Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story ~ Chapter 23 The End (last chapter)

“Pari(Shivani),” said Rohan coming there and Shivani looked at him with sadness as he is going to go soon. He was his first friend in Mumbai and also long lost friend. She couldn’t tolerate to go away. Rohan comes to her. “I won’t be able to meet you again, I am giving you a gift which will be a memory of me,” he said and gave her a pendant with her and his photo. I smiled at the duo.

Meher too smiled at them. As Shivani had a look at the necklace, she smiled and hugged him. “Goodbye friend, we’ll meet again but in heaven, but even if then you want to talk to me, look in the sky and talk,” said Rohan and she was still smiling. “I will miss you,” said Shivani and parted away getting tears. “Don’t cry, I will come if you call me,” he said and wiped her tears and hugged her again. “Won’t you meet your parents?,” she asked. “Yes, I will, bye, I wish you good luck,” he said and disappeared and Shivani ran to our room.

I and Meher too went after her. “Baby, if you cry, he won’t get peace,” said Meher. “No I won’t cry,” she said and we hugged her. Later we went to hospital where Sasha was admitted. Now she was in her senses, we were very happy that we got our friend back. Now the three locked rooms were bedrooms and were renovated. The house was free of ghosts.

Two years passed by. Shivani would still sit near the space beneath the bed and we saw her often talking to someone, maybe she could see him. At night, when we were sleeping, I heard strange noises from washroom, who’s doing that? I got up and slowly turned the doorknob, a shiver ran down my spine. On the mirror, it was written in blood I am back.

The End.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Rohan Shivani scene was lovely.loved the dialogues.Is Shivani talking to Rohan?shocking ending.are the ghosts coming back?is there season2?

    1. Jasminerahul

      will they have to face ghosts again?

    2. Salley145

      Nope, this was only an ending with a twist

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