Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Good Ghost vs Bad Ghost Chapter 16

Suddenly a force raised me up in the air while I was laying, I couldn’t even scream. Oh my God, what to do now? I was close to the ceiling and to my horror, Mohan was crawling on the ceiling, just imagine, you’re pulled up in the air and you can’t scream, you’re close to the ceiling and you see a ghost crawling there, what will be your reaction? You will be really scared right? Same was with me, I was very scared as he crawled closer and closer. He was on top of me, well not exactly, he was on the ceiling on top of me. He looked at me and smiled widely, his eyes deep red in colour and he made blood prints as he crawled.

He grabbed my neck with his blooded hands. “Thank you for adding one more ghost to the story,” he said and laughed evilly.  All of a sudden, I felt being pushed down slowly and safely to the bed, I saw Rohan and smiled at him. He smiled back, it’s weird passing a smile to a ghost but he saved me after all. Mohan came down angrily towards him and slapped him tightly. The fight continued and I saw the rosary on the bed and touched it to make Mohan disappear and he did. “Do you still play with my daughter?,” I asked. “Yes I do, I got my friend back and that’s enough for me but I have to go from here one day forever, I hope she won’t mind,” he said. “She won’t,” I replied and he disappeared.

I quickly wore the rosary still laying on bed trying to relax my body, these ghosts are giving me and everyone else so much physical and emotional pain. I want help. I got up slowly and freshened up doing a quick breakfast and went to temple. The pandit gave me a protection thread and ganga jal after I told him the whole thing. He said I will have to throw that water on Shivani and make her wear that thread, I thanked him and went.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Mohan vs Rohan was nice.good ghost he is going…quite emotional scene.hopefully panditji wil help to save shivani from ghosts.y cant they just leave d haunted house?

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