Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Sharda takes Pallavi’s side

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav runs his hand over Pallavi’s hair and leans tk kiss her she gets a message, Pallavi checks its Mandar’s, Mandar writes I am trying to recognise few things in my room, will you help, Pallavi reply’s sure, Pallavi looks at Raghav and says I am replying so that he doesn’t gate restless and create issue, Raghav says sure, Pallavi gets lots of messages, Raghav thinks of telling Pallavi about Mandar’s challenge, Pallavi gets call from Mandar, Mandar says sorry I called late, I found a sweater in my room, and I think you gifted it, Pallavi asks does it have maroon color design, Mandar says yes, Pallavi says yes I gifted it after engagement, Pallavi sees Raghav getting upset and says Raghav I guess Mandar is recovering his memory slowly he found a sweater, and thinks I gifted it, its right, Raghav says it also could be someone told him already and it’s just a reason to call you. Pallavi asks why will he do that.
Pallavi walks to Raghav and says today’s visit I felt better I helped only till required, Sulochana kaku did some drama but Sharda Aai didn’t let her and that gave me surety and once Mandar recovers his memory and Aai Baba have their son and it must be so difficult to live without memories, Raghav thinks I won’t tell her about challenge now, she won’t believe, and that joker thinks he will win but I can teach such people a lesson.
Pallavi asks Raghav what’s wrong, Raghav says nothing lets go to bed, Raghav purposely drops Pallavi’s phone and says sorry its by mistake and its not switching on, Pallavi says no worries I will get it repaired, Raghav says not required I have a surprise for you.

Raghav Pallavi in their room,Raghav gets her new phone, Raghav thinks I decided to give her one right when Mandar asked for number, lets me see how he contacts her now, Pallavi says this is very expensive, I will spoil it and break it, Raghav says you are my wife and so no repaired phone just this new one, it has new sim too, Pallavi asks my contacts and data, Raghav says I will get it transferred, and it has such good camera and editing options will help in saree shop too, Pallavi says no one cares about me like you do, you have changed a lot, Raghav lies on her laps and says no one loves me like you do and definition of love for me is Pallavi, Raghav puts ring in Pallavi’s finger, Pallavi likes the surprise and kisses his forehead.

Mandar angry says this Raghav definitely must have done something with Pallavi’s phone, Sharda walks in and sees mess in Mandar’s room and walks to him and asks whats wrong, Mandar says nothing messaging Pallavi for some things but unable to reach her, Sharda says Mandar I know you just remember Pallavi’s name from past but you will have to understand she has moved on and married now and is helping us because she is a kind person, and we shouldn’t take advantage of it, and you can ask anything to us and we will help you, Mandar says I just remember Pallavi and will ask her only for help.

Jaya walks to Pallavi, Jaya asks her where is Raghav, Pallavi says he has some exhibition so he left early, Kirti walks in and sees ring on Pallavi’s hand and says oh my brother is becoming too generous on some people here, so lucky of them, right Amma, Jaya says yes for first time Raghav used his brains Pallavi didn’t have an engagement ring, and its so pretty.

Pallavi sees Mandar at door and asks why is he here, Jaya asks Mandar why is he here, Mandar says I was worried you were not reachable on calls or messages, and so came to check and I didn’t have anyone’s phone number, Pallavi says you could ask anyone in the house they could have given these people number, Mandar says I didn’t think of that, sorry to bother, Jaya says no worries come inside.

Sharda asks Sulochana where is Mandar, Sulochana says he went to see Pallavi, Sharda says why didn’t you stop him, Sulochana says why should I, Pallavi is his wife, Sharda says she was his wife and is Raghav’s wife and we have to respect that, Vijay says enough of Pallavi Raghav, behave like a mother, your son is back, Pallavi is daughter in law of this house and so think of uniting them, Raghav married her forcefully she must not be happy there, let her come back, Sharda says wow when did you start thinking about her, and what when you threw her out of this house, you didn’t leave one chance to disrespect and insult her, and now you call her daughter in law, Vijay tries to yell at Sharda, Sharda says enough, Raghav Pallavi has done a lot for us, they are the one who got Mandar back and its our responsibility to keep their relationship intact and so wont allow anyone distrub Raghav and Pallavi’s relation, not even Mandar.

Raghav gets call from Kirti, she says you are spending so much money on Pallavi and look at her enjoying with her ex in your house, Raghav asks Farhad to stop car and go to store in cab he will join later.
Pallavi tells Mandar about phone incident, Mandar says Raghav must have gifted phone, Pallavi says who else will other than my husband, Mandar feels angry and thanks Jaya for inviting him in and apologize for forcing him in last time, Jaya says no worries I know its hard for you, Mandar says thank for understanding and after finding sweater I think I will have memory back soon and Pallavi I didn’t intend to disturb you, and please be with me and help me till I have memory, Pallavi says sure, Mandar says will you come home with me and help me with exercised Amma asked, I feel so suffocated in that house with unknown people and I want to feel homely there and so need your help, its fine if you find this wrong.

