Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam wants answers from Rifat

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam driving the car. She takes Fawad home. Majaaz thinks of Aijaz’s home. He says I left my family, but I want to know about Mariam where is she. He gets a call. The man says I couldn’t find anything about Mariam. Mariam passes by. He gets a call again. He says we will surely succeed in our goals. Madiha says we all were so worried, let Fawad rest now. Biji asks Mariam to come. Mariam sees Fawad sleeping and holds him. O yaara…plays…. Biji comes there. Mariam says I m just going to change my clothes, you may serve dinner. Biji says Mariam is in love. Mariam goes to room and smiles. She talks looking at herself in the mirror. She thinks of Fawad. She gets angry over Bhakti. She sees some foot prints and says who has come here if not Aijaz.


gets Mariam’s sketch. He says I have gone to Firdaus mahal in search of you, I felt your presence when I went to your room, Manjeet stays there, she isn’t my Mariam. He burns the pic and thinks I can’t afford to keep any such hope that comes between my mission. Its morning, Mariam sees the time and rushes out of the room. She goes to meet Fawad and thinks of him.

She says he was here, has he fallen down the bed. She goes to check. Fawad comes there she looks at him. Ek shaam saji hai….plays.. She slips. He holds her. She smiles and goes. Biji says you got trapped in love. Mariam turns to hear. Biji indirectly tells her. Mariam goes. Biji says I think their enmity is turning into love. Madiha asks Fawad and Mariam. Biji says yes, I can understand your fear, its not good to stop them, they might be trying to end their hatred. Madiha says you don’t know Rifat, this can never happen, she won’t agree.

Biji says I know her well, I can do anything for Manjeet. Rifat comes and sees them. Biji asks Mariam what happened. She also sees Rifat and recalls her words. Rifat asks is this Manjeet’s mum. She taunts Madiha. Mariam says I m not scared of Rifat, I won’t go anywhere. Biji says she tried to make you away from this house. Mariam says I want to know why she lied to us. Biji says I m saying this for your safety. Madiha says Rifat can do anything, she is dangerous. Mariam hugs her. She says I will fight with her and get my answers. Biji asks how can I convince you, lets go back. She takes Mariam and locks her in the room. Mariam thinks I need to work on next story and take care of Fawad, I have to reach Majaaz.

Mariam sees someone coming. She gets shocked seeing Zain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    Mariam had thought that those words of love were destined for her. The poor girl makes a mistake. Fawad loves Bhakti, or he is thinking so.

  2. Why people are not comenting ,
    Such a good show it is , atleast better than those supernatural bullshit .
    Episode was good but I thik they should show more mariam n fawaad scene .,

  3. Why haven’t people told Maria about the house and how rifat took it wrongly. Once she gets to know that, then it’s easy to chuck rifat out na.

    I thought Mariam ans akshay Or lallu will be paired.

    How old is fawaad? How come he’s already a journalist? If he has a company that means he must have studied bachelors atleast, and he and bhakti have a past, so fawad must be at least 22 years. But he studied with Mariam. And Mariam is only 19. Can’t figure this out.

    This is new Zain? Hope he is paid with meher. Is high timw they focus on meher too.

    And please let ua know the , how mahiea moved on with Zain, how she got killed, why was rifat responsible for it, what had happened to fawad as a child. And the number one mystery: majaaz and terrorism.

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