Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi goes back home with proof.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sulochana says to Asha Pallavi is busy ahe wont join, lets start pooja. Pallavi walks in and asks Raghav what is he doing here, Raghav says I have least interest coming to your house but I am here with proof about abortion…

Sulochana apologize to Asha, Asha says we wont continue marriage till we find the truth …

Somtime back…

Raghav asks Kanika full info about Pallavi’s case, Kanika says I know nothing, Farhad says he is very dangerous and if you don’t tell he will kill you and me too please tell, look ar the speed, Kanika says I will tell please stop.

Siddhesh says Pallavi we will look for tickets or we will wait tonight and leave tomorrow. Pallavi reads a quote written near Shivaji Maharaj statue that reads coward finds reasons during hard times where as strong person fights back, Pallavi says Dada I am not going I will stay and fight for truth, if I leave how will I prove myself if I leave and calls Krishna.

Asha asks where is Pallavi, Sulochana says she is busy she wont join, let’s begin pooja, Pallavi walks in and says I am here,all very happy, Pallavi says I have something important to say Kaka, Kaku, Mansi, Aai, Baba please come with me, All follow Pallavi.
Sulochana asks what nonsense is this Pallavi, and if something happens to Mansi’s wedding I won’t spare you, Pallavi says calm down I said I will comeback with proof here is proof, Krishna’s cousin in gynecologist and the blood test report says I never had any abortion, Vijay sees report and smiles, Milind sees it too, Sulochana shocked, Pallavi says I had promised Mansi I won’t miss her wedding, Mansi says I am very sorry.

Sulochana says to Pallavi are we mad to believe this, Krishna is your employee and friend you could have paid her and made fake report, Sharda says stop troubling my daughter, Sulochana says she has spent nights with Raghav and Kanika has also said she had an abortion, Nikhil walks in says Raghav is here.

Everyone gather, Raghav says I have answer to puzzle in your house, Pallavi says please leave, Raghav says I have truth about abortion, Asha and Rahul shocked, Raghav says I have proof whose it is, Pallavi says finish your drama and leave we have function here, Rahul asks what is he speaking, Pallavi says ignore him he just keeps crossing my ways, Asha says Pallavi wait, Sulochana says its all Pallavi’s fault she has done this with Raghav, Sharda says enough Sulochana, Sulochana says she is orphan and look what she has done, Siddhesh says enough kaku dont cross lines, we all know Pallavi can never do such a thing, Sulochana says doc has told us that, Sulochana says Asha please don’t judge my daughter because of Pallavi, even you had seen Pallavi with Raghav, she is culture less and Raghav is her boyfriend can do anything.

Raghav says enough, I have nothing to do I am here for my Amma, I am here with proof, Pallavi says we don’t need your help leave, Raghav says Farhad this Pallavi is so weird we always helped her and today we came to save her character but look again, Pallavi says you are owner of shop and a client and nothing else, Raghav says wow now I get it its family planning to black mail me to get money, Pallavi says you and your cheap thinking can only do this, get out, Raghav says I will but remember not to include me in your drama or I will drag each one to court, and this report, will be back in doctors cabin I dont care and leaves with Farhad.

Asha says to Sulochana what all is this, Rahul asks Mansi why didn’t she share things, Pallavi says Rahul if people think I aborted then let it be, Rahul says Pallavi she thinks even I am part of that world that doens’t understand her, Mansi says I myself dont know how will I tell you, Sulochana apologize to Asha. Asha says not until we clear this out.

Sulochana says I will kill Raghav and Pallavi, Milind says you pulled them in, you spoilt your daughter’s life.
Mansi says to Pallavi why didnt you let Raghav tell the truth, Pallavi says we need to focus on your marriage, Mansi says he won’t return, and what wrong I did but not telling because I was confused too, Pallavi says Rahul is mature and he will take a decision sensibly. Pallavi thinks Raghav you will have to pay for this.

Pre cap: Pallavi says Raghav you won’t forget my name for 7 life’s.
Raghav says I won’t leave Pallavi.
Vijay throws Pallavi out of house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I might had gone mad that time that I stopped by for a while to watch this show..
    Feeling sorry for Raghav Rao aka Sai Ketan Rao.
    He’s being shown as the intelligent, dashing and daring hero for this family drama crap..
    None will give him proper appreciation for his role in this family drama show.
    He deserves nice plot.
    Pallavi is a trash right now!
    I know others may have positive opinion for Pallavi but to me she’s a trash and she’s the one who exaggerates the family drama.

    What the hell they’ve done man! I mean there was no way misunderstanding could prevail after Raghav’s proof but the makers made a stupid move to fire up the misunderstanding even more.

    1. Manasa Lakshmi

      Exactly Tonni she could have given Raghav a chance to clear the misunderstanding, but instead she stood listening all the heck from family,even Raghav said they aren’t blaming not only me but also you (Pallavi),phir bhi ye Pallavi nahi suna
      Ek bar sunthi ho tho saara misunderstands Katham ho ha tha

    2. I have been irritated with pallavi for misunderstanding Raghav for a while . But i think pallavi’s reaction was justified. Raghav was going to tell them who had the abortion infront of Rahul and Asha, that wouldn’t have gone well . Pallavi was asking Raghav to leave so they could brush aside the pregnancy topic and move on with manasi’s wedding . I think it would have worked if raghav hadnt created a scene and just done that. Pallavi had already proved her innocence and there was no need to drag Manasi or Amrutha into this espc infront of Rahul and Asha.

