Meet 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Ahlawat tell Barfi Devi, Isha killed Deep

Meet 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Popat and Meet at a construction site. Meet says this is the location. Workers as them to be careful. Meet and Popat go upstairs. Popat ask which one floor did she ask to come. Meet says 5th floor. Popat show her video of how she changed the tyre of ambulance and saved someone’s life. Meet pray this video should be hidden from Manushi and Kunal till the time I get my baby. Meet see Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat with Barfi at funeral ceremony of Deep. Pandit ask to light the body on fire by Dad or brother. Barfi says he was alone and he is also gone. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot take Deep’s place but I promise I’ll take care of you my whole life. Meet Ahlawat light him up.

Manjari walks to Manushi. Popat ask Manushi who call here for baby. Manushi says me and Kunal came here to see flat so thought having meeting here with Manjari. Manjari says you are good now give us baby Popat is excited for baby. Manushi says sure but first I need your signature on these papers what if I give you baby and you say no for marriage then what I’ll do, so we have to do it. Manjari says we have to do business for long and you are my best friend so for your sake I’ll sign tell me where to sign. Manushi tell here and says I’ll check once. Manushi get’s a message and video start playing on her phone how she saved Raj. Manushi reaches towards her phone. Manjari drop water on her. Manushi shouts at her. Manjari says I’m sorry I didn’t know bottle was open. Popat ask her to give baby. Manjari says please give she has not eating anything since morning because of baby. Manushi call ask Kunal to bring baby. Kunal with stroller coming towards them. Manjari start walking towards the baby.

Meet Ahlawat about do the ceremony. Barfi says wait I have to say some last words to my son. Barfi says the person will be punished for your condition, I promise you I’ll not leave him, his family will beg to meet him I curse him. Meet Ahlawat beg says please don’t curse it was mistake by Isha.

Meet see her baby in stroller she start walking towards her baby. Manushi walks to Kunal, she remove the cover and says according to our deal from now on this baby is yours. Meet reaches towards the baby but she hear her name MEET. Anubha walking towards them.

Barfi ask Meet Ahlawat what did you say, say again. Meet Ahlawat says Deep left the ladoo made by in car and explain her everything about the scenario. Barfi slaps him.

Anubha walks to her says you are my Meet I know and hugs her, say that you are Meet, I was looking for you. Meet thinks Yes it’s me. Manushi says what are you talking she is Manjari look alike of Meet. Anubha says you shutup you don’t know I’m mom. Manushi says she is Manjari. Anubha show her video says now you will know who she is, after seeing this video I went to hospital and then tracked you till here because I know you are my Meet. Manushi see the video and says Kunal run she is Meet. Kunal start running away with baby. Manushi also run away. Meet chase them. Anubha try to catch her. Popat says let her Anubha she is trying to save your grandchild. Anubha in shock says what are you saying let me go to her. Popat says come with me I’ll explain everything.

Barfi Devi holding Meet Ahlawat says you were playing with me, you were trying to save your sister but she took my son, I was right she is bad omen, she killed my son from her own hands. Barfi crying.

Meet fight with goons. Manushi and Kunal running away with baby. Kunal says we are unable to run fast because if this stroller and this way your sister will catch us, let’s leave this baby here and leave. Manushi says let’s run away with baby so that Meet will think baby is inside the and we will gwt time to run away. Meet standing infront of them.

Barfi says your sister killed by son, she committed a crime and I won’t leave your sister listen to me carefully. Meet Ahlawat beg says please don’t tell Isha she don’t know anything she will get panic attack and she will die, let this be between us, if you want to punish, punish me don’t say anything to my sister, even Deep also told me before he died, I’ll do whatever you want.

Meet run towards them. Kunal says don’t come forward or I’ll throw your baby from here. Meet says listen to me don’t do that. Meet throw sand at Kunal. Kunal kick the stroller. Stroller at the edge of building.

Manushi and Meet at ground fighting for baby. Manushi says you can’t win from me. Manushi get stuck in pit and a road roller approaching her. Manushi shouts for help. Meet stop the road roller and save her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Isha is like bad luck I feel sad for her but Isha always causes trouble for Meet. First when she was having an attitude and stealing from the house, somehow something or the other is always happening with this girl. Now poor Meet H will have to pay the price for Isha’s stupidity cause Barfi will ask for the baby. Just let Isha die, she’s a purposeless pointless character

    1. I agree with you @Jade 👌

  2. So after 1year leap,Meet hooda’s baby is still not grown???!!🤔🤔🤔😂

    1. I mean still in a stroller,like seriously 😳

    2. It’s a serial baby…. Malini was pregnant for like 10 years and didn’t show

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