Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 41

Abeer wipes Meher’s tears and asks her not to cry, nothing will happen wrong. He calls Dr.Edward Larson.
Abeer: hallo Abeer Malhotra here, I want to talk about the patient Mrs Meher Malhotra
Dr: yes say
A: when she was combing her hair, she had hair loss, will she have to lose her hair?
Dr: if u come and show me then I can tell.
A: when should we come?
Dr: not today, I m not free, come tomorrow at 12:30 pm.
Call disconnects. Abeer looks at Meher who was looking out of the window at the stars. He goes to her and back hugs her knowing her fear.

Meher: what did he say?
Abeer: we will have to go and show him only then he can tell, we have to go tomorrow at 12:30 pm.
Meher: OK
She continues gazing at the stars.
Meher: when will my life be lightened like these stars? coming here became a bad luck for us.
Abeer: I won’t let anything happen to u, don’t stress yourself too much, u should sleep right now, we have to go tomorrow.
Meher: I don’t want to sleep…I want to be fine like before.
She starts crying. Abeer turns her towards him.
Abeer: if u will cry ur health will worsen, plz don’t cry, I will request the doctor about it.
She hugs him and sobs like a child, he hugs her back. Suddenly he feels she is shivering, he takes her to the bed and lays her. He notices her eyes shut tightly which was a sign she was having bone pain again. She clutches the bedsheet tightly.
Abeer: Meher r u OK?
Meher doesn’t says anything. Abeer goes and brings her medicine, he makes her sit but she was very weak by now and falls on him, he holds her and makes her eat the medicine. She sleeps and he lays her again covering her with a blanket.

One year passes by, Meher was lying on the bed with Abeer by her side ofcourse. Now she was a more weak, she would never be able to get up from the bed and if she does, she falls. She started having breathing problems and mouth bleeding, now both were totally hopeless about Meher being saved. Meher still has her hair with her, thanks to Abeer who never let doctor make her bald. But still the happiness wasn’t complete.

Meher suffocates. Abeer sees this and gives her mouth to mouth respiration but it didn’t work. Abeer picks her up and takes her out of the room and out of hotel, they hire a cab and rushes to the hospital. They go to the emergency room. The nurses makes her wear an oxygen mask. She starts breathing again. Abeer holds her hand and sits by her side. Abeer talks to her.
Abeer: Meher, I know u won’t leave me, plz don’t go. Do u remember? when we were in college, I was going out of country and came to college to meet everyone but u didn’t came, and when u got to know I was going, u travelled 4 hours just to give me a goodbye hug and kiss, that was the sweetest and funniest thing u ever did.
He smiles looking down.
Abeer: but this time there’s no goodbye han, u won’t go anywhere, else I will also come after u…I swear.
She was looking at him continuously and wasn’t talking because of the mask, she signs him to come near her, he does and she removes her oxygen mask.
Meher: if I die and go somewhere far, I will write ur name on every star, so that everyone can look up and see that ur love means the world to me…I don’t think that if I have ur love, even then I will die, I won’t go anywhere, this is my promise to u.
She gets up a little and kisses his cheek, he hugs her. It was time for Meher to get shifted to a ward. The nurses shifts her in a private room.

Nurse: doctor said ur surgery will be done tomorrow, till then we will give u drips and injections, best of luck.
She goes.

The next day, Meher is taken to OT. Abeer sits outside praying to God not to take her away from him. After sometime doctor comes out.
Doctor: we have to test ur bone marrow to see if it matches with hers or not.
Abeer goes with her. His sample was taken and was tested with Meher’s. The screen freezes on Abeer’s worried face.

Doctor: congratulations, ur wife is now completely OK.
Abeer smiles.

Guys its my 41st update, because of ur love n support, I reached here, thank u guys.

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