Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav sends Deshmukh Emporium eviction notice

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi sees eviction notice on shop…

Raghav says to Pallavi I want you to move out in 15 days…

Sulochana calls Raghav and invites him for sangeet…

Jaya says to Pallavi you are looking very beautiful, Raghav looks at Pallavi and think’s she is looking good today….

Sometime back..

Pallavi is told by Sanjay she can never open shop in that mall, Nikhil sees Pallavi upset and asks whats wrong, Pallavi says I can never open shop in that mall now. Sulochana hears that and is very happy and says you broke my dream of this house and now I will break all your dreams.
Nikhil says to Pallavi we have many other malls and social media too dont worry.
Mansi reaches home, Pallavi asks Nikhil not to tell her anything.Nikhil says okay.
Pallavi says to Mansi she has made a new saree for her and will get it from shop.

Sharda asks Mansi how is she doing, Mansi says very well and gives her gift and others too.
Pallavi and Krishna reach shop and see notice on the shop, Pallavi asks Krishna what all is this, Raghav arrives there, and says this is your ticket to leave Hyderabad, I did a favor given my shop to such failed business woman, this is eviction notice I want by shop back in 15 days, Pallavi says what else can I expect from you, and you need to give me 1 month notice, Raghav says you say I dont follow rules and do illegal work, so how do you think of all this and now you will understand what playing unfair is.
Pallavi says to Raghav do whatever you want to, I will be there to answer your every move and tears notice and puts in his pocket and says we are old tenants here, and if I want to I will take you to court but not let you win, Raghav says good let the game begin and leaves.
Krishna says what next, Pallavi says he is here to scare us, anyways I have to focus on Pallavi’s marriage.

Everyone practicing dance for sangeet, Pallavi walks in and asks what is this, Mansi says look they are practising so that I loose to Rahul, Pallavi says don’t worry, I am here, Pallavi’s Dada and Vahini arrive, Sharda says these two helped us a lot in Kolhapur, Mansi says Dada I am so angry you came so late, Dada says travelling now a days is so difficult and Vahini doesn’t get leave and even we met Pallavi after a year. Pallavi says I miss you two a lot.Sharda says now freshen up.

Sharda asks Pallavi to come with her, and says let me cast of evil eye, Pallavi says all thisnis superstition, Sharda says you just do what I ask you to, give this coconut to Vijay, Vijay angry, Pallavi walks to him and hands him coconut, Sharda says take it and so as I asked and pray for good will. Vijay takes coconut, and breaks it in two pieces praying for his family good will and says keep my daughter away from Raghav’s black shadow and leaves. Sulochana heard that and says I won’t let that happen.

Farhad tells Raghav that its Ugadi, Telgu new year, I have asked for new stock in shop, Raghav says okay. Raghav looks at Kirti and Amma’s picture and says I miss you a lot and this time I will get you home here, Sulochana calls Raghav and invites him for Mansi’s function, Raghav accepts it and says Amma will call me son again and hug me.

Mansi’s sangeet function begins, Milind gives everyone sorry and Thank you card for postponing sangeet and coming again. Amruta asks Sulochana is Raghav coming, Sulochana says just wait. Pallavi shows Mansi name tag-Telgu Panthers Vs Jandar Marathas, Mansi very happy.
Raghav reaches sangeet function, he seez Akash there, Akash avoids him, he meets Jaya and Kirti and says I am leaving I have another work, Pallavi walks ti them and says no one is going anywhere, Pallavi takes Jaya’s blessings and greets Akash and Kirti, Jaya says to Pallavi that she is looking very beautiful and applies Kajal teeka to her. Pallavi says thank you for coming we loved it when you came Mehndi function, Kirti says she will support Telgu panthers, Pallavi says last few days were so stressful, this function is stress buster and mood changer. Raghav looks at Pallavi and says she is looking good today.

