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Veer goes to Bhabi and says that if am not wrong than you are thinking of how to apologize to Ria. Bhabi nods yes as she cries and he says that by saying sorry you get to be the bigger person and my father used to say that one apologizes for themselves and if it is beneficial for you than you should do it. Bhabi says that your father is right and I feel very guilty I don’t know how much I said to you all and yet you came back for Karan while I kept running after you. She says that I even sent those two girls to jail and it was like there was a blindfold on my eyes and saw nothing for her neither her pain nor her happiness and that is why Rajiv is being pushes away from me. Veer says that cry it takes the burden of your heart. He says that everything is better now and all you have to say is sorry everyone will feel better and you were doing this for Karan and if he could hear all of this he will understand that you did this for his betterment.
Anait comes to Veer after Bhabi leaves and says that what are you doing as I heard what you were saying to Bhabi. Veer says that is your habit from the past life and she says will you please shut up. Veer replies saying that you said please and Anaita says that I said it but it doesn’t look as if it had any effect on you are still barking. She says that if you didn’t talk to Bhabi she would have talked Ria herself. Veer says that this is your problem you have gone blind, when Bhabi heard about Karan she didn’t go and hug him a person she considers her son and you think she would go and even talk to Ria, this is your problem you never notice things. He walks away when Anaita stops him and says that I have to say something to you the way I talked to you in the po0lice station was a bit harsh. She says that I really feel that I shouldn’t have talked the way I did, Veer says that you are blind as well as deaf and have you heard the word sorry. Anaita says Sorry and he says that wasn’t right and Anaita says that I am saying sorry don’t compel me to take my word back, he steps back saying that is your decision. She stops him and says that I am sorry and he asks why. She says because you got us out of jail, helped us and saved us from Bhabi and didn’t inform the hospital authority. Veer says that at least you realizes where your problem is, Sorry accepted. As Anaita is about to walk away and he says that if I wanted I could have got you out of jail early but everyone deserves a lesson and I am sure that after staying in lockup whole night you would have realized that stubbornness and rudeness get you nothing. She says that you did this intentionally and he says that you deserved this lesson. He gets a call and Anaita says that don’t while he tells her to shut up, picks the phone and walks away. Anaita says that you made me say sorry and I will make you feel sorry.
Ria tickles Karan and says that what has happened to you today as the other day you weren’t able to control yourself. She remembers the game of truth or dare and she chose dare and had to place a lipstick mark on Karan’s check and places the mark using her fingers. She then gets the dare and Sohani tells her to tickle Karan as this would leave him to quit as he can’t handle that. Ria says that you weren’t able to control yourself and how scared was Sohani of you. Bhabi comes and Ria says that you heard what the doctor said about Karan. Bhabi says that I heard and also know that it is because of you, Karan is like a son to me and asks her to listen and apologizes to Ria. Ria says that if I was there in your place I would have done the same, Bhabi says that I was very scared and that’s why I said all of that. Ria says that I know what you did was for Karan and didn’t feel bad at all the only thing I felt bad about was that I was not near Karan but never thought anything bad for you and asks her not to apologize. She says that if you think that I am bad for Karan than believe in my love. Bhabi says that my prayers are with the both of you and I know that you will wake our Karan up.
The doctor says to Veer that the drug which was being given to Rajiv it’s this which was being given to Rajiv, and the effects will stay for a week. Veer says that how will we tell Bhabi while Euro says Rajiv doesn’t even know that he was kidnapped. The hear something and go inside and see Rajiv sitting on the floor, they go to him and he keeps saying and that don’t hurt me while Veer tries to calm him down. Rajiv mentions something about a nuclear bomb. Euro says that he is not in his conscious while Veer says your wrong he mentioned a bomb which means he saw or heard something about it which means that Mission Tabahi is still alive and the bomb is planted in Pune and I have to find out where it is no matter if I lose my life in the way.
Jignesh sits on the lands on the couch as so does Sohani as the both of them are tired and Anaita comes and asks Jignesh to take a glass out. Sohani says to her that how tiring is washing dishes and it’s not my first choice. Anaita says that she is aware of that and Sohani says that it’s good that we cleaned the house as it was very messy. Anaita says that Bhabi’s life is messier right now and tells them of what she heard about Rajiv and says that there is no contact with him as well. Sohani says that what should we do now and Anaita starts talking about Veer and how he told Bhabi to apologize to Ria. She asks Jignesh if he has taken the glass and they all try and fail. Anaita again mentions Veer and says that he would take it out, don’t know where he is when you need him. Jignesh and Sohani stare at her as she talks about Veer looking more like a model and says that who made him the coach of Steven’s.
She turns and asks of what is wrong and Sohani says that what the scene is and so does Jignesh. Anaita says that what is wrong with the two of you and you should go the mental asylum. Sohani says that you are lying you keep mentioning Veer everywhere and Jignesh says that when you see his bike you start talking about it. Sohani says that when you see a guy at the gym you always say that his physique is like Veer and Jignesh also mentions what Anaita said about people eating non veg and how their mentality changes. Anaita starts talking about Veer again saying that he is the one with all those rules and regulation. Sohani shuts her up and says that why do you keep talking about Veer and Anaita leaves saying that where is Ria while Sohani and Jignesh smile and say that something is there. Ria is anxiously searching for something in Karan’s room and finally finds the good luck charm.

Precap: Rajiv tells Veer about a parcel in a red that came from North Korea to Vietnam and he had to bring it here and when he asked the Caption of why they are avoiding the customs the captain told him that he has orders and he didn’t talk to him again but heard the captain talking about a nuclear bomb and asks of what is all of this. Veer says that it is simple you were smuggling a nuclear bomb with you.

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  1. awesome…. i want k to get well soon n anaita n veer should sought d problems n dey shd become a couple.

  2. I love this show very much especially veer n anaita…i like their chemistry..plzz increase their sneces i watch mastaangi only for them
    Make them a couple soon

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