Meet 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Manushi steals Meet’s baby

Meet 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet in delivery room. Doctor doing arrengements for her operation.
Babita and Masum enter hospital. Manushi see them and says how are they here I need to do something before they reach upstairs. Masum says how bad hospital it is atleast she got the hospital like her colony, let’s forget mom won’t listen anything. Masum hear baby crying. Nurse congratule her and says it’s a boy. Manushi says I have to think of something to stall Babita for some more time to execute my plan.

Babita ask at reception about Meet. Receptionist says she is in room number 6. Manushi hear nurse asking a patient to pay hospital bill or else he won’t get discharged.
Same man stumble into Babita. Babita apologies to him and start walking. Man says how can you go like this, these rich people don’t care at all about poor people. Masum says to him talk properly to my mom or else you will be seen in ICU bed. Man curse her. Manushi looking at scene and remember how she asked him to do a small job for her for some money. Babita give that man money and says take this it’s important for me to meet my daughter in law. Man start making scene. Manushi says make them busy for some more time when everyone will be out of Meet’s room I’ll get her baby and run away and then she will regret forever. Manushi hear a nurse talking that a family has left her dead baby in hospital and now she will loose her job. Manushi says now gos is also with me bow there will be a twist in my story.

Babita ask Masum to handle that man and she leaves. Babita walks inside the room and welcome the baby and says you must have heard my voice I I’m one who use to scold your mom to carry you with proper care, I know I scolded your mom so much byt I did it for you and bow I’ll see your cute face, she walks towards the rocker and see it’s empty.

Nurse walks to Manushi with baby and says here is the baby of Meet Ahlawat. Manushi remembers how she helped Nurse for her situation and give her double the amount of her salary. Nurse ask Manushi about her money. Manushi says you will get the money but do something more for me only then you will get money, now give me baby and go in room her mother in law is waiting in room, she take the baby.

Nurse ask Babita who are you. She says I’m mother in law of Meet, where is her baby. Nurse remember Manushi ask her to say that baby was born dead and Meet won’t be able to become mom ever again. Nurse says to Babita baby was already dead, body is in morgue room, it was complicated operation we were just able to save your daughter and now she won’t be able to become mom ever. Babita in shock start crying says what you did god, I prayed a lot to you, why did you do this to me, I was waiting for baby and you took everything from me. Meet wakes up and see Babita crying, she ask her what happen why are you crying and where is Meet Ahlawat and everyone, can you please give me my baby. Babita says your baby was born dead. Meet in shock, she get up and says no mom I felt him inside me for 9 months, I talked to baby earlier he was dancing inside me, this is not possible go and ask doctor, there must be some misunderstanding. Babita says baby is dead, she gets call from Meet Ahlawat, but she didn’t pickup, she gets message from him saying I’m stuck in traffic will be there in sometime. Masum open door and ask Babita is everything fine. Babita walk out of room. Meet remember how Meet Ahlawat was planning everything for there baby.

Babita outside room crying. Masum says what you mean Meet lost her baby and she won’t be able to become mom ever. Babita says I don’t understand what should I do go to Meet or wait for Meet Ahlawat, I don’t know what I’ll say. Masum says I’m worried about Bhai, how he will react when he will get to know he lost his baby and I’m sure he will support Meet and will kill his wish to be a father. Babita says I know everything but I don’t know what to do now. Masum says there is one thing you can do, it’s tricky but last option for Bhai.

Meet in her room crying. Babita walks to her. Meet hugs her. Babita says we were having hope and dreams for baby but everything ruined, Meet I know you did everything for this family give happiness to my son, so today can you give one more happiness to my son, go away from my son’s life, so far that he couldn’t reach you. Meet says what are you saying how is that possible. Babita says we have to change with time, now you will decide because you cannot become mother again, you cannot give the happiness my son wants, please go away from my son’s life and in love sometime you have to sacrifice, I know my son won’t leave you ever because he loves you so much after knowing that you can’t be mother again, he will keep everything inside him but won’t hurt you, if you will be in his life then he won’t be able to fulfill his dream of becoming father, I just want him to be happy so please leave him.

Masum waiting for Babita outside. Babita walks to her, she ask did she accepted what you said. Babita says we will get to know soon and I think she will listen to me.

Meet in her room remembers everything what Babita said to her and what Meet Ahlawat planned for her baby.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. This Meet storyline is now being so crappy as its based on ulterior motives (of Babita & Masum) of nastiness & spite & revenge (of manhoosi), of nothing interesting. Masum never thinks she criticises Meet H when she is married, a mother but lives in her parents’ home ie has nothing of her own. As for Manhoosi, how can a sister be soooo evil to her own sister – this phenomenon I am familiar with as I have and am still experiencing it with my own siblings. Going thru it in my real life I do not wish to see it in TV shows as well so I will no longer be watching this show “Meet”. The writers need to see a psychiatrist.

    1. It’s all due to a changed writer !

  2. Horrible storyline

  3. What’s happening! I used to love this show. Not like other shows where 1 problem lasts forever. Really bad pacing till you give up on the problem ever being solved. Here , like other shows they will have story of stolen baby , then leap , then they reunite not realizing it’s their kid etc etc… . So tiring…

  4. Here lies the the reputation of the Meet serial 🪦 it was fun and now the prods will go into the old crappy overused plots. This writer is not even fit to sell popcorn on a street corner. In 20 years the nurse will feel guilty cause she’s dying of cancer and admit her crime Manushi will make the child a criminal who will come as an enemy or Taniya will become a surrogate for Meet and meet’s next baby. This was progressive and now it’s crap.

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