Do you think life is easy ???? Then it’s no it’s hell complicated with some or the other problems ….

The story starts with a huge industrial estate where a man was seen walking in his full agony and attitude …Though many of the people greeted him but he cared less …

He directly went to the conference room where a meeting was held and the presentations started after the meeting was end he cracked another deal and smirked evilly …

Another deal sealed you are the best kunj he smirked while playing with the paper weigh then his intercom rang ..
Yeah anything urgent ??? He asked ..
Sir Mrs sarna is waiting for you in your cabin the receptionist said ..

What’s she is doing here ??? Kunj thought walking from their to his cabin …He opened his cabin door to find a beautiful women waiting for his while reading the magazine ..

What are you doing here ??? He asked directly ..
Oh kunj you are here finally I am waiting for you since long she said

Did I asked you to wait ? And how the hell your husband let you come to my office Mrs Shanaya Armaan Sarna kunj asked .
Kunj until how many days you will stay like this shanaya added ..

Cut the crap and come on main point I don’t have a little bit of interest in your bullshit kunj added gritting his teeths ..

Okay so fine I am here to invite you for a business party armaan has kept shanaya said ..

Why you came you could have invited me formally after all its just a business party kunj added ..And I am not getting how did armaan send you here he ended ..

Yeah armaan wanted to send you an formal invitation but I thought why not invite you personally shanaya said …

Why ??? Kunj asked ..
Because you are family kunj shanaya added ..

Achaaaawww hahaha nice joke mrs sarna anyways he call his p.a
What you want to have tea or coffee ??? He asked ..
Coffee shanaya added ..
1 cup coffee sugar less because she doesn’t like sweetness kunj added while her p.a left soon she bring ..

You will be coming right ?? Shanaya asked ..

I’ll see and if you are done you may leave kunj said while shanaya nodded in yes and left …

FAMILY like seriously does she even know the meaning of family kunj added looking outside his window suppressing his anger ..
@ armaan and shanaya house ..
Where were you ??? A s*xy guy comes and ask shanaya who was coming from outside ..
I went to invite kunj shanaya added ..
What the hell shanaya we had a talk last night I told you we will give him formal invitation armaan added ..

Why formal armaan I know there are lot of differences between you and kunj and already because of me it’s increased so much shanaya added ..

You are not responsible for this shanaya armaan added ..
I am armaan she added back ..

It’s papa who did this shanaya anyways leave it you are not going again I know how he must have treated you armaan said ..
Nah armaan you are thinking wrong about him why doesn’t you guys reconcile …shanaya said ..

There is nothing left between us to reconcile armaan added turning to other side ..

You can try armaan you are elder to him shanaya added ..

Why are you so behind us shanaya haan when our parents didn’t tried to set everything good between us then why the hell you are trying is it because armaan started to say …

Because what armaan ?? Shanaya added ..
Don’t provoke me to say something which I don’t want to he added ..

Na say na what you wanted to say ..Say it shanaya said angrily..
Ya I know he was your ex you wanted to listen this ??? Armaan added
sarcastically ..

He was my best friend armaan shanaya added ..
Yea yeah I know he added ..

I don’t know armaan even after doing so much for you …You think of me at such low level shanaya added moving from their to her room …

Shit armaan what you did he said ……kunj you are again coming in between us he added angrily and left for his room to pacify shanaya …
@kunj mansion …
He went back to his home after a long tiring day …
Kunj baba aap aagaye his care taker naina asked him ..

Haan aani where is bozo ??? Kunj asked ..Soon a dog came running towards him and he hugged the dog tightly ..

Only you are the one who Is loyal to me in this cruel world bozo kunj added ..
Baba dinner is ready aani said ..

Haan I am coming let me get freshen up kunj added and went to his room ..

Soon he had dinner and went to back to his room thinking about shanaya’s visit ..

I wish you never entered in my life he added ..armaan you haven’t done a good thing what I wanted from you just family love a brother love but you didn’t gave me instead took a revenge of that mistake which I have never done …Kunj said and went into a flashback …

Armaan bhaiyu let’s play together the little kunj was trying to get his elder brother attention ..

Just get lost I am not your bhaiyu armaan added slightly pushing him but kunj slipped due to wet floor and got a scratch on his forehead …
Kunjjjjj a man and women shouted together ..
Armaan is the way to behave usha kunj mother asked ..

Yes it is he replied rudely ..
Armaan you can’t talk to your mother like this neitheir you can behave like this with kunj manohar added ..

Neither she is my mom nor he is my brother armaan added going from their ..
I’ll see him manohar said ..

Nahi papa bhaiyu didn’t pushed me little kunj added …
Flashback end ..

I never tried to behave like a step brother but you didn’t deserved my love I am actually waiting for the day when this revenge fire inside me will be turned into ashes kunj added sleeping overtaking him ..
@ armaan and shanaya home …
Still angry with me ??? Armaan asked to shanaya who was sitting on bed with pout…

Yes she added ..
Acha na i am sorry but you know about me and kunj armaan added ..

Yeah I know I am mad to interfere in your family shanaya added ..

