Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav tricks Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi tells everyone we bought the shop…

Farhad says to Raghav don’t do it…

Vijay asks Pallavi, how did Raghav give you shop, Raghav walks in says I will answer that, its return gift to all the happiness she has given me, Pallavi says what are you saying, Raghav says you use to call me baby, now how are you behaving…

Sometime back…

Pallavi reaches shop, Krishna walks to her and asks what happened, Pallavi says I can’t believe what happened, Raghav gave me shop, willingly.

Nikhil tells everyone, Pallavi called and she has arranged party, and Vijay is the honor of party, Milind says lets go salon, Sharda asks Mansi what would be the reason, Mansi says may be photogram success party. Amruta says to Sulochana looks like your plan failed.
Sharda gets Janak Amma’s call, and they invite Deshmukh’s.

Deshmukh visit Janak Amma’s house, she gets very excited seeing Deshmukh’s, and says thank you for coming, Janak says she is leaving for Tirth Yatra, Nikhil asks why is cake and decoration, Janak says Pallavi sent it for today evenings party, party is shifted here today.

Everyone ready for party, Sharda asks Mansi where is Pallavi, Sulochana keeps ill talking about Pallavi. Raghav gets ready, Farhad says please don’t do this, Raghav gives him cold look and leaves. Farhad prays for Pallavi.

Sharda asks Nikhil where is Pallavi, Nikhil says she is our heroine she will do a grand entry, Pallavi walks in with lights switched off and spot light, and greets everyone, and says today is special day for Vijay and this day is going to be very special day, Vijay’s dream is coming true today, Sharda asks why is the party enough of suspense, Krishna gets shop papers, Pallavi gives it to Vijay and says we bought our shop, its not rented any more, all appluad, Sulochana in shock, Pallavi says to Vijay you are owner of this shop, Vijay starts crying, Vijay takes a look at shop papers, and asks Pallavi how,all get emotional, Milind and Vijay take a look at papers, Vijay asks how did Raghav do this, Raghav says I will answer that and walks in, Raghav says I am doing no favour, this is return gift to all the happiness Pallavi has given me, and this shop is nothing in front of it, Pallavi says what nonsense are you talking and why are you here, Raghav puts his arm across her and says why are you so nervous, people will know some day, and its important day and so I am here, Vijay pushes him back and says stay away from her, Raghav says okay old man I won’t touch her in front of you, but what when she is alone with me, Sulochana smiles.
Raghav says past a month, Pallavi comes to my house daily, and some relations dont need marriage, they are good without commitment, Pallavi is beautiful and adult, Pallavi says shut up, how dare you you talk this rubbish, get out or else I won’t spare you, Raghav says you will destroy me, you got shop in free and now you changed your colors, you called me baby and now get out,I thought you genuinely liked me, but doesn’t want commitment and so is hiding our relation and fought in front of everyone so that they think we are enemies, what a fantastic planning and acting and now you are celebrating and you think no one will know the deal, I am here to fail your plan, Pallavi says have you lost it, what are you saying, Raghav says if you wanted money tell me I would have given you, Raghav calls Farhad inside, and he hands Raghav a envelope, Raghav removes money from it and throws on Pallavi, and says its for all those nights we spent together.

Pre cap: Vijay slaps Raghav.
Raghav says Pallavi tell Vijay, the truth that your shop is in loss past 2 years.
Vijay gets angry and throws Pallavi out of house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Same precap again..😂😂😂😂 from the beginning they showed Raghav is a badass when it comes to enmity and he’s doing the same by not sparing Pallavi.
    Also the way Raghav was told about Pallavi being the culprit behind her sister’s MMS scandal, he’s rage is justified.
    But his way of revenge was wicked and the cheapest.
    Defaming a woman’s character is a nasty one. It could’ve done in better way.
    This show is really doing a terrible job to glorify women respect.
    They pulled up an abortion drama in front of the society, they showed MMS scandal of a woman which too was done by another woman, they are now showing character abuse of a widow by none other than the male lead himself.
    Makers are doing gross here.
    I bet the original drama didn’t have the tarnishing image of a woman in this extent.
    Raghav doesn’t know Pallavi is a widow but the viewers know that..right?
    Even the story is supposed to be revolved around her widowed status in future then why defaming a widow’s character?
    I know Raghav is doing it unknowingly but what message is being delivered here?
    You can defame a woman’s character, no matter how much independent a woman becomes she’ll always be treated as a decoy in front of her in-laws? Society? A woman will sacrifice her dreams and every bit of herself for her family but when anybody questions or blames her for any damn reason ,her family will hold the audacity to throw her out instantaneously without even listening to her POVs for once. These are the things are being shown in this show too far.
    The uniqueness of this show has turned into legit ITV crap..
    It hurts seeing this fiasco ..

    1. Oh no.. This is now a all time low.. Its one thing been hell bent on revenge but another to question n insult a women’s character…No sensible.. Self respecting women wud want to n in a relationship wit such a man.. He will have to move heaven n earth to make his wrongs rite.. This drama could have been presented SOO much better.. Really disappointing

    2. Liz

      Yes, his anger can be justified to some level but tarnishing a woman’s respect… Not acceptable….☹️☹️

  2. I wish pallavi’s past like she is from a rich family… So that it shows how she scarified and determined to help her inlaws.

