Mayavi Maling 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad and Madhumali attack Maling

Mayavi Maling 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chegu meditating and coming to Maling. He sees Daanav vanshis, and couldn’t step ahead. He gets back to jungle and says there is danger on Maling. Angad and Madhumali get their demon forms and fly over the palace. They start the attacks. The lights go off and it gets windy. Everyone feel cold. Maharaj worries. Madhumali says lets teach them a lesson today. They use their powers and attack the guards. Everyone in the Sabha get shocked seeing a Daanav vanshi flying in. They get shocked. Madhumali throws the ice bolts at people. She freezes people. Pranali says its an attack. Maharaj says we don’t have to worry, you are thinking right. Pranali says there is one way to leave from here, the secret passage. Maharaj says its secret, it should be secret, we shouldn’t lose. She says how will we take everyone out. He says its Maling’s secret, its imp than anyone else’s life, you need someone else to unlock that route. Angad comes there and looks around. Madhumali escapes. Angad says all the guards are down. Garima says it was an attack by Daanav vanshis. Maharaj says they will return back. Angad says its a female. Eshwarya asks how do you know. Angad says we can talk about this later, we should plan to evacuate people before the attack. Maharaj agrees.

She asks Pranali to do her duty and protect everyone. Angad says sorry, all the guards are fallen unconscious outside, their state is bad. Pranali calls the guard. She asks him to get all the guards, she will be with everyone till the morning. Angad says decision is good, but few guards can’t face the demons, there is just one way, we shall take everyone there. Pranali says no, I won’t do this. Maharaj gets relieved. Pranali says you are suggesting me to take them to secret way. Angad says yes, Daanav vanshi can’t enter there, even if they come there, they can’t use their powers there. Maharaj asks how do you know this. Angad says I have seen Madhumali dying in Maling lake, we have less time, take everyone by the secret door. Madhumali attacks again.

The guards fall down. She smiles. Arak gets shocked and hides. Adhivan holds him. Arak says there is a demon. Adhivan says I know, just come with me. Pranali says I won’t do this. Angad asks will you let them die, just take them, this is the only way. She says no, you be quiet now, its my command. Angad gets angry. Madhumali asks did Angad come here to put Daanav vanshi’s condition to stop the next attack. Pranali asks what are you saying Kalindi. Kalindi says Angad is a Daanav vanshi like his mum, its him behind this attack. Pranali asks do you know what you are saying. Kalindi says yes. Angad holds Madhumali’s neck angrily. Adhivan and Arak come there and stop Angad. Angad says she is a daanav vanshi, and she is blaming me. Kalindi says I can’t imagine to hurt Maling Rajya, as they gave me shelter. Eshwarya goes out and sees the guards fallen.

Eshwarya says how to find out about Kalindi now. Garima says its easy, we will get lake water and put it on her. Eshwarya says no, I have a better plan to punish her. She shows the arrow which will hurt Kalindi and pour lake water in her, the wound will heal soon if she isn’t a demon. Garima asks what if anything goes wrong. Eshwarya says we can’t say that. We will know it after using it. Kalindi thinks to trouble them more and attacks on rest of the guards as well. Pranali looks at Kalindi. Kalindi asks why are you looking at me, Angad did this, not me. Angad says she is lying, she did everything. He asks Pranali till when will she stand like this. Maharaj says we won’t go there. Eshwarya shouts stop…. She aims the arrow at Kalindi. Everyone looks at her. Garima says we shall know if anyone is Daanav vanshi here. Kalindi jokes on them. She shows her powers and freezes the water. They all get shocked. Madhumali gets her wings and flies in the air. Maharaj and everyone get shocked. Eshwarya aims at Madhumali. Madhumali says you just have one arrow. She throws an ice bolt at Eshwarya and smiles.

Angad flies with his blue wings. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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