

At Patiala Mehak wakes up and freshen up and joined the rest of the family for the dinner , all asked how is she feeling ,she replied she is good and feeling nice when surrounded by lovely family. She had a little food, Sonal and Nehal makes sure she eat as it’s her gastric is causing her to vomit and after dinner they give her tablets and asked her to swallow it. At night all the girl sitting and chit chatting, teasing each other and Satvin the house maid came to offer them all warm milk. Neelima told them her friend Pooja from college will arrive tomorrow and it will be so fun too. They got excited and Nehal asked her how is her future hubby is like, did she fell in love with him or chose by the family. Neelima told them it’s chosen by family. They met last year in a common family function and they liked each other then his family proposed to his parents and now they are getting married. Nehal said mine will be 100% love story. It must be exciting love story. Neelima turned to Mehak and asked how about you Mehak, how you want to get married. Mehak looked baffled by her question, she stuttered and said I don’t know, let it happen by itself. I don’t know. Neelima asked you look a doll and I am sure many guys at Delhi is running after you. Didn’t you see anyone interesting, Mehak’s cheek turned red. She looked down. Sonal, Nehal and Neelima with Satvin all laughed looking at her. Later they all back to their room and Mehak as usual went to the balcony. Sonal came at the back and ask her not to think too much and its very cold night don’t stay too long here or else she will be sick again. She bring her back to the room and they lie down and off the lights and dozed off.

Next morning Mehak with Sonal and Nehal met Neelima’s aunty from different village who is back for the wedding. Along with her is her son who is barely 5 to 6 years old with a patka. He is Veer Singh. He was chirpy and talkative boy. He went to Mehak and pull her hand down. She looked at him and sat to meet his height. So cute little boy what is your name. She pulled his cheeks, he replied I am Veer Singh. Wow Veer Singh what a beautiful name. That boy pulled Mehak’s cheeks and said you are very pretty too. Where are you from? I am from Delhi.  Veer asked can we be friends, Mehak shakes hand with him and said of course, so friend can you show around your town to me and help me here, he replied bravely, when Veer Singh is here you don’t need to worry of anything. Sonal and Nehal felt happy and relieved as Mehak is slowly regaining some colors on her face.

Veer bring Mehak to some of rice field. Mehak inhaled the fresh air and she felt so good. She played with Veer at some lake by throwing some stones and see whose stone goes further away. After running around with Veer, Mehak felt somehow light. Then both return back home. Mehak joined the others at kitchen and volunteer to prepare some dessert. She decided to prepare Balusha.  At Mumbai, Shaurya had his breakfast and went for his meetings. He checked his mobile once in a while, his screen saver was his selfie with Mehak during their honeymoon at Maldives. He caressed her photo and continue his meeting

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  1. Nice but atleat once shaurya wuld have looked fv so that he can know where is Mehak ….N Nehal n sonal wuld hv informed Shaurya abt Mehak’s health condition….pls its my request in nxt update make mehek talk to Shaurya once …pls…but must aay nice update …pls upload nxt ff soon …waiting eagerly…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Rajnandini for your feedback and idea. Yes they will meet soon. You know how both cant live without each other but in the meantime both stubborn. Wait for my update for tomorrow dear. Now in the midst checking and adding some spice here and there.
      have fun dear.

  2. Oh wow thanks for update
    But please in next part let them meet each other or even talk on the phone or communicate somehow
    Miss them together it’s so hard to see them seperate
    Thanks dear

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sabrina
      Dont worry dear they will meet soon. I am just adding some interesting storyline to make you guys happy too. Our Mehrya will never separate.
      wait for tomorrow.
      have fun dear

  3. Nice

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Chetana
      Stay tuned for tdy’s exciting part.

      1. Next part

  4. Wowwwww yrrr vety nice… You nailed it like allwys… I love this story day by day… Bcoz its looking interesting…i love suspense in this story..

    And thnks for updates continue… And thnks for a long part…

    #Haseenah2020 #writer #ff #story

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Sapna for your compliment.
      I take so long to create this ff and careful adding the surprise elements so you guys are happy too.

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