  3. I watched this show from 1st episode for something better, a widow fighting aganist society, found love like plot
    But now it also became a typical indian drama
    Show something better, from abortion track makers are stretching misunderstanding, leads are blaming each other
    No meaning of showing pallavi fighting to hide abortion truth
    Why they can not show a healthy , romantic family drama
    By the way , these show trp will never be more than 1.2
    Trp stunt will make it worse

  4. Morusya51

    it has to be my first time replying to one such forum but after so long i was genuinely interested in a show, was following it lately only to get disappointed.
    the actors, all of them are a power pack of talent but all is going to waste.
    i share your feelings guys, i don’t know what the makers are trying to show… there could be a hundred ways to get them married but no, they will go through these things and after a few months they will make them fall in love… why making a joke of situations, stories and emotions.
    this is not what we were promised or we want to watch.

    1. Liz

      Yup, they cud have come up with some other way to get them married…. this is not at all cool….falling in love with such a character wud be difficult… but of course it will happen

  5. Well….I can digest everything what happened till now. But what about the future???? Pallavi will fall in love with someone who ternish her character to the extreme level!!!! How ridiculous it would be!!!!!!
    No matter what happens some sins can’t be forgiven. Raghav commit that kind of sin. But Pallavi will forget everything, forgive him and fall in love with him. What a joke!!!!

    1. Liz

      Seriously Yaar….. mazaak bana diya women’s honor & pyar ko…… didn’t want this at all….. typical television drama bana diya with Evil Chachi & nanad & gusse wala hero 🙄

  6. H.Premaltha. Chinnayya

    Yes Pallavi will forgive Raghav
    In forthcoming episodes.when she has already sacrificed her life to keep happy everyone in her in-laws house
    The essence of woman is forgiveness according to Indian tradition” kshamaya Dharitri.

  7. This is Rk in madhubala all over again . I really hoped he would be the last anti-hero we had to witness but here we are again .

    I think the message the makers are trying to deliver are quite clear

    1. Indian women’s dignity is tied to their s*xual desires . If these desires are not in control then she becomes a morally loose character and will have to face consequences .
    2. A man can go as far as taint a women’s image for life for which he will be rewarded with her hand in marriage . This women should also possess a big heart to forgive him, fall in love with him , care for his family as her own, take the fall for them when needed .
    3. Stalking women and harrassing women are just an expression of love and are desirable qualities which a women would want in her man .
    4. The female lead on an ITV show has to be a virgin . It doesn’t matter even if your plotline is about widow marriage . It is important to ensure it is clear that her husband passed away before the Suhaag Raat .

    1. Well said…#Pooja. I really laugh a lot while reading no. 3&4….😜😜😜

    2. Liz

      It is really funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Dude……. this show is now going to be one of the most bakwaas show. I suggest everyone to watch “Ishq par jor nehi”. It’s really worth watching.

    1. Totally agree with you. In fact all Sony shows are better. At least they don’t promote such craps.

    2. I agree. Ishki and Ahaan really grow on you. And its good humor. And so far they trying to keep good family values

    3. Liz

      Haven’t watched it but now am planning to …. as it’s coming from IPKKND fan 😍🥰 Am sure this story wud be as amazing as IPKKND

  9. Today’s episode just made me lose all hopes I had from this. The makers took no time to start with this character assassination game. First it’s Pallu’s FIL ,then Pallavi, and now Raghav ( in thre worst way) . From the very first were shown RR as a man who doesn’t stick to the normal societal norms but has his own ethics. But today whatever he did was just not justifiable in any way. There were thousand other ways he could have chosen but playing with a person’s character ( whatever gender) can never be in someone’s ethics. And what awaits us in future is even horrendous. The makers will make Pallavi fall in love with a man who strained her character in such a way . How is this done even???? Ik it’s all fictitious but certain things cannot be forgiven under any circumstance. However hard Pallavi makes Raghav suffer or however guilt Raghav feels later will justify Pallavi’s falling for Raghav. Shame on the makers for including such dramas.
    P. S. I also feel the scriptwriter got changed bc the mix of drama and humour is all gone, now it’s only drama and MU.

  10. Oh no.. This is now a all time low.. Its one thing been hell bent on revenge but another to question n insult a women’s character…No sensible.. Self respecting women wud want to n in a relationship wit such a man.. He will have to move heaven n earth to make his wrongs rite.. This drama could have been presented SOO much better.. Really disappointing

  11. I wish ITV would realise that tarnishing a womans character has no return. No woman will love a man that did that to her, even if he was under misunderstanding. That was cheap and disgusting writing. They actually ruined both Raghav and Pallavis characters in one go! So stupid. I had high hopes for this show. I now give up. Ishk pe zor nahi is still good, for the moment.

  12. Baki sub to thik h mager show me abhi tak raghav ko ye malum nahi hua ki pallavi is widow ager ab pata chal bhi jae to kya?

  13. looks like Amma is already at raghav’s house . I am not sure if I care for the romance angle anymore but I am sure looking forward to Raghav getting belted .

    I also read that pallavi after being thrown out of her house goes to keeti’s place . I really hope she makes him pay for what he has done .

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