Mayavi Maling 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad refuses for marriage

Mayavi Maling 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chegu running away. Guards follow him. Chegu flies away. Madhumali says see, how he ran away, he would have stayed here and fought if he was true. She accuses Antara for being so revengeful, despite being her younger sister. She says you have done all this and also made my son against me, that he called us Daanav vanshi. Angad asks why are you silent, why are you not commanding to arrest them, just Mahapuram guards went after Chegu. Madhumali says we didn’t tolerate so much insult, today I will say it, my husband got bad because of the black magic done on him here, see his fate, he couldn’t attend the wedding.

She emotionally fools them. She asks Maharaj did you call Antara and Chegu here. Rajmata says you are crossing limits, they would have come as guests, Maharaj won’t plan such a thing. Ghori comes with Rakhee and says they don’t deserve the invitation. He says I have been running to save my life because of Antara and Chegu. Rakhee says they planned against the Kalkivan chief and killed him. Antara signs no. Angad says they have attacked on me, why are you not commanding to punish them. Madhumali says true, they should be punished. Rajmata stops them. Maharaj says Antara and Chegu have done this by my permission. They get shocked.

Madhumali says no one will forget this cheat. He says everyone will remember a king’s Dharm and loving father’s duty, I had a doubt and had to confirm. Angad says its right, but if anyone cheats, what should we do. Madhumali says we didn’t know you will doubt on us, I got many bad signs and didn’t pay heed to it, I should have changed my mind after the incident happened in the morning, I thought it will be like mocking you and Pranali. Vaidehi asks what happened. Madhumali says Pranali was trying to run away with a cheap servant. They all get shocked. Maharaj says Pranali can never forget her values, just think and talk. Madhumali says Mandari is the witness. She asks Mandari to tell them. Mandari doesn’t say. She asks Mandari to speak up. Maharaj stares at Pranali. Angad says I m troubled by fire, all the allegations are false, you didn’t listen to me, I have no way now, I have to say truth now, its useless to take the marriage rituals ahead, if there is someone else in heart, Pranali won’t remember me. He goes. Pranali cries. Maharaj gets angry. Adhivan says I will bring mum and Angad’s truth out. He gets shocked seeing Trishanku missing. Angad looks at him and goes to Madhumali. He says we did a big mistake by trusting Adhivan. She asks who is he, do we know him, leave him, I didn’t like what you did. Angad says what would I do, would I beg to Maharaj, he made a mind to send us, so I refused for marriage, you didn’t let me use my powers. She says yes, this wedding should happen, I want the throne, you have shut all the ways. He says no, there is one way, Maharaj will come to me and request me to marry. She asks how. He says you will not like the answer.

Pranali cries and says I was tensed and didn’t understand. Garima scolds Mandari for not telling them the matter and instead telling the guest. Mandari says when I heard Pranali and Haran, I was shocked, Madhumali saw me tensed and I told everything on asking, sorry, Pranali did a mistake. She cries and goes. Pranali asks Vaidehi not to trust them, she is not guilty, she trusts them, when dad assured her that marriage won’t happen, she was relieved, she didn’t take help from Haran. She justifies herself. She asks do you know doubt on my character. She cries. Rajmata asks what time are we seeing, Maharaj will be in pain. Antara comes to Maharaj. Eshwarya comes there. Antara says Madhumali’s magic confused Chegu, we still have time, its time to show them the real place. Maharaj asks how is this possible. Chegu says I m ready to injure them again, if I get another chance.

Chegu attacks Angad again. Angaad runs and gets Madhumali in front. Madhumali uses her powers in anger. They all get shocked. Angad faints her.

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