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Meet Ahlawat in his room trying clothes and message Manu to give send a photo in Tshirt. Manu says to herself, what now I have to waste my time and status on that T-shirt. Mert going out for job. Manu says to Meet wait I forget to tell you, I bought a gift for you. Meet gets excited and say T-shirt this will look good on me and sees the print. Manu says what are you looking at wear it and show me. Meet says this is couple Tshirt where is other half did you bought it from sale. Manu says no why will I buy it from sale and this is not that couple one this is of sister love. Mert says ok then where is other half. Manu says I’m slim so I gave mine for alternation, will get by evening but now you wear your. Meet says ok I’ll show you. Manu gets message from Meet Ahlawat.
Meet Ahlawat try to send pic but think how should I click picture. Isha and Guddu come and asks where is the other half of heart. Isha says I know where is the other half, with Manu right. Meet Ahlawat says you are right now take my phone and click a picture. Isha says done. Meet Ahlawat says now let other half come to make this complete.
Meet come wearing T-shirt. Manu says wait now let me take picture and ask her to turn back and click picture.

Meet Ahlawat, Guddu and Isha waiting for Picture. Meet Ahlawat says now keep quiet I’ll edit photo. Isha sees photo and says this is so romantic like teo bodies and one heart.
Manu says thankyou for accepting my gift. Meet says I’ll go for Cricket practice in this t-shirt because you bought it with love. Manu says ok and Meet leave. Manu says they both didn’t know that I send her photo to Meet Ahlawat and and gave his t-shirt to Meet that’s why there kundali matches because they are made for eachother.

Meet come back to house in evening tiered and drinks water. Anubha come with dinner and check her temperature, asks her what is this. Meet says come sit this is not fever its because of practice, I did whole day I’ll go and sleep it will be normal, once the marriage is done then I’ll relax. Anubha says eat fast then I’ll give you medicine and enough of struggle whatever we have is enough. Meet says we will not compromise because marriage is for one time. Anubha says we are not comprising at all we will manage. Meet says she is my only sister so we will not manage. Anubha says you are right you have one sister but I have two daughters so you will not play tomorrow. Meet says if father would have been here do you think he will comprise. Anubha says he wouldn’t have make your body machine, you will not play tomorrow’s match. Meet says I’m tired will go to bed and talk later. Anubha says ok first take this medicine. Meet says okay now I’m going to bed. Manu listing everything.

Babita and Ragini sitting together. Babita says after checking 1200 design I finally decided this one. Ragini says final this one and I’ll printing one to bring sample of this card. Masum and Hoshiyar come. Masum says to Babita do you know what happen and tells we were readingy spy novel in cafe and we saw Manushi there and she made us pay her bill that too of two coffee of different flavour now you tell me mom. Masum says this is not big deal, uf someone is waiting then they drink 4-5 cups of coffee. Masum says to Babita, Hoshiyar is innocent he doesn’t know who is right or wrong, you tell me you run a big business so whoever new come you do a background check right so what about Manushi she will be coming in our family and what do we know about her. Meet Ahlawat hear and says you are absolutely correct, how to present anything in negative way should be learnt from you, I heard everything Hosiyar Jiju yold everything right but you, how can you present anything with such negativity. Raj come and asks what’s happening. Babita says look at them they have grown up but still act like kids fighting to eachother to wear same colour. Raj says this relation is so different always fighting with eachother and one day suddenly sister gets married and she leaves house, goes far. Meet Ahlawat says Raj, bua is not among us but I met her Kid Ansh. Raj asks how is he. Meet Ahlawat says he is good and he told me that he will come to my marriage. Raj says he is last sign if my sister but will his father allow him to come because when my sister was alive he didn’t allow her to meet us and break all relation. Meet Ahlawat says that I don’t know but if you want I can call him. Babita says to Ragini did you give cards for printing and leaves. Meet Ahlawat says to Masum stop creating unnecessary issues and leaves. Masum says whenever I’ll get strong evidence against your wife I’ll rais this topic again.

Manu after hearing in her room says to himself that her mom is worried about her other daughters helath and not worried about my status and will give me jewelry after mis matching the new one with old, but no need to worry, I don’t care because I already have a necklace set for me. Mini Manu shouts here down look at your diamond necklace says listen you are a rich kid for Kunal and if you will wear this necklace in front of him you will get exposed in two minutes that you are poor kid. Manu says but some day or other he will know that I’m not rich. Mini Manu says do drama in from of Kunal that your mom is not ready for marriage so you both will run to get married and till that time you have to take alll new and old jewelry so that everything looks normal to Kunal. Manu says this is good idea and once I get married there will be no going back and if he get to know I’m not rich girl then I’ll control him with my actions, from tomorrow I have to start my drama and if it hits the target I’m done for it.

Ahlawat family getting ready for pooja.
Anubha grinding. Amma come and says do fast and everyone getting ready for pooja. Manu come down with new diamond necklace and says this will help me to get new jewellery.
Anubha ties a thread around Manu’s hand.
Babita ties a thread around Meet Ahlawat’s hand and both families continue with there rituals.
Babita says to Ragini according to ritual first marriage card will go to Manu’s house. Ragini says ok this look beautiful. Isha says as if I know family member doesn’t go so bhaiyas friend Deep will go. Babita says you are right. Meet Ahlawat says why Deep, Deep can go but he has work to do so I’ll go because I have a meeting in Shahbadh so will go and give them, if you don’t want then no problem I’ll not go.

Amma asks Anubha to give him sweet. Anubha feed Manu sweet and give to Meet too and ask her to tell how’s it made. Amma grabs Anubha hand and says what are you doing she is fasting that too of without water didn’t you tell her. Meet says mom told me last night but it slipped out of my mind no worries I never had anything from morning so can continue. Anubha, Meet and Amma see diamond set. Manu hides it but Meet reveal it again.
Sunaina calls Meet Ahlawat and says we were sending you but you said I cannot go so its fine, we cannot force you. Meet Ahlawat says I can go don’t worry. Raj come and says ok then you may go, give them card and gift and can meet Manu too.
Anubha says to Manu this looks like real diamond necklace where did you get it from.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to help her with cricket team

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