Me too track of IB and my disappointments

I stopped watching IB and I have my own reasons to that. Recently the me too track pulled me back to the show. I watched it because I finally thought I would get a gauri or rikara track. Guess I was so wrong and the track ended disappointing me. 

First of all, gauri choosing to be quiet was out of her character for me. This was the same rebellious gauri that fought with Kali thakur. 

Not letting omkara to know the truth was something I did not like. I excepted omkara to know the truth before everyone. I wanted him to comfort gauri. 

Shivaay’s lecture was ott . Why do the CVS wants to glorify shivaay everytime?. 

Anyway with this track I end my association with ib forever . No coming back. 

Shrenu parikh was amazing while portraying the trauma of gauri. I guess they should have given some more time for the track to progress instead of rushing it. 

  • My personal opinion : the producer of the show should turn few pages back of the show because her male leads had mentally abused the female leads and she had romaticed the all the manhandling male lead did to the female leads. I sometimes wonder how did her self respecting female lead ever fall in love with abusing male leads.

  1. I agree with you!!!! U r right!!!!

  2. Ib ke love ne mujhe TU se milwaya…. TU toh aaj bhi main aati hoon par ib dekhna main bahut pahle chod diya…….. TU ke author jitne sucessfully ib ff likhte hai utne toh ib ke writer bhi nahi karte …. ib ke cvs ne mujhe bahut bar disappointe kiya phir bhi ek hope thi ki upcoming episode ache hoge par everytime they did OMM of my hope ……… Rumya ke liye maine hope ki thi par ib ke cvs ne saumya ko negative bana kar us par bhi raita phela diya… aur us din ke baad se maine ib dekhna band kar diya …. ib ki jaan uski teen couple shivika ishkara aur rumya the … ishkara ko change kar rikara de diya toh main adjust rikara ke saath kar hi rahi thi ib walo ne rumya ko bhi chenge kar diya ….aur shivika ki ishqbaazi ka har phase dekh liya hai …. so ib mein ab kya ho raha mujhe pata nahi hai aur ab i don’t care …..

  3. I totally agree with you kashaf.!!!

  4. Better shrenu quit the show with Kunal and come up with another show or dbo season 2. I miss shrenal/rikara

  5. Jisha

    I agree… Gauri keeping it as secret and crying is so not done… This is the same Gauri who crushed om’s car, when he closed her shop… When someone tried to assault her, she won’t do anything… She will let him go… Wow…. CVS have butchered Gauri…
    Om, her love… one who is supposed to be with her is the last one to know that..
    I understand CVS want to portray shivika as Mahan and all… Go ahead… But at least give some dialogues to Gauri and om when the track is on them…
    Nowadays it feels like the shaktiman series where shaktiman comes at the end and solves everything and the kids are supposed to say “sorry shaktiman”…
    Here the kids are rikara and ruvya who are supposed to say few standardized dialogues… Rest will be taken care of shivika… The Shakti man…

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