Raghav gets home and asks for Pallavi, Jaya says he went Deshmukh house with Mandar, Raghav leaves.

Mandar and Pallavi in auto, Mandar stops for tea break and says me and Vishu use to come have tea here its best, Pallavi says but we were going home, Mandar says I thought we could, and if you didn’t like lets go, Pallavi says okay lets have tea.
Pallavi sits awkwardly.

Raghav reaches Deshmukh house, Sharda opens door, Raghav tells Mandar got her here, Sharda says Pallavi isn’t, Sulochana says may be they are roaming somewhere, as they are husband and wife some day they will have feelings, Sharda looks angrily at Sulochana.

Pre cap: Raghav Pallavi get close, Raghav kisses her hand.
Mandar and Sharda looking in a mirror,Mandar says Pallavi you come close too, we did similar ritual in wedding right, Sharda throws the mirror
Raghav calls Pallavi, Mandar picks phone and says she is with me.
Raghav says to Mandar how dare you meet my wife, Mandar says you can’t stop me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Worst episode
    Don’t know how much time viewer have to tolerate that creepy mandar
    Again precap is twisted,last part will happen first
    Sometimes i feel real mandar is faking memory loss

    1. I don’t want makers to drag mandar drama
      Today ssk2 and mhrw trp 1.1
      Already sad bts of raghav is out ; don’t know if makers going to seperate raghvi
      I will not watch further, if they does it. Tolerating mandar tricks is enough for me

    2. Even I saw that BTS 😭 . Sikku apparently said no separation but I guess they will do anything for TRP . Considering the TRP increased I think we will get to see more of mandar.

    3. Even I saw that BTS 😭 . Sikku apparently said no separation but I guess they will do anything for TRP . Considering the TRP increased I think we will get to see more of mandar.

      I am really confused about mandar . Initially thought he was an imposter but he is so similar to sanki , it really feels like he is sanki’s son .

    4. Yes pooja this show was too good and realistic without mandar
      But people like those never end craps of ekta introduced in indian tv
      Today episode , everyone finding pallavi fault
      Pallavi took amma’s permission and doing all these on sympathy ground
      But hiding challenge matter by raghav will make it worst

    5. @Hhh

      I think even with Mandar’s entry it has still been okay because raghVi are still together and are showing trust in one another . They should show RaghVi come out strong from this messy situation and being unaffected by everything mandar throws at them but I do think the 7 day challenge will cause some problems .

      I truly believe pallavi loves Raghav and is only helping mandar without realising Mandar’s true intention . I think there will be a breaking point for pallu when mandar makes her feel uncomfortable and she realises what is happening , I don’t see this happening quickly . I also think raghav’s patience is being tested in all this and he too has a breaking point and I feel like the audience’s are closer to seeing his breaking point .

    6. I think Mandar never lost his memory. Just to gain sympathy, support and Pallavi. He is doing this drama.

  2. worst episode.. why pallu bahaves like dumb, if she want to help thet creepy mandar den she can go with raghav na rather than with creepy.

    1. Rashi Agarwal

      Exactly my point

  3. Mandar is clearly playing double game.sharad a understood that hope she will make pallu realise that too.This 1 week challenge is going to be roller caster all this raghav doesn’t have time to think about keerthi.sunny loves keerthi but he is selfish,male chavunist so he wont harm keerthi rather than instigating her against raghavi.It seems sulochana forgot about the raghav rao she is flying high its rime for raghav to play his game before its too late.

  4. Rashi Agarwal

    I am not understanding pallavi’s character. In previous episodes Her character is portrayed as bold, smart and sensible. Why are they ruining it by showing her mahaan and bewakaoof. She should help mandar but she should make it clear to him not to call her at odd hours and disturb her. Also tell him that he is with his family and if he has problem in accepting them he should move back to where he came from.

  5. Why does Pahlavi always helps creepy Mandar who has an ulterior motive?
    Does she not think that this will hurt Raghav.I feel that this is Lion and Mandar revenge on Raghav. I hope it ends soon.