      Obviously from Raghav’s perspective what he did was justified and right . I can completely understand why he is pissed off with pallavi and she certainly deserves his hate . And she will deserve it more if she decides to take the blame on herself to save Mansi’s wedding which is what I am expect her to do . Raghav will think she is doing this for his money and she will blame Raghav for creating a rukus and getting manasi’s wedding cancelled due to which she had to take the blame . Now we have a hate marriage track .

    3. Ok….. I agree Pallavi didn’t want Other 2 deshmukh girls to get insulted but could have handled the situation with Raghav with maturity & calmness instead of insulting Raghav in Front of everyone….. I thot she was a mature person & a sorted one too
      Well…. let’s wait to c what happens next
      Really curious to know Y baba sasur threw her out ……
      Well, Raghav will be the one to save her again😊

    4. @tonni I honestly believe 90% TV actors deserve better plotlines . Both the leads are talented and are doing a good job it’s sad they waste their talent on these shows . Unfortunately what matters is TRPs and advertisement money that comes from it. Unless they change this we are stuck with hate marriages , contract marriages , people coming back from death , plastic surgery and every other ridiculous regressive plotlines.

    5. @Pooja Suppose Pallavi cleared that matter with her family members so Asha and Rahul would’ve had no clue about it. That’s what you are saying from Pallavi’s side.
      But the abortion and humiliation fiasco happened in front of public.
      So in other rituals of wedding ceremony it was obvious to come out as a hot gossip.
      Would it be fine if Asha and Rahul had to learn about all the drama that time?
      But if the issue could’ve been solved today by Raghav in front of Asha and Rahul, they would’ve understood about the scenario and culprit and they would’ve been convinced that the matter was sorted out.
      So Pallavi’s POV about solving it secretly with the family can not be justified from her side according to me. Specially when the news is a hot and viral topic for gossip of the shaadi ki guests.

    6. Agree Tonni….. the truth shud have been revealed in front of everyone…. & moreover Raghav wanted to get his image clean for his mother’s sake…..

    7. @Pooja exactly yaar!
      Stupid storylines tarnish the brilliant efforts which the artists put on their role everyday.

    8. @tonni I agree with you . I think manasi’s in-laws would eventually find out about pallavi’s abortion and Pallavi had enough proof to prove that she hadn’t done that . There was no need for Mansi’s in-laws to ever find out someone else in their house had aborted the child as they don’t know anything about the abortion receipt. But Raghav ended up announcing that someone in that house had got an abortion and he had proof . Pallavi knows Manasi or Amruta were going to get dragged into this and she was trying to protect them by asking him to leave . I think they could have managed the situation if it wasn’t for Raghav although his intention was right . Now that manasi’s wedding gets cancelled she will have to take the blame on herself and maybe even get kicked out intentionally. I think she tries to destory the proof from kanikas office and fails to do that and is left with no choice

    9. Agree Tonni that Pallavi is presenting herself as an arrogant trash… am soooo upset with her behavior 😠

  2. Did anyone else notice pallavi being called an orphan in this episode ?? Not sure if Raghav heard that but it was quite obvious that she is not their daughter . Anyways I don’t think Raghav will care for her widowed status if takes the blame on herself and implicates him as well.

    1. Yeah I noticed!
      But I don’t think Raghav paid a heed to that.
      In original drama the female lead was respected and loved more when he heard about her widowed status and nightmares of past.
      I don’t even know what they are planning to do with the status in this version.

    2. I hope the widow status will not be used negatively . Raghav thinking the family have trapped him to marry her . Or the makers may also reveal this after they both start liking each other .

    3. I did notice but unfortunately Raghav didn’t pay attention to it

  3. Fed up wiz this drama . Pallavi think she is so smart n intelligent that she can defeats raghav . But infact she is the biggest dumb . She fight wiz raghav in such a tone big big words saying but in front of family wjy she dnt talk wiz same tome why she didnt reply to the evil sulochana . Why she didnt reply her every action . Such a fool pallavi .

  4. They have spoiled the tamil version and made this one a cheap version of it.

  5. WTF!!!!!!! What’s wrong with this Pallavi now??? Getting really irritating 😠…… y so much of Arrogance????? What does she think of herself???? Jaise ki Raghav mare jaa raha hai usse baat karne ko Aur Milne ko!!!!!
    She’s not doing right now….. Always blaming Raghav for each & every thing…. Yaar, bhalaai ka zamana hee nai raha ….😡😡😡

    Poor Raghav 🙁☹️

  6. The latest on twitter shows Keerti in prison with Amma look alike ( not sure if they replaced Amma) . I hope Raghav won’t blame pallavi for this . If Keerti and Amma land up in prison then God alone should save pallavi from Raghav’s wrath . I think the abortion MU was enough

  7. I just came here to share the same..😂😂
    Now Raghav will think Pallu has done it .
    Show hi ek misunderstanding hain yaar.

    (Amma got changed)

    1. @tonni. 😂😂 , Even I am sure Raghav is going to blame pallavi . Honestly just can’t understand how can there be so many misunderstandings between 2 people .

  8. I’m so so disappointed in Pallavi, why on Earth did she stop Raghav from calling the name of the person who did the abortion. What is she trying to show, that she is great and ready to swallow the insults and accusations. She’s a very foolish girl.
    Or just like Raghav said, is she knowingly doing all this, to join herself with him?

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