MEANT TO BE (SWASAN STORY) part 1 (intro)

Description :

Life has given her only pain and sorrows were her friends. Darkness is her domicile where sunshine is an alien. She had dwelt in the hell, free of cost….

Will someone come to preserve her? Will her world of ebony and white would get painted??

Join the journey to ken about her life!!!

Character plot :

Sanskar Maheswari:
A 28 yr handsome hunk, running for prosperity across the globe. Parent’s living in abroad. He dotes to endeavor risk which gives him thrill and experience. Single not yare to mingle.

Swara Gadodia :
24 yr comely woman, who lost her hopes. Living pityful life.

Part 1 – Meeting her !!!

Sanskar pov :
I can visually perceive her sobbing and fingers wiping away those tears rolling down her cheeks. Her face puffed in red and tissues were damp due to her tears.

She was checking the habitat from corner of her eyes “Is someone gazing at her??”
And there she caught me persistently gazing at her. Her woeful eyes fine-tuned at mine like magnet!!!

I felt to take her in my embrace and soothe away her pain. But it is completely a bullshit.
She would never sanction me to physically contact her. I was mere stranger!!!

She managed to give me a smile but it was gloomy one. Before I can question her, she left the place uncaring.

For past three days I’m noticing her crying in solitary places of the resort.

Don’t know why, but I felt like, In some way I’m connected with her. Like she belongs to me. She is my Soul. But she never gave me a single chance to learn about her. I sighed thinking about her!!!!

Beep beep my mobile buzzed!!!
“ Hello!! yes Mr. Ben, have you arranged the meeting? Will be there in an hour!!!”

I fled to nearby place where I had meeting with foreign delegates.

It was tiring day, thought to refrain myself and ambulated towards the shore!!!!

There I found her again, crying and drawing something on the white sand. Waves came blissfully brushing away her drawings…

I wanted to punch those waves who dared to wash of her drawings….

I was Caught red-handed and grinned at her feigning a smile.

She gave a soft smile, leaving space for me. I felt she had magic effect over me,”where ever I find her, I’m smiling as a Teenage doter boy”

I sat on the edge of the shore gazing at the blue stones shimmering under the dark sky. Universe is majestic but very few take time to appreciate the nature….

I aurally perceived growling sounds from my stomach which was annoying. I quickly gave flying kiss to the sky and left to calm my stomach.

Pov ends…….

Who and why is that person crying?? Stay tuned…

Thank you for reading.

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