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Meet says to make-up artist says I don’t like makeup at all. Artist says you will look good in makeup. Meet make fun of the situation and says don’t worry I’m not taking your job. Meet Ahlawat walks to her. Meet ask how do I look and don’t tell not good like me because I know girls were mad about you but boys were also mad about me in my area. Meet Ahlawat laugh. Meet ask tell me one thing are you hiding something. Taniya calls them for photoshoot.

Taniya begin photoshoot and says great job guys let’s take break for 5 minutes.
Meet says to Taniya can you make my video. She says yes. Meet being telling her story about Meet Ahlawat to her kid. Meet Ahlawat standing beside her, she make him sit with him and continue her story how they were enemies and now they are best life partner. Meet Ahlawat get’s flashes of kissing Taniya. Meet says to her baby you know your father trust me a lot and there is no doubt about that. Meet Ahlawat says there is a correction and says I want to talk to you. Meet ask what happen. Meet Ahlawat says last night I went to club and me and Taniya drank so much after that I start seeing your face in everyone even in Taniya too. Taniya calls Meet Ahlawat. He says please wait let us talk, I have told everything to her and I cannot hide everything, I have to tell her. Meet says tell me, you are scaring me. Meet Ahlawat says me and Taniya kissed eachother, it was a mistake, I was just missing you and I saw you in her, please try to understand and hold her hand. Meet remove her hand and walk away.

Everyone in hall. Babita in shock ask what you did. Meet Ahlawat says I thought I was kissing Meet but it was Taniya. Tej says you did wrong. Meet Ahlawat says to mom and dad, I want to tell Meet everything but don’t know how to tell her, we never lied to eachother and that’s why I was unable to hide and I told her everything and now she is angry on me, I don’t know what should I say to her. Raj says this means what you asked me yesterday it was related to this topic. He says yes, so after knowing things do you want to change your thoughts over that. Raj says no but whatever you did is wrong and try to keep yourself at her place then you will know how she is feeling then you will get to know about her anger.

Meet in her room lying on bed. Anubha check on herand walk out of room. Amma ask what happen how is she now. Anubha says she is acting but I know she is not sleeping. Amma says it’s not good to have grudges in this matter, let me talk to her. Anubha says ket her be alone right bow we will talk later, let’s go now. Meet remembers about Meet Ahlawat, she imagine herself standing infront of her. Meet says to her what happen to you, you use to be proud about your Meet Ahlawat and he use to love, so now truth is infront of you, you are a girl from a small town, who doesn’t have good looks and don’t act like a girl, you wear clothes like boys and trying to compare yourself with Taniya, it’s not Meet Ahlawat fault he told you what kind of girl he likes but you were not ready to change your attire, wait for sometime many more things will happen. Meet shouts shutup, I know you are nothing, you are just a fear inside me who was hiding, I don’t know why he did that but I won’t punish myself for that, I wont accept that everything happen because of me, every relation last on trust and faith from both sides, what Meet Ahlawat did is wrong in every situation. Someone knocks on door. Meet open and see Meet Ahlawat standing. Meet Ahlawat get inside room and lock it. Meet shouts go from here. Meet Ahlawat says wait hear me first, I know you are angry on me. Meet says I don’t want to talk to you leave from here. Meet Ahlawat says I was drunk and I was imagining you please forgive me. Meet says how can I believe whatever you are saying is true. He says did I ever lied to you or broken your trust, I thought of telling you so I’m doing it. Meet says what if I would have done the same to you would you forgive me, I trusted you which you broke now I don’t know how long will it take to get over this, this is always remain in my mind and if I forget I will forgive. Meet Ahlawat says I could lie all my life but I didn’t because there is no space for lie, even when I knew you would get upset I told you because we are Meet and Meet.
Meet says to him, you are great you aren’t here for apology but to get rid of your guilt, you told me what you had to now leave. Meet Ahlawat says I know you are upset and want me to leave but can I talk to our kid before I leave please. Meet says to her baby, your Dad knows I would never stop him from talking to you, so listen what he has to say.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and says little Meet, your Dad made a mistake and your mother is upset please help me, talk to her tell her I am guilty and ready to accept any punishment but not make him stay away, I am ready to take any punishment but not stay away. Meet says you can leave now. Meet closes door and starts crying.

At Ahlawat house, everyone upset. Meet Ahlawat thinks should he call Meet but she said she needs time but how long.

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