Mareez-E-Ishq (Chapter 2 – His Life)

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His Life

Author’s POV

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the fleeting colors of dusk began to fade away. The charcoal-black rocks circled around small pools of water, shimmering confidently before dark fell upon them.

But somewhere else, the sun was about to rise. It was in the Wembley Stadium, United Kingdom.

Standing 436 feet high, Wembley stadium had an amazing infrastructure


Standing 436 feet high, Wembley stadium had an amazing infrastructure. The illuminating arch at night added more beauty to its look. Light coming from the gigantic floodlights shone down on the field, which made everything look so bright and dazzling.

There was excitement and anticipation in the air as the thousands of fans started singing, and chanting for the teams. The noise kept getting louder and louder as other fans arrived and joined in. There were thousands of fans, cramming their way into every available seat.

 With the clock striking 7, in walked the army of 11 representing their teams, ‘Brawny Americans’ and ‘Invincible Indians’.

 As the name suggests, the Americans were the one with great physical strength while the Indians were the one who could not be defeated so easily.

The players ran out to the middle of the stadium tossing the football and the cheering of the fans kept getting more louder.


 After the half-time, the environment started to become tense. Fans sat silently crossing their fingers, praying for their teams to win.

The magnificently lit up scoreboard indicated the score 2 each. It was a do or die situation for both the teams.

Last 1 minute.

The passing of the football by one player to the other on perfectly manicured turf was the only sound that could be heard. Chris, an American player, kicked the ball high in the air, so that his teammate could hold it. But, it was interrupted by an Indian player.

Rising his non-kicking leg high in the air while doing a back-flip, he jumped up high and kicked the ball hard overhead . The ball fell straight into the net, though the goal- keeper did his best to catch it. Immediately shouts of joy went up into the air.

“A perfect bicycle kick” whooped Tyson, the commentator.

“With the final kick, Invincible Indians wins the match” said Taylor, the another commentator.

“As usual, the Indian captain Vansh ended the match with his unique match-finishing techniques” said Tyson.

Yes! The Indian player was none other than Vansh Rai Singhania, who was gifted with a great knowledge of football. Also tagged as the ‘Best Match-finisher’, Vansh never failed to amuse his fans.

God made certain people to play football and he is one of them.


Vansh’s POV

Taking my belongings, I started moving towards the parking lot of the stadium. Getting out of the stadium is really a very hard task for me. Fans blocking the way asking autographs and selfies is the thing I hate the most. I appreciate it that they are my fans, but I don’t like the way they throw themselves on me asking for these rubbish stuffs. I mean why can’t they understand one simple thing ‘Live and let live’.


Getting inside my car, I turned on the engine, when all of a sudden I heard someone shouting. Who can it be other than Ahaan? And guess what! I was right.

“Where do you think you were going leaving me alone?” complained Ahaan sitting on the passenger seat of the car.

“Copy. Paste in the past tense” I replied with a tight-smile and started driving.

“What do you mean?” he asked with confusion written all over his face.

“Exactly. Where had you went leaving me alone knowing it very well that I can’t handle this mess?” I replied in an irritated tone pointing towards the crowd.

“Oh! me.. I  had went to check whether you took all your belongings or not” he said pointing towards my bag, which was kept at the back seat.

“Oh! My belongings” I said dramatically, “Why to beat around the bush? You must have said that you went to check out the girl whom I refused to talk with few minutes ago.”

“Yeah! Something like that. But tell me what is your problem. You are a well-known football player who have everything. But why don’t you date any girl. You know…”

“Will you please stop these nonsense talks of yours? If not, I will kick you same way I kicked the football today.”

“Ok” he said playfully raising his both the hands above.

Ahaan was my best friend since childhood. We played together, giggled together, cried together, grew up together and most importantly gained experiences together. Filled up with the different shades of a rainbow, he is that one person, who stayed by my side in every highs and lows.

But always, he urges me to have a girlfriend. I had no such intentions to get in relationships. Besides I want to focus on my dreams and career. ‘The word ‘love’ sounds so strange to me and for now it is not my cup of tea.

Author’s POV

Driving for about 15 minutes, both of them reached at home. After having dinner, both of them proceeded towards their respective room.

“Pack your bags. We are flying to India tomorrow” Vansh informed Ahaan before entering his room.

Ahaan squealed at the mention of India. Vansh was also delighted to visit his country. Why won’t he?  It was his country, the place where he belong, the place from where he got his identity and most importantly the place which gave him life.

It was at night that Vansh called his mother informing her about his homecoming. The excitement in her voice on hearing the news of her son’s arrival did not go unnoticed by Vansh.

Vansh’s mother was a beautiful woman who always supported his decisions and encouraged them. She was gentle, good-natured, friendly, considerate and caring. Unlike other typical mothers, she did not want Vansh to get hitched so soon. Instead she wanted  Vansh to find the one who would love him unconditionally and stand by him even when the world is against him.

Being one of the famous businessman of the world, Vansh’s father was a man of principles. Although he wanted Vansh to handle business along with him, he supported his son’s dreams. He was kind, soft-hearted and supportive. The quality of being a one-woman man was something which Vansh inherited from his father.

Wishing his mother good night, Vansh ended the call and laid on bed thinking about his family. He was lucky to have a family who supported and encouraged him. For him, his family was everything. His family might not be perfect, but it was united and this matters the most.

“In the family, there is strength that all the power in the world cannot undo.” 

“Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song.”        

Tired after the hectic day, it took him no time to doze off.

Silvery white moonlight sprinkled on his face through the open window, making him look so calm. On his face, he had a kind, gentle smile with no hint of sorrow.

Little did he knew that this calmness was short-lived. His dreams and career, on which he wanted to focus were at the verge of shattering.

Some unexpected events were on their way to his life, which would shatter his dreams.


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