Masala cafe!!! Epi-3 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

Sorry guys whenever I find time I will update…

The episode starts with Neil sits on table.. He gets a call.. He smiles and dances.. In joy.. Ragini asks him what? He tells I got big contract.. Ragini warns him not to get money then u have to pay it?He tells I will complete it and earn money soon.. Ragini tells him to do as he wish.. she leaves from there…

Neil comes to his room and think how to get money? He tells Shahid!! He is one who gives me money all times.. He calls him but his mobile is switched off!! Neil comes to ragini and asks about him? Ragini tells he off the phone becoz u will ask money so only??He thinks I am torturing like that? He tells may be!!
Malay walks on road smoking.. Apu also walks there and they both clashes each other.. Malay holds apu in arms.. Flower box opens and falls down.. It falls on them.. They share an eyelock.. Banjaara plays.. Apu breaks it and asks what? Malay tells nothing like that!!

Malay leaves.. Smoking.. Apu sees this and taunts his character!! She leaves from there.. In evening.. Pragya comes out and sees abhi and laughs.. He asks for what? She tells u have put the shirt wrong side!! He then realize it??he tells it is fashion!! She laughs and walks..

Abhi comes near her and stops her and asks her name? She asks for what I should tell? He tells her for calling u by name! She tells him to call her teacher!! She moves.. He thinks and again comes infront of her and tells her to say!! She then tells why I need to tell to u?.. Abhi pleads her to say.. She tells I won’t.. He tells then I will ask children!! She tells him to ask.

He tells pls tell me.. It will be nice if i hear from u!! Pragya tells I knew u boys will ask name,address,number and tells I love u.. She walks and tells him to stop following!! He tells her to tell name I will not come.??

Precap: She tells my name is pragya.. Abhi smiles.. She leaves.. He Pat’s his head and looks at her.. Allah warriyan plays.. Apu waits for customer.. Malay comes there.. Shravan interviews suman

  1. superb yaar update more n soon i loved it
    ~silent reader

  2. nice narendra

  3. Nyc yaar..keep rocking..esp Abhi part

  4. Abhigya cute scene awesome

  5. Wow…….nic idea yaar…haha….same comedy lyk it hppns in Kalakalapu……

  6. Nice bro .. Keep going..

  7. Enjoyed abhigay moments… Luv it..? Good going naren… Nice episode … Excited for the next episode … Keep writing …

  8. nice epi anna. nan enna expect pannen na prag name sollamata so abhi avala fuggi nu kupuduvan. but its on precap superb anna.

  9. Nice intro enaku Ronda pidiciruku plsss keep continuing

  10. Nice episode I loved the abhigya scene very much it is so cute but I didnt liked about malay means smoking

  11. I m in love with ur this ff naru Bhaia love this one horror story n TEI,mmz,vishkanya combined ff the most

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