Mayavi Maling 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad decides to leave

Mayavi Maling 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad saying I shall leave from Maling, I have my birth right on my Mahapuram throne. Maharaj says this decision was shocking for Pranali as well, but thanks for giving her time and understanding her, sorry, I can’t tell you why I did this, don’t get angry on Pranali, its my request. Angad says I can’t agree with this, if anyone doesn’t want to get throne, it may happen, but I haven’t heard of such a thing. Maharaj says Pranali was never greedy for throne. Angad asks why did you ask her to choose between Mahapuram and Maling, a woman has two homes after marriage. Maharaj says I can’t answer this, it needs time to explain, I want you to stay here. Angad says I can’t wait here for more time, I stayed back so that Praja doesn’t doubt, I want to go, let me get some

respect as Mahapuram’s future king, I leave the decision on Pranali. He goes.

Haran trains Eshwarya. Garima says its not a tough thing, see I have already learnt it. She finds the sword heavy. Haran asks her to take the wooden sword till she learns to manage weight. He asks Garima to look at him and start. Eshwarya does well. She smiles seeing Chegu. He sits watching her and smiles. Haran and Garima see Chegu. Chegu asks Haran to continue. Haran turns and sees Angad. He greets Angad. Angad gets angry and goes away. Garima jokes on him. Angad asks servant to tell Adhivan and Arak to get ready, they shall leave for Mahapuram soon. He goes and wakes up Madhumali. He shuts the door. She says I just came to see if you are fine. He says you already know it. She says this bed is good, I want to sleep here, shall I go in jungle alone. He asks her to go, she is dead for everyone. She says I won’t live there, make me alive. He says you will come back in the palace, but leave from here before Pranali comes.

She says Pranali is busy in Rajya work, she is a queen, she won’t come, her sisters are also busy in practicing. Pranali comes to Maharaj. He says I called you as you are Maling’s queen now, I want to share a truth with you. She asks what. He shows her the throne. He says just the next heir can know this, remember, I told you that I m protector of Maling lake. He presses the buttons and brightens the thrown. He lays his hand on a block and unlocks a secret door. She gets shocked. She asks what’s this. He says yes, I will do a secret ritual here and give this power to you, the throne will accept your commands then. Vaidehi comes and says I was finding you, Angad is leaving for Mahapuram, along with his brothers. Pranali runs to see Angad. She calls for the soldiers. She asks them to stop Angad, its her first command as a queen. The soldiers run.

Madhumali looks on and laughs. She says Angad is surpassing me in this, he is playing with Pranali well. Adhivan says you took the right decision to leave from here. Angad says I feel we will stay here, Pranali will come to me and beg me not to go. He laughs. Vaidehi and everyone looks on. The soldiers throw the anchor and stop the ship. Angad says see Pranali has come. He turns and gets shocked seeing the soldiers. He scold them. The man says sorry, its the queen’s order. Angad says fine, I will see how you stop me. Adhivan and Arak get angry. Angad asks the soldiers to leave, else he will kill him. Madhumali looks on. The man says we are bound to obey the queen, if we lose life, it will be our fate. Pranali comes there and sees Angad.

Pranali asks the men to obey her command, just take Angad to my room and keep him there till I make my next command. Angad gets tied up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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