Mayavi Maling 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali tries to help Haran

Mayavi Maling 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad asking Pranali why did she come. She says I have come to apologize on Garima’s behalf. He says I have forgotten it, you didn’t show faith in me, I had come to marry you. She apologizes. He says you have hurt my self esteem, you have doubted on me and questioned my identity. She says you have cleared everyone’s doubts and won your respect. He says anyone will raise doubt on me again, you won’t stand by me. She says whatever happens, I will never doubt on you, I will stand by you. She holds his hand. He makes her away and asks by what right are you saying this, this marriage can’t happen now. She gets shocked. She asks do you have any problem. He says I want to marry you, but your dad…

She smiles and says Lord has blessed us, none can snatch our hope, dad has given his approval some time back. He holds her hand and asks what do you think. She smiles and says I will go and inform mum and dad. She runs. He smiles. Trishanku comes with his sons. Maharaj welcomes them and apologizes to Angad. Angad says don’t embarrass me, you are like my dad, lets forget it and start a new chapter. They all smile. Dharani signs Garima. Garima apologizes. Angad says you are apologizing, just teasing will go on. Maharaj says Garima, Angad will not forgive you so soon. They smile.

Maharaj asks Raj purohit to give a good mahurat of wedding. Haran thinks of Pranali. He hears the guards talking that Angad gave the test and proved he is not a Daanav vanshi. He asks what test did Angad give. Guard punches his face and says just worry whether you will get food or not. Haran thinks. Garima holds ears and apologizes to Pranali. Pranali says you always make place in my heart by you talk. She forgives Garima. She says I still have a burden on heart, Haran was protecting me, whatever happened was something else. Eshwarya asks her not to say anyone about it. They dress up like guards and enter the prison. The man scolds them. Eshwarya shows her face. The man apologizes to her.

Eshwarya says I will forgive you if you keep quiet, just leave. The guards leave. Eshwarya asks Pranali to go. Garima rehearses to apologize to Adhivan. Adhivan also rehearses to talk to Eshwarya. He says I want to say something to you, Angad and Pranali are lucky to marry as they love each other, I wish to marry you, your yes will be making me happy. Arak turns to him and says I will accept your marriage proposal but there is one condition. Adhivan says she won’t keep any conditions. Arak says princesses can do anything. He jokes. He sees Garima and says now I shall see them. He blindfolds Adhivan and says Eshwarya has done this, now lift me in arms, I shall know your strength. Adhivan says come. Arak teases him.

Garima comes and sees Arak dressed as a woman. Pranali comes to meet Haran and asks him to come along. He refuses. He asks who is waiting to kill me. He says I don’t trust you now. She says I took a big risk and came here by challenging the court decision, you are talking to a princess, remember this. He says I m fine in the prison, I don’t want to talk to you. She says I m helping you, I didn’t know I m doing a big mistake, I m asking you for the last time, do you come out or not.

Mandhari tells Angad that Pranali is going to step back from marriage. Angad gets his powers and lifts some box from the lake. Pranali waits for the marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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