Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi takes a decision

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya hears a voice, Mandar walks in forcefully and asks Raghav to come down, Jaya asks why do you want Raghav, Pallavi walks to Mandar with Raghav, Mandar says Raghav here is DNA report and I am Mandar Deshmukh and now I will take my wife Pallavi Mandar Deshmukh with me, she will stay with her husband and not a stranger, Raghav sees the report, Raghav says you are right Pallavi will stay with her husband, and its me you are her ex-husband, Mandar says Pallavi married me first and didn’t divorce so this is valid, Raghav says too intelligent for a memory loss, and your death certificate was prepared and even if her first husband returns second marriage is valid.

Mandar asks Pallavi, don’t I matter to you, Pallavi says relations are not made on paper, you left me first night and then we found a body and told it was yours and so I have moved on and married Raghav in a weird situation but for me Raghav is my husband, I can understand your situation but we are in a fix too, Mandar says I was unaware past 2 years, but finding my existence by name Pallavi, I don’t remember anything from past, but if I remember only you it must be we had strong relation, Raghav says you had but I have it, it was important for you but is important for me, Pallavi has made clear that she wants to be with me, and so don’t dig past and we gave you your family now its your problem we can’t help you, Jaya says Raghav he is already in pain don’t do this, Raghav says I am just telling facts, Mandar says Raghav is right they did great favor by helping me with my family and shouldn’t bother them, sorry.
Mandar picks his report and leaves.
Jaya prays to God asks from where did Storm come in perfect relation.

Pallavi talks to Raghav says you were very rude to Mandar, Raghav says this is how I react, when someone is wrong, Pallavi says now it is not abount right or wrong, DNA report has proved he is Mandar and it is very difficult for him to adjust, just imagine yourself in that situation, and we are together and Mandar is alone, and he is not understanding what is happening, Raghav asks do you love me, Pallavi says yes I do but we can’t ignore Mandar’s problem, Raghav says I don’t find that man good, Pallavi asks why so much doubt, Raghav says I don’t know but I have strong gut feeling there is something wrong with him.

Mandar walks in Deshmukh house, Vijay asks what happened what is the report, Mandar says I am Mandar Deshmukh, Vijay hugs him and says I know you are my Mandar, Vishnu asks what took you so long, Mandar says I went to see Pallavi, Vijay asks why did you do that, Mandar says I thought she will come back but she won’t, Mandar leaves.
Sulochana thinks why won’t she, she has to come.

Pallavi gets call from Sulochana, Sulochana says I need a favour, Vijay has arranged Satyanarayan pooja and Mandar has agreed with great difficulty and we need Sheera for same but I can’t cook Sheera, and always you make, I can order but its pooja so you come, Jaya says Pallavi you go I will talk to Raghav, Pallavi says okay to Sulochana.

Sunny tells Kirti that their family won’t allow them marry and he felt like slapping Raghav for his behaviour, Kirti says relax and they already are in lot of problem and busy in themselves and then we will marry and then no one can stop us.

Deshmukh’s preparing for Pooja, Vijay says its for my son’s mind peace, Pallavi leaving Rao Mansion keeps trying Raghav, she opens door and sees Raghav, Raghav says come with me and takes her in car, Pallavi tells him why she has to go, Raghav says I don’t want to hear a word, Amma called me and told me its pooja, how will you go alone for a pooja, without your husband. Pallavi says you scared me.

Sulochana tells Vijay she has made arrangements abd called Pallavi to make Sheera, Vijay scolds her and says can’t you cook, why did you call her, Raghav and Pallavi walk in, Sulochana thinks why did this Raghav come along. Raghav greets everyone and says look I got your Pallavi and says Sulochana how did you call Pallavi alone without her husband and Apologize in Pooja and say next time you will call her with her husband and go Pallavi make Sheera.

Pallavi cooks Sheera, Mandar walks in kitchen, Mandar says its smelling good, Pallavi says you liked it, Aai use to make it for you, Mandar says few relations don’t change how werid.

