Mayavi Maling 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Maling’s princesses are introduced

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Mayavi Maling 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a demon attacking the province of Maling. She freezes everyone. The people then get free after the sunrise. Demons attack the attack. Dev vanshi give a life to the people. Demons fail to defeat dev. Their fight continues. Demon runs away. People thanks the Dev. Demon king knew it will be possible to defeat Devs if his Ansh is on the earth, he has chosen me to give birth to his child, he gave me wings and also his powers. Madhumali meets the demon king Maruki. She protects her unborn child by attracting a king. She marries a king on earth and gives birth to a little boy Angad. She waits to tell Angad that he is Maruki’s son, who is born to kill Devs. Angad grows up. Time passes by.

A man is seen chained. Someone frees him. He runs away. Madhumali comes there. She shoots an arrow at the man, while he runs in water. The man gets shot and freezes. She shatters him into ice pieces. She praises the arrow and says there was no blood shed, you will get one chance, if you miss the aim, you will be dying. She gives the arrow to a girl. She goes.

Devs had their power in the province of Maling. The princesses Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima run somewhere. They rush to their ill dad. He scares them and laughs. He says look at your faces, you got so scared. They ask what’s this joke. He says my throne is not able to bear my weight, so it broke down, I got bit hurt. He hears their discussion. They hug. Maharaj says its all fine. Maharani says its their fun time. A lady asks is Maharaj alive or…. Daasi says he is fine. The lady sends her and comes to meet Maharaj. Maharani says you know your daughters will need time to get ready. He says its a father’s heart, I wanted to spend time with him. Garima acts like the lady. The lady Mandari taunts that his three queens couldn’t give him any son. Rajmata says these three daughters are more than 300 sons. She asks Maharaj to get the girls married, its their age. She describes the princesses. He laughs.

Maharaj says I will take them to their Kaksh. The servant tells Eshwarya that its a bad sign that a throne breaks down. He goes. Eshwarya worries seeing the thundering storm. She gets shocked seeing a shadow. Pranali gets ready. She runs to see the groom. Maharani stops her and asks her to follow the rules. She says you can see him on right time. Pranali says what if he isn’t good. Maharani says I had not seen your dad at the time of my marriage. Pranali says I may not find him suitable for me. Maharani says its my duty to teach you customs keeping, I have to go and attend guests now. She goes. The event begins. Maharaj welcomes the prince Angad. Pranali gets up and runs to see her groom. She moves off the curtains to see him once.

Angad and his mum Madhumali make an entry. Madhumali says its a good Rajya. She stops Maharani from applying chandan tilak. The assassin comes there. Eshwarya worries and goes away. Garima follows her. Pranali asks her about Angad. Garima says I didn’t see him. She teases Pranali by describing Angad as a little fat man. Pranali worries. Garima smiles and goes.

Eshwarya reads some books. She searches for the shadow she has seen. She sees the shadow again and falls down the balcony. The shadow tells her that Maling is close to destruction, they have to save it. Eshwarya’s dream ends. Garima asks what happened. Eshwarya says its really existing, Agni shakti. Pranali takes a disguise and comes to see her groom. She sees Angad’s dad and gets shocked. She scolds him for coming to marry her. Angad comes there and collides with her. She falls in his arms. They have an eyelock. Angad’s dad says see this girl, she insulted me. Pranali smiles hearing his name. Angad apologizes to his dad. Pranali and Angad smile. Pranali goes out. Garima teases Eshwarya and accompanies her. She asks where are we going. Eshwarya says Kalkivan. Garima says we are not allowed to go there. Eshwarya says I have got a warning and have to find out, you won’t believe me, but I have read in a book about the true warning from Agni shakti.

Maharaj asks Maharani about Eshwarya and Garima. Eshwarya reaches Kalkivan and waits for some sign. She says I felt someone flew by. They get surrounded by tribals. They start running.
Eshwarya asks Garima to run. Garima gets caught. Eshwarya falls down the cliff. She feels someone holding her, while a crocodile prepares to eat her up. She gets shocked seeing a Dev Vanshi. The tribals see them and throw the weapon. Crocodiles try to attack. Dev Vanshi flies way with Eshwarya. Madhumali and everyone enjoy the dance. Pranali is brought there. Madhumali smiles and signs the assassinator. The girl aims the arrow at Pranali. Angad’s dad sees Pranali. Pranali gets shocked seeing the attacker. She pushes Angad’s dad and saves his life. Pranali’s hand gets a cut. Everyone gets shocked. Maharaj asks Pranali is she fine. He asks soldiers to catch the dancers. Angad takes a bow and arrow. He shoots at the attacker. Pranali faints down. She starts getting frozen. Pranali’s parents and Angad get shocked. Madhumali smiles.

Eshwarya gets rescued by Dev Vanshi. She faints down. He gets her on ground and lies her down. She gets conscious and screams seeing him. She runs away and hides from him. He goes to see her. She asks who are you, what do you want, don’t come close. She hits a stone at him. He gets his wings and flies off. She looks for Garima. She hears some sound and turns to see at the lakeside. Everyone worries for Pranali. Rajmata asks Maharaj not to touch Pranali. Maharani shouts out and faints. Maharaj asks Maharani Vaidehi to get up. He asks other Maharanis not to cry and take Vaidehi to her room. He promises to protect Pranali. Madhumali says your Rajya doesn’t like violence, how did this attack happen here. Maharaj apologizes to her. Angad’s dad offers help. Angad promises to catch the enemy before the night’s fall.

Madhumali calls him out. He goes. Rajmata asks Maharani not to touch Pranali….. Madhumali says her body will shatter like ice, its a dangerous power. Rajmata says there is a hope to get saved from this power, I know this power that freezes a power, Maruki’s demons used to do this, we have to save Pranali before sunset, Dev Vanshi are the keys to solve this, we have to find a Dev Vanshi, Pranali will get fine by a Dev Vanshi’s touch. Madhumali says but we haven’t heard of any Dev Vanshi, day is close to end. Maharaj sees Pranali and holds her. Madhumali smiles. Rajmata says there will be someone here. The attacker hides. Her leg bleeds when she removes the arrow. The guards follow the blood marks to catch her. She gets shocked seeing Angad coming.

Eshwarya gets help from a Dev Vanshi. Pranali gets back to human form. Madhumali gets shocked. Garima gets caught by tribals. Eshwarya has to save her sisters.

Update Credit to: Amena

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