Mastaangi 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair tells Karan to ask your love, why she called you here and didn’t pass you the gun yet, he tells Ria to open and she shows the bombed jacket and tells Karan about the motion sensor. Zubair says that Ria was to die but she also called her love to come and die as well. He tells Karan to kneel down. Veer calls the officer who tells him that he has a meeting with the C.M and D.C.P and if he gets any information he will tell them and asks Veer to do the same. Anaita comes and asks for the blue prints they got from Zubair and on seeing she says that when I saw these for the first time I asked myself the same question. Why the college hostel prints in this mission tabahi, Veer also takes a look at his phone and says that do you remember what Zubair said; He said that Euro’s friends will celebrate his

birthday with him and it means that Zubair has kept Ria in the hostel and they head that way.
Zubair is resting on Ria’s lap and says that you have 13 minutes left and asks her to give him a head message as he feels tired. Ria asks Karan to say something as she wants to hear him as she goes from this world. Karan says that today the thread of our life is in another’s hand again but I am happy because I remember the previous life as well, that love was care is still here in this life as well but look at our bad luck our didn’t complete but it was there, it’s still here and will remain forever. Ria agrees and says that the only difference is that we didn’t get to say goodbye last time.
Veer comes and says that there is no need to say goodbye, Zubair points the gun at him but he kicks it away and takes on Zubair. The rest of them go to Karan and Zubair and Ria tells that she can’t be moved. Karan holds Zubair and asks of he the bomb will be diffused and he says the person who is here to die you think you can threaten him, do what you want, Karan punches him and he gets knocked out. The bomb starts to beep and Karan thinks of defusing it and says that there is port and we can connect it through a cable to a phone. Jignesh has a cable and after connecting they need a password, Ria tells them to enter Yunus and the bomb gets diffused. Everyone takes a sigh of relief and Karan hugs Ria.
Veer asks Ria of how she got the idea of the name and she says that it was Euro’s name and he didn’t even know it. Zubair gains consciousness while Anaita hugs Ria and says that if anything would have happened to you than I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Zubair points the gun and fires at Ria but Anaita pushes her away and gets hit in the arm instead. Zubair takes aim of Ria and a shot is fired but at Zubair by the inspector and he falls cold.
Veer is holding Anaita and asks her to get up and everyone comes as well, later at the hospital Anaita is on the bed and Ria tells Veer that she will be fine. Karan opens the door and hears Veer say about Anaita that she was in so much tension and was thinking that all that happened was her fault. Jignesh says that I hope Karan forgives her and Sohani says that Anaita almost died proving herself. Ria says that she doesn’t need to prove anything, she is my biggest support system and today she risked her life to save mine. Veer agrees and says that Karan still thinks that it is all Anaita’s fault, Sohani sees Karan and he walks in and says that I have left my anger and don’t know how I will apologize to her and says Sorry. Anaita wakes up and says that forgive me instead and they both are Okay. Ria gets a call from Bhabi and says that we have to leave as she has called us a lot. Ria says to Anaita that I pray that you and Veer stay together forever. Anaita says to Veer if he would say something now or just look at her and he say idiot and puts his hand on her head.
Two weeks late;
Veer brings Anaita to a place decorated with candles shaped liked a heart and she is blindfolded and asks of what is going and what he is doing. He tells her to stay quiet and she says that what is this stupidity what are you doing, he turns her and she is amazed to see the planning and asks of what this is. He says that you always saw my rough and attitude side so see the soft one now. He says that you always called me stubborn and will you be with me in this madness. He says I feel crazy for you and Anaita says I feel the same and they dance in the candle decoration
On the other hand Jignesh goes to Ria and says that you are here alone and everyone is happy. Sohani says that what about is do I need to take a bullet as well. Jignesh says I know what you want to say, I want to tell you something and though I tried I couldn’t say it, Sohani stops and says I love you too idiot and gives him a hug.
Karan takes Ria to a bridge and says you are the one who gave me a new life, saved me came in my life like a new light. Ria says you were also with me, two steps behind me for our love a life time was left, Karan agrees and says our love is forever. He takes out his glasses and comes and introduces himself as they met for the first time in college and invites her to his birthday party. She says that she will think about it and Karan says that this party is just an excuse as I want to tell you something and says I love you. He then asks her to answer and not shoot this time, Ria comes and says I love you too and they dance remembering every moment they were together since the start.


Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh no competed bull shit

  2. Megha

    The only thing I loved in the show was Veer-Anaita.
    The finally got together, that’s al what matters to me ?

  3. Y u end it
    I learn lot of things form it, how to talk with girlfrnd or girl,s .
    we will miss it.

  4. I luved watching veer aniata ….if second season comes I will watch only n only for veer -anaita that is for ankit raaj-himani sahani
    But until next season comes iam gonna watch all anaita veer scenes on hotstar

    Iam gonna badly miss watching mastangi as now i cant see himani n ankit together
    Miss u himani miss u ankit
    N luv u both

    But karan n ria r really irritating I hate them

  5. Why r all d serials ending toaday??

  6. ilove veer and anitha…
    anu & veer dance sOoperb…
    i mizz veer and anu pair..

  7. Guys we r really going to miss all our channel V serials forever N all the serials have a end because of the biggest news i heard today…….
    If ull wanna conform plz check on TOI
    Its seriously a shits yaar ::-(

  8. i like this serial the most and now i am crying really i don’t know what to tell but one thing sure and that is i love karan and ria and their mastaangi forever.I also want to request the channel V to make us watch it’s next season as soon as possible.

  9. I loved ds show very much…but had not imagined that it will end soon!!!

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