Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mariam gets framed

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam worrying for Chiku. Majaaz says we have to focus on work, this news is imp, you have to come with me, Madiha will look after Chiku. Madiha asks Mariam to go. Rifat says they all will go one by one. Fawad waits for Mariam’s call. She thinks he should have called me once, I m not upset with him. He says I will call her and convince. Choti calls him and asks him to come home fast. He comes home and asks what’s this blood. He sees Rifat hurt. She says Chiku has done this. He asks how is this possible. She says yes. Chiku cries. He asks how did you do this. Chiku says Mariam had asked me to do this, she has burnt my hand. He gets shocked. Mariam and Majaaz come home. Madiha and everyone come. Madiha says it was a prank call, we had to go. Meher and Zain come and say we got a call from Aaliya’s school, but it was a prank call. Mariam thinks Rifat is behind this, I have to reveal her true face.

She shouts Chiku… Fawad says Chiku is sleeping. Mariam says fine, I had to go to office with dad for imp discussion, there seems to be no problem. He scolds her for using Chiku in her plans. He says you have blackmailed Chiku, she told me everything, I would have not trusted Rifat, Chiku has told me that you threatened to burn her. Mariam says you think I can do this. He confronts her. He says so this is your reality. Mariam says its not complete truth. He says don’t make new stories now. She says you have a misunderstanding, Rifat has her selfish motives. He says no one knows her better than me, I m not here to discuss past, but future, you are not one whom I loved, you are selfish.

Majaaz stops them and says we will decide now. Mariam says I will bring proof and expose the truth. Fawad says I also want you to be innocent, get proof for me. She cries. Madiha cries for Mariam. Rifat rejoices and says Mariam will be sad now, this will ruin her. Biji says you have to be strong and handle Mariam. Majaaz says we will support Mariam in her search of truth. Mariam thinks of Fawad and cries. Zain comes to Rifat and asks her to talk to her. He asks her to have medicines. Fawad gets medicines. Rifat says give me a chance to clarify your doubts, forgive me. Fawad says I don’t know when will I forgive you. She says its enough for me, I will wait for your forgiveness. He goes.

Fawad scolds Rifat and says Mariam told me your truth, I have decided to get you arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    Fawad would never suspect Chiku, and he shows full trust actually stranger girl.

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