Pre cap:Raghav says to Pallavi, I will fulfill all your demands, Pallavi says promise, Raghav says yes and runs his finger in her hair and leans to kiss her.
Mandar says to Raghav, Pallavi came to this Pooja and now in 7 days Pallavi will be against you in this house with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻Pallavi realise Mandar truth soon.
    2. Pallavi-Raghav bonding🥰🥰🥰
    3. I know Deshmukh’s will try to unite Mandar and Pallavi, becoz for them Pallavi is toy since always😠😡🤬😠😡🤬
    4. I hope pallavi stays on her decision..👍🏻👍🏻
    This challange drama doesn’t spoil it😔😔😔😔

    1. A few episode Pallavi scene quite irritating when she always talking about mandar and feel bad for Raghav😔

  2. How can they form so beautiful couple…..🙃i haven’t seen such a romantic and unique couple in Itv…Their chemistry…uff..sizzling…🤩🤩creates goosebumps…
    After the show if sai and shivangi watch their all episodes…Then they might fall in love with each other…☺☺

  3. Isn’t it becoming too much 😒 mandar is acting good before pallavi abd challenging raghav seriously.he is asking about relationship when it was barely one.this family will again make pallavi scapegoat.didn’t she have self respect?up to now she was fighting for raghav against family as they r at fault but suddenly now she had to become again mahaan. Her this behavior is encouraging mandar.
    Raghav what happened to u y r u silent?investigate about him before its get late man.
    If raghav helps his ex than will pallu will tolerate it?no before her amma will blame raghav than y partiality for raghav?y always he should compromise?she always say raghav,amma r understanding but she cant forget raghav ia human too he too will get hurt.everytime he goes to that house he will get insulted even than he goes just for her y cant ahe understand that.
    If u drag the rubber beyond limit it will get broken even if it is strong.

  4. This mandar is creepy . He can’t remember a single damn thing and wants a girl who he met 3days ago 🙄😒. Its good that pallavi clearly told him she is Raghav’s wife but I doubt he understood that . Feel like Mandar will create some misunderstanding and separate raghVi for some time which will end when mandar misbehaving with pallavi . It’s also weird to see these scenes without Aayi . I guess the actress is off for some reason, it’s very unrealistic that a mom would not come to see her son . I am also curious to know who’s side Aayi will take . I have always felt like she will be the one to emotionally blackmail pallu and get her back …let’s see .

    Poor lion , can’t believe makers got him back and don’t even give him a half decent track 😂🤣. It’s the same for Amruta and Farhad , makers started their story and abandoned it immediately.

    1. *misbehaves


    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      You doubt😅😅
      I am sure that memory loss is planning of mandar and doctor..
      Common sense would have been that 3rd doctor should have been involved for DNA test…

    3. @Shraddha

      TBH I don’t think it matters if this guy is the real Mandar or an imposter because either ways legally or by choice, pallavi is not his wife anymore.

      But I too feel like this mandar isn’t real . It is either Sulochana kaku’s doing all this or a combination of sunny-ved-keerti .

      The spoiler from tellychakkar was that Aayi is behind all this. Aayi was aware of Mandar’s accident and picked him from the hospital that night . Since mandar lost his memory she left him in doctor’s care to save him from sanki 😂🤣. I think it’s the best theory tellychakkar has come up with .

    4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. I agree with you, I find Mandar very creepy too. There’s something sinister and very bad about him and the doctor. Maybe she’s accepted a bribe from someone to make false DNA report too. Don’t like these evil characters at all.

    6. @ MP
      I would have preferred a grey character and not this creepy mandar obsessing over pallavi .

      I feel like the doctor is a fake one too. RaghVi should go talk to the previous doctor (Janaki or whatever her name was ) to understand who picked up mandar from the hospital on the night of his accident and also try to understand whose body the deshmukhs cremated. Nobody seems remotely curious about these things .

    7. I believe Mandar is being pumped by Sunny who is himself a bastard keen on marrying that dipstick to get to Raghav’s wealth. Mandar can remember zilch but yet he remembers things advantageous to him…and no one notices his selective memory. The fact he disappeared on his wedding day with absolutely no relationship with his bride does not give him a “wife”. And the new mother to Mandar is putting pressure on Pallavi to sit by mandar, stay at the house even feed the scheming mandar and Pallavi agrees like a docile chicken. Physically, Pallavi & Mandar could be referred to as Beauty & the Beast!!

  5. Today episode was better than yesterday one
    I am missing ayi kaka in deshmukh house, that house now become full off crazy peoples.
    Till now in all bts raghvi together and ayi also back
    Mandar is wrong person, where raghav lost his brain.
    Investigate fast before he snatch pallavi.

    1. @Hhh

      I hope there is no separation track 🤞 and I just have a gut feeling that Mandar is going to misbehave with pallavi .

      I haven’t seen the BTS with Aayi . I saw a solo pic of hers but couldn’t say if it was new or old . Good to know she is coming back . These Deshmukhs are even doing pooja without kaka and Aayi .

    2. yea…there is bts pictures where all are there in a group foto including milind kaka and aayi too…

  6. Please director sir end of mandar aka babdar chapter soon

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