Mariam Khan Reporting Live 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Zain and Meher are in love

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam asking Fawad to quit smoking. He refuses. She says I thought you love me more. They argue. He says after I love you, you girls get complaining and bossing around. She says you are diverting the topic, smoking is bad for health, you have to quit it. He says I think I did a mistake to say I love you. She says its too late now. He says who thinks before falling in love, I had to express love, I didn’t know you will behave like this. She says fine, finish this packet, smoke more, don’t meet me again. He stops her. O yaara…plays…. He says nothing is more imp than you, if I had to choose between me and you, I would choose you, because you are my life. He drops the cigarette. They romance.

Rifat slaps Ballu and asks why did you come here. He says I have come to take my reward. She says that girl is alive, that guy who went to save her is my son, if anything happened to him, I would have killed you. He says this is the first time I lost, that girl has good fate, she got saved. She gives him money and asks him never to show his face again. He goes. Choti asks what do we do now, Fawad is madly in love with Mariam. Rifat says I know, even if he becomes angel for Mariam, I will complete my aim, Mariam must die. Mariam hears this and gets shocked. She says Rifat’s bad time will begin now, she can’t snatch my house or Fawad. She comes to Rifat.

Rifat asks her to go and take rest. She acts good. Mariam says you tried to kill me again. Rifat asks what are you saying. Mariam says stop this drama, I know your every lie, you took away my family, everything, I know what you have done. Rifat warns her to stay in limits. Mariam says I m quiet just because of Fawad, else I would have exposed you, I love him, this is my house, where will you wander in this age, if I tell everyone about you, you will lose everything. She asks her to take her advice. She says my plans never flop, so be cautious. She goes. Choti says she is getting stronger, see she has openly challenged you. Rifat says I accept the challenge.

Madiha shows her bridal dress. Biji says its really good. Mariam comes and smiles. Biji says this is your mum’s bridal dress, isn’t it nice. Mariam says I won’t find a better dress than this, I will wear this. Madiha says its design has become old. Mariam says its special for me, I will wear this. Biji gets sad. Mariam asks what happened to you, I got the bridal dress, you will prepare the dupatta. Biji smiles. Madiha says you will get blessings of both mums. Meher explains Aaliya to have vegs. Aaliya runs away. Zain comes and asks what happened. Meher says Aaliya isn’t eating green veggies. Zain says its delicious, I always have it, you feed it to me.

Meher feeds him. They smile having an eyelock. He says its really tasty. He feeds the food to her. Meher asks did you see the benefits of green vegs. Aaliya says I love you both, you two have finished all the veggies. She goes. Zain and Meher smile. Mariam, Madiha and Biji look at them. Mariam says don’t you think there should be two weddings, we can have a bridal dress for Meher. Madiha agrees. Mariam asks Meher and Zain will they attend her marriage. Meher says of course. Mariam says I meant to say, you two look goo together, you should come together. Rifat comes and looks on. Mariam tells about love. She says we understand everything, Zain will hold Meher’s hand and come to attend my wedding. Zain nods. Meher smiles. Rifat gets shocked and says Meher and Zain….

Mariam says husband gives a gift to wife in marriage, just make me meet my dad, it won’t be difficult for you. He says I do hate Majaaz, but I love you more, I promise, I will try my best to make you meet Majaaz. She thanks him.

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  1. Nina

    They are sweetly arguing about smoking of Fawad. They are the beautiful couple, and I hope to watch their next joint action in the new show.

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