Pre cap: Raghav says to Pallavi that you are my life’s bad phase, Pallavi says you have already made lot of mess in my life not anymore.
Sharda finds Pregnancy test report receipt, Sulochana says Pallavi is pregnant and we will go hospital and check now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Pallavi never backs off and gets scared of Raghav which is extremely a positive thing of her character .
    But who really is preagnant?
    Amruta or Kirti? Or is it a plot by Sulochana?
    As she’s suggesting to check Pallavi in the hospital, I think it’s her plot only.
    None is actually pregnant.
    Also Amruta can be pregnant if the story follows the original script.
    I wonder how it’ll lead both of them to get married!🤔

  2. New promo makes me disappointed. This theme should be “Raghav’s love is more intense than Pallavi’s widow status” but now what is happening is actually opposite.
    I was eager to witness Raghav’s heartbroken look after knowing Pallavi’s thuth. His respect for her. But now….😔😔😔😔 I’m too frustrated.
    I think Keerti is pregnant which leads Pallavi get her married to Akash. This will make Raghav revengeful who knows nothing. And he will force Pallavi to get married with him…. well, it’s my assumption.

    1. @arsi , I too wanted to see Raghav’s reaction when he falls for pallavi and realises she is a widow . But it looks like the makers are just going to ignore it and have a forced marriage plot. I suspect it’s the TRPs ,there is no other explanation for this.

    2. @ArShi the original show had the same plot which you are demanding, even I wanted the same but here they’re doing the same scenario like Ekta and Gul’s shows.
      Nafraat bhari shaadi, nok-jhok bla bla and bla then love happens and pir se shaadi..😑😑

    3. @ Tonni

      I guess it’s a known formula which has worked in the past. Although the trend seems to be changing . I think the new trend is to pit one woman against the other and everyone can hate on the women . It is working really well imliee (Malini Vs imlim) , ghum hai Kisi ki (Sai Vs paki) and maybe even in Anupama with the extra marital track. I think the audience’s enjoy it .
      The TRP system needs to change it doesn’t even reflect what people are watching .

  3. @Pooja…..Anupama, GHKPM and Imli are remake of bangalee show. They are from same writer. Even hero was same in GHKPM & imli. She always likes to show extra marital affairs. Her stories are nothing new. If you watch her 2showes, you will see same plot again. Whenever main leads have some misunderstanding one of them will reach to hospital and other one will go back to him/her. She has zero creativity. Don’t know why her shows are so popular when she present same thing again and again.

    1. @arshi , I didn’t know that . I guess the “other woman” theme is working well . At this point I guess most shows on star plus are remakes . Nobody even wants to attempt something new , It’s sad !!! . I hope MHRW survives although it isn’t anything new in terms of the plot i still like the leads and their chemistry.

    2. Yes……#Pooja, even SAAKK has same writer and you will see the same thing when hero’s ex will come back. And Pandya Store, SNS 2, ANNS are also remake of bangalee shows.

    3. Well..two female fighting for one male is actually a reality based storyline. Specially when 18 males per 100 females is the scenario of India’s population.😂😂😂😂

  4. @Tonni…… it’s not only you and me are wanting this kind of storyline, theme of this show is demanding this. If makers want to show forceful marriage then what’s the point to show Pallavi as widow?!?

    1. Exactly!
      Some of the ITV writers make different stories but all thanks to TRP aunties who want the same old lame saas-bahu drama and for them the script changes.
      I kinda smelling the same here.
      But 1.1 is not a bad TRP at 6.30s slot.
      They should really make the story interesting like the original script rather than Ekta and Gul’s “nafraat ki shaadi” formula.

  5. Maza aa gaya….:) 🙂 🙂 RR & PD ka battle shuru ….wow!!!
    & RR was looking dashing sittin on top of his car…& the BG music which is played whenever he enters is just AWESOME…Bilkul hero wali feeling aati hai…..Love it
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 RR ke hosh udd gaye PD ko dekh kar…AWW LOL….even Maa also loved her look…..RR kaise dekh raha tha Pallu ko…hoye hoye …mesmerised look tha…PD was looking really pretty na

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