Mariam Khan Reporting Live 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chiku lies about Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rifat doing a drama in front of Fawad. He says if Mariam doubts on you, there will be some reason, don’t expect something from me. He goes. Rifat says I will not lose, I will make Mariam out of his life, even if their love is strong. Mariam gets sad. Madiha and Biji ask her not to fight with Fawad. Mariam says I m sure that Rifat is behind Bhakti’s accident, she can do anything. She tells them everything. Biji says but you have no proof. Mariam says I will expose Rifat, Fawad doesn’t value her at all, its time to disclose her truth. Someone records this.

Rifat and Choti come to Chiku, and scare her about hostel stay. Rifat asks her to do her work. Chiku asks if I do your work, will you not send me to hostel. Rifat says promise, just go and tell Mariam. Chiku goes. Mariam says I will talk to Fawad once. Chiku says don’t go to him, he us very angry. Fawad and Rifat were talking about you. Mariam says you shouldn’t hear any talks of others, its bad manners. She says I didn’t know my faith on Fawad will begin to get low so soon, I will get evidence and expose Rifat. Rifat says I will get my son and this haveli too, poor Mariam. Fawad looks for Mariam and thinks she is angry. Chiku says Mariam is doing some work in kitchen. Rifat asks him to go to his room. Fawad says my room has been sprayed for pest control, so I m going to other room. She says pest control hasn’t happened, you mean I m saying wrong and Mariam is saying right. He goes to room. Mariam is playing with Chiku.

Mariam thinks to talk to him. He says why is Mariam doing this. She thinks everything will get fine if I talk to him. She sees him and goes to him. Choti looks on and goes to Rifat. She says its happening as we wanted. Its morning, Mariam takes care of Chiku and goes to get medicine. Fawad sees Chiku crying and asks what happened. She says my hand got burnt, its paining, mom dropped hot milk on my hand. He says why will Mariam do this. He goes. Rifat says just wait and watch, many things will happen today. Mariam collides with Fawad and falls in his arms. They have a moment and recall their past. Jaanun na….plays… They start arguing about Chiku. She asks why are you avoiding me. He says I have no time to waste, I m going to office. She says you will say this, I will take care of Chiku now. He says I will see how you do this.

Choti says Fawad, its true, Chiku did this. Chiku says Mariam asked me to do this. Fawad says I can’t believe you have used Chiku for your goals, what was your motive Mariam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    The final of show will be so soon. I don’t understand why few last episodes tell about the strifes between Fawad and Mariam. Would be better to show happiness of lead pair.

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