Masala cafe!!! Epi-4 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

The episode starts with Shravan sits on chair. He calls out Pune.. He tells him to send all new staff who came for interview!! Servant comes out and tells suman to come inside. She comes in and sees shravan and smiles.. He also smiles.. He gets up from chair and comes to her.. He hifi her.. She smiles and asks do u remember till now? He tells shravan nods his head and makes suman sit and asks her do u want tea? She tells no and tells him to interview her. He tells u are selected.. She tells not like this way.. He tells OK and asks questions she answers correct.. He selects her.

Abhi asks pragya name.. She finally tells NY name is… He tells no problem I will call u fuggi.. She gets irked and tells my name is pragya and smiles and moves.. Abhi Pat’s his head and smiles at her Allah warriyan plays.. Pragya comes to house and sits on chair.

Neil comes there and tells I have got big contract.. Pragya was still lost in thoughts..Neil and ragini shouts.. She asks what? Ragini touches her head and asks what happened???Do u have fever? Pragya tells nothing.. Ragini asks then? Ragini asks did u eat food made by Neil? Neil stares her. Pragya tells no..??

They three comes to room.. Apu sits on chair and waits for new customer.. Malay comes there.. Apu sees him and gets irked. She keeps plate on table and asks him what he wants? Malay tells one dosa. She tells it will take some time. He tells her to bring chappathi then. She tells it is not there. Neil comes there and asks what happened? Malay tells servant always tells nothing is there??Apu tells me? Malay tells then who??she tells I am his daughter!! Malay tells sorry and asks is there is anything? Neil brings dosa and keeps on his plate.

He was about to eat.. He gets a call.. He tells I will come soon.. Malay haves it fast and pays money and leaves from there and comes to house and congrats suman for getting job.. Pragya thinks about abhi and laughs.. Abhi comes to house and smiles.. He thinks tmr I will tell pragya that he is not my son.. He his face in mirror..

Precap:Abhi gest ready in mrng.. He adjusts his hair style.. Pragya also gets ready.. Shravan and suman comes to office. Malay tells about his past to apu.. He tells I am trying to leave this smoke but can’t.. He asks her to suggest some idea? She gets surprised.!. Neil gets money from someone and starts his work.. Without ragini knowledge!.

  1. Good episode naren… Oh Neil… Pragya suffering from luv fever…?? enjoyed shravan n sumo moments … Excited for the next episode …

  2. Gud Episode..Waiting to see the meeting of 3 couples

  3. I think Abhi n Malay meets in a shorter interval maybe ..going to be a Gud msg(sugg for non smo..

  4. Nice episode nd malay have past too waiting for that update soon

  5. cute of Abi n Pragya scenes

  6. Haaha…..nice humor yr……whole family making fun of their dad but still he works as an idiot man……but dat theme is awesome

  7. anna suman ku shravan epdi terium? nan edhavadu part padikama vitutena illa…..neenga freeah irunda reply pannunga anna.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Nice to see Tamil girl reading my ff!! U will know about it.. Shravan and suman are childhood friends.. Due to suman parents death.. Suman and Malay was adopted by one parent and brought them to new place..

    2. thnq for the reply anna. ungaluku nan tamil nu teriyada? its ok. anna kekurenu thappa nenaikathinga neenga epdi ella page la um active ah irukinga? oru serial kuda viduradu illa pola…oru paiyan inda alavserial pakura paiyana 1st pakuren. enn solrenna enga vitla boys ku serial pidikadu appa anna rendu perum tituvanga adan net balance neraya poduvinga pola….sry for long cmnt anna.

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