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Mastaangi 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jignesh says that its right to be surprised on it but how can you be angry at what happened a lifetime ago. Karan says you are right and whatever happened is because of her while Jignesh tries to calm him down and understand that it was Anushka not Anaita. Karan says whatever it is it is still happening because of her and do what you want and as for now it is impossible for me to forgive Anaita and this is the truth. Jignesh says that was past and this is present so please forget that.
On the other hand Anaita is knocking on the door and says that what this is and asks them to open the door. She says that what do you think you can lock me in the room and everything will be fine, nothing can get right now I am a killer and all of this is my fault, and I will never forgive myself and asks them to open

the door and let her go.
Sohani is picking flowers from a fish tank and Veer comes and sits with her. She says to Veer that none of this will work as Anaita is very stubborn, look at the guilt on her face like a time bomb that will blow anytime. Veer says that if you think she will commit suicide than the answer is no, he shows her a bottle and says that this is the answer to not suicide. Sohani says that how poison can be the answer to not committing suicide and maybe Veer sir is going to kill Anaita and that is by poison and starts looking at the screen. Veer goes and gives Anaita the bottle and says drink it if you want to die as you were shouting about it. Anaita says that if you wanted to kill then why did you save me from the terrace and brought me here. Veer says you killed yourself in that life by jumping so try something new now, Anaita replies saying do you think this is some kind of joke. Veer says that it’s not funny anymore, am I laughing and I want to see death very closely, it pains, old memories come close and slowly breathing becomes hard. Anaita says that say what you want to say and he says that you have the experience of two lifetimes so understand what I am trying to say.
He tells her that if you leave you will try to commit suicide and since you are already dead to me than none will come to save you. He gives her the bottle and says that drink it it will be a new way, Anaita says that there is no poison in this bottle. So drink it then replies Veer. She opens the bottle and drinks it and says that there was nothing in it while Sohani says Oh shit.
Zubair is on the move and comes to the room where his son died and falls on floor and says my son get up and repeats all his words again asking his son to get up. He says that I will leave my organization for you just get up my son. He stops and remembers what Ria did and says that you killed my son and I will kill all your friends that is my mission.
Jignesh still asks Karan to go to Veer’s house as Anaita is there who tried to commit suicide and you knows that she is acrophobic. Karan says that we are here because Anaita killed us and Jignesh yells that it was Anushka not Anaita and why don’t you understand that. Karan says that he won’t as his best friend took his life. Jignesh says that was Anushka in the previous life and Anaita has helped you in this on every turn and I am explain this to Anaita and you as well and I will keep trying as you are my friends. He says that do you remember that when you were in coma Bhabi said that you and Ria can’t meet, it was only because of Aniata that you two met. Do you remember when police arrested the two of them, if Anaita wasn’t with Ria than who knows what would have happened. Karan says that she did all of this because of her guilt, Jignesh says that how can you be so sure as Anaita attended the PLR sessions and told us that she couldn’t see the killer’s face. Karan says that what if she did it for hiding the truth and she already knew that she killed us and by telling that he mother was dead she wanted to earn sympathy. If her mother was never found than who would have told us about this, would the truth had come forward and what if her committing suicide was just an act.
Sohani says that if Anaita has drank the poison than she will fall and says I can’t wait I must go and see. Anaita says to Veer that if you wanted to joke than could have brought a better flavor. Veer says that you wanted to commit suicide a moment ago and now are joking. Anaita says that this is just a reaction and Veer says that which one smiling or knowing that you killed Kabir and Udita. Anaita says that she doesn’t want to hear this while Veer says that this is the truth, what happened you feel guilty now. Anaita says that she feels guilty and wants to die and Veer says that your wish is true that was poisin indeed. Sohani knocks on the door and asks if Anaita drank the poison and he tells her to shut up. Anaita says that how did she know while Veer shows her the camera and she says that I am Okay nothing happened while Veer looks at his watch.
Jignesh says that Anaita can’t became your enemy on a single incident. Karan says to Jignesh that she is my enemy and is Ria’s and Ria has taught me to keep the foundations on the past. Jignesh says that this is wrong and all of this is from the past. Rajiv comes and asks what happened and Karan tells him to ask Jignesh. Rajiv says that this much anger is not good for you, Jignesh says to Rajiv that sometimes an incident can change your perspective about a person and asks Karan if he is coming as he is going to Anaita. Karan says that he won’t go to meet anyone who hurt Ria and he will never forgive her for this. He says that go if you want but don’t think that I will come, Jignesh says Ria to come while Karan asks Ria to vow that she won’t go to meet her and says that he is not in the mood of answering anything to her and tells Rajiv to drop Ria home. Jignesh says to Karan that you are chosing the wrong thing while Karan says that this is about acceptance and to what Anaita did I could never accept her again.
Anaita starts coughing and Jignesh comes to Sohani and she tells him what happned. Anaita drinks water while Veer is sitting patiently using his phone. Sohani shows Jignesh the video while Anaita asks Veer of what it was and he says that you thought this was a joke and do you feel pain now and says only a few seconds now. Anaita is in pain while Jignesh says that it is Veer maybe poison is not such a big thing and maybe he wants her a near death experience. Jignesh says that near your death you get a movie played in front of you and Sohani asks what movie will be played when she dies. Jignesh says that Tom & Jerry as it includes the both of us, she says that what about when you die and Jignesh mentions two or three movies one including in which a man changes to a girl so that the lady would fall in love with her. They hear Veer say to Anaita that you are still alive.

Precap: Veer asks Anaita if she wants to die and she says no I want to live with you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Akansha

    awesome finally anaita confesses to veer…. i love it

  2. Megha

    I don’t understand why Karan is acting like that!!?
    What’s Anaita’s fault in ask this??

  3. wooow … finaly anu and veer unite…. itz nyz…
    anushka kill kabir n udita…
    thn not anaitha….

    1. Megha

      Is hard to believe that Anushka killed them, don’t know why but I think that it wasn’t Anushka.?

  4. karan is annoying me like stfu

  5. I think karan is right in point of view as many times anaita has hurted ria and he wont allow anyone to hurt her thats all he is doing

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