Masala cafe!!! Epi-8 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb) (Final epi)

Sorry for ending it now!!

The episode starts with Neil sits near bed.. He gets a call from the man who have order and rejected it! He cuts the call angrily!! Again and again he calls.. Neil attends and shouts in anger.. Man tells actually.. The owner told to give u money.. I am outside of u r house comes and get it.. Neil comes out and takes money! Neil asks why he gave money? Man tells owner saw u serving food to poor.! So he gave money for u r kind heart.

Neil thnx him and comes inside and sees money and calls out ragini!! She comes there.. Neil tells I have won first time!! He tells I will win all time!! Ragini smiles and hugs him…

Next day….

Shravan waits for suman.. She comes there and sees him and smiles.. Suman stands near him. Shravan asks her what she decided? Suman tells nothing.. I thought to buy 1kG of tomatoes!?He tells nice joke! She hugs him… Title track plays.. She tells I love u tooooooo!!!

Pragya walks near road side.. Abhi comes there and proposes her.. Pragya gets shocked.. She tells I love u too!! He asks what did u say? Pragya tells him… Yesterday my mom beaten me!! First time I cried for someone.. I did not cry even for my grandma death!! Abhi smiles.. Pragya tells becoz I love the most!! Abhi tells I love more than my life!! They both smiles at each other.

Apu gives all tablets.. Malay takes it and proposes her.. She asks what r u doing? He tells proposal! She tells funny! He tells knows about me more than others!! Even my sister does not know about me! Apu hugs him… Siye re plays… Apu kisses Malay…..
Ragini,Neil,abhi,pragya,shravan and suman comes there and hugs each other!! They all pose for a selfie!!

The End…

Sorry I thought of writing for more epi.. But due to studies and less comments.. Makes me depressed so ended!! Bye guys..

  1. Siddhi

    Awesome naren just love ur ff’s

    1. Narendran

      Thnx siddhi ????

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    I loved the ending . It’s okay naru Bhaia I understand but I loved the concept of ur this ff the most among all ur ffs

    1. Narendran

      Thnx her for the comment…

  3. Kathy

    Among all ur ff I loved this one a lot naren… As its name..masala… Cafe.. U add all characters n emotions here… I loved it… Tnx for the happy ending… It’s ok.. U focus on ur studies… Take care… May almighty bless u with success …

    1. Narendran

      Thnx thnx thnx thnx kathy!!!

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