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Mandar Ruined Raghav-Pallavi moments😏😏
    2. Raghav should have told about challange, otherwise wicked Mandar might get succeed in his plottings😣😣😣😣
    3. Raghav was feeling jealous, when mandar was messaging and calling Pallavi again again😜😜
    Isliye he broked her phone and gifted new one..
    4. Raghav pallavi se jayda to Farhad Farhad karta hai😂😂
    Har cheez me farhad farhad farhad..
    “Maa ka ladla bigad gya”😅😅
    5. Awwwww…. Raghav and Pallavi moments🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    6. Vijay never considered Pallavi as his daughter, but now want Pallavi to return to Mandar as his DIL😡😠😡😠😡😠😡
    7. Thank God🙏🏻🙏🏻 Sharda support Pallavi-Raghav and trying to keep Mandar away from them.
    8. Seriously Kirti is totally insane😣😣 she need to visit mental hospital..
    Language she used for her friend and bhabhi is seriously too much…
    9. I totally doubt🤔🤔that Mandar hasn’t lost his memory and just doing acting to get close to Pallavi..
    10. I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻before its toooooooooo late Pallavi-Raghav unite and find truth…

  7. The serial and the story line was going good and was diff from all other shows especially the trust between Raghav and Pallavi. Amma is also best mother in law. But with this Mandar track it is going the normal other ekta kapoor serial track..hope Sandeep sir does not drag this track too long and keep the trust equation between Raghav and Pallavi intact at the same time Pallavi who was shown as a strong woman is now getting carried away with her past and destroying her present. Please don’t make this another balaji serial.. keep it sweet . WANT TO SEE RAGHVI MOMENTS AND END OF MANDAR..Bring in new twist maybe after a few episodes of showing raghavi moments and the depth of their relationship..End this Mandar track. Else TRP will go below 1. I have stopped seeing the Last two episodes after reading the telly updates since it is focusing more on Mandar and Pallavi’s stupidity


  8. Sandeep sir please close mandar chapter soon request ing

  9. People are worried that if pallavi does this or that it will hurt mandar but what about mandar feelings isn’t he hurt?????

    I feel sorry for mandar. I hope he finds someone good and get over this palavi.

    I never liked raghav the way he behaved with mandar dad yes they didn’t like him but hen ever respected them. Always holding each other collor and calling mandar dad budha etc.

    1. U r right he shouldn’t have.but dear respect should be gained.First it is vijay who questioned his character?its he who always insult him.he is a stranger than how can u expect him to tolerate his nonsense.He had problems with his daughter meeting him than he should warn her daughter,he can warn raghav to stay away from pallu I accept that but he has no right to question his character but he always did that.holding collar seriously raghav never reacts first only if anyone instigated him than reacts violently he is rude but not manner less.who gave vijay the right to slap farhad what is his mistake that’s y raghav hold his collar.he is elder that doesn’t mean he can behave mean.when anyone beat our friend in front of us u cant expect one to stand and watch silently.raghav has ego but he wont go to low level like vijay went asking him to wash his legs and drink water.he is always say my daughter but when it comes to stand abd trust he failed but raghav never failed even they r his enemy he supports them just like for pallu if they r genuine,his family who doesn’t even care about him but he never distrusts them or questioned their character.

  10. Story line out of topic.Getting crap Day by day.Just running here n there.School plays are better than this.Once used to be my favorite.Now I don’t bother to waste my time on it.Not even realistic.How come dead people come back alive after 2 years in same town working as a driver duh.. n remembers 1 day married wife n not parents.🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. True…. Same Here… Getting worst n wasting time.

  11. Sulochana is also getting irritating day by day. Raghav and Pallavi have all the proof against her and also now that Amruta has turned positive character she should tell the truth about her mother how she framed Raghav and Pallavi and how she sent Vijay to jail. Let the family see the real face of Sulochana and throw her out of the house along with Manasi. They should get to understand the real value of Raghav . Twists and turns can come later let there be some happy moments and some romantic track of Raghavi . Also show romance between Farhad and Amruta for a change. Keeeti or Sunny ko thoda time ke liye break so. Waise bhi they are immaterial to the serial.

    1. All already know about sulochana act haa vijay said he doesn’t believe in front of raghav but at the same time he warned her too and coming to understand the value of raghav all knows except vijay(May be he knew but too egoistic to acknowledge that)even sulochana and mansi too know that’s y they r getting jealous and afraid because she knew before raghav her plots wont work

    2. Raghav definitely can see thru bada bindi and chota bindi. He can read people easily.
      Pallavi stopped talking to sulochana as she does not want any confrontation- but she needs to remind sulochana that her husband is raghav only and only raghav. Sharda is an amazing woman who loves and protects pallavi- one day she will give a tight slap to mandar, mansi, sulochana and hopefully Vijay.

  12. Totally Crap serial. Are they not thinking of TRP ?

  13. Sugendha Mudaly

    Yeah agreed this indecision and confusion from Pallavi is like eating broken glass n a sure way of separating her from the one n only RR..her character is lacking the conviction to do the right thing n RR does not deserve that..I mean he is fighting for her n she stands by like a dumb n deaf spectator.. Me think that this love story is doomed n we need to move on..

  14. Why dint Pallavi call and inform Raghav before going with Mandhar to see the doctor? No real wife would do that. She could have called in the car as it was a 2 hr drive one way…lol. And the dialogue ‘she was waiting to see Raghav’…what nonsense. Doesn’t make sense at all.

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