Shanaya I don’t hate him it’s just that I can’t forget the day my mother died and my papa married his long lost love armaan added …

I don’t care armaan it’s between you and kunj now mujhe kya shanaya added ..

Acha then I have a good news for you someone is coming tomorrow armaan added …

Who ??? Shanaya asked ..
See it tomorrow he added winking
Next day :::
Whole day passed while kunj was busy in his meetings …

Kunj bro aren’t you going in armaan’s party ?? Yuvraj kunj business partner aka best friend asked ..

Nahi yaar I don’t want to see his face kunj added ..
So much anger kunj yuvi asked …

Yes I have kunj added ..
If we don’t go their then tomorrow headlines you know ..Yuvi added ..

I don’t give a damn to it kunj added without shifting his gaze from laptop ..

Ok it’s your choice I am toh going yuvi added ..Soon kunj thought something ..

Ok yuvi wait I’ll also come he added both went to their party …
@armaan’s house :::
The whole mansion was amazing decorated while the guests were enjoying themselves …Soon yuvi and kunj too reached their and went inside …

Hello everyone we welcome you all to our party armaan added going on the staircase …

Thank you all for coming in my success you guys are always their for me but it’s not just due to the project I got but also because my beautiful wife actually said yes to me on this day armaan added bringing shanaya too and wrapping his arm around her waist …while kunj sees them together and makes a not interested face ..
So guy enjoy yourselves and have fun he added while all clapped congratulating him …

It’s so nice too see you here brother armaan added moving towards kunj ..

Yeah after all someone special came to invite me how would I miss it kunj added …Armaan fisted his palm angrily but didn’t showed ..

Yeah thank you so much for coming kunj shanaya added ..
Anytime kunj winked at her and left from their while armaan and shanaya looks at each other ..

What’s was that kunj yuvi asked ..
I came to spoil his mood only kunj added laughing devilishly anyways I am going for drinking are you coming ?? Kunj asked ..

You proceed I’ll be their yuvi said while kunj nodded he took the drink enjoying the silent treatment armaan was giving to shanaya ..

His gaze was fixed at them while he bumped with a girl ..
I am really sorry kunj said seeing his drink spilled on her dress ..

Ah it’s fine she said without looking up at him and left from their ..

I have never seen her before what’s she is doing in this party ?? Kunj murmured and sees her going …

While the girl walked towards shanaya and hugged her from behind …
Guess me she giggled …

Twinkle shanaya added turning around and hugging her …
You here what happened to your dress shanaya asked…

Woh someone spilled his drink twinkle added pouting ..
Come with me and change shanaya said and took twinkle to change ..

Wow di your house is so nice twinkle added ..
Yeah I know twinkle shanaya said ..She gave twinkle a gown ..

It’s look so heavy di twinkle added ..
Wear this you have to meet someone shanaya added ..

Who ? Twinkle asked ..
It’s a surprise shanaya said ..And left ..

Soon twinkle was dressed and was looking damn pretty while she went outside and met armaan and shanaya..
So you are here twinkle happy to see you armaan said ..

Thank you jiju twinkle added ..
Meet him he is vishal armaan added while vishal looks at twinkle lustfully which makes her feel uncomfortable ..

Hi she said ..
What hi atleast shake your hand he said while twinkle didn’t wanted to ..

Why are you shying twinkle didn’t shanaya told you before armaan asked ..
About what ?? Twinkle asked ..

I have to talk to twinkle shanaya said and excused herself …
What they were talking ?? Twinkle asked ..

I am thinking about your wedding with vishal shanaya added ..
What di noways twinkle added ..

Why not twinkle see he is so good and rich as well shanaya added ..
Di I never thought you will become like this you know how badly he was seeing me twinkle added …

But twinkle shanaya said ..
No di you can’t destroy my life like this I was so happy to meet you after so many days …

Please twinkle get ready for this shanaya said ..
Never you can’t take my life decisions twinkle said ..While kunj who was passing from their stopped ..

What’s she is doing with this shanaya he thought and stood their without their notice ..

I can take your life decisions twinkle you are my sister shanaya said ..
Sister ?? Acha so she is the one kunj murmured ..

Nahi di I won’t let you do this twinkle added ..
Then I’ll break all my ties with you twinkle shanaya tried to scare her ..

If it is then ok twinkle said I can’t see you getting so blind for money I am happy living my life in orphanage itself twinkle added …

Ouch shanaya got a tight slap on her face direct rejection from her sister he added enjoying their fight …

Twinkle please try and understand shanaya said ..
Nope di you live your rich lifestyle twinkle added moving from their ..While shanaya too left ..

So she is shanaya’s twinki aka twinkle taneja …Hot to hai waise I got to know shanaya’s weakness……

tch tch tch welcome to mumbai twinkle be ready to become my pawn against them now I’ll show you how does it feel when you destroy someone’s heart ….

From today my revenge will begin I was waiting for this moment since long …Kunj added his face turned fully red with anger …
To be continued …

Hi guys so I am here with a new short story on twinj thode dhamake wali ??
Hope you all will like it ..
The updates will be in minimum length but I’ll try to give them fast …
So do you guys like it ????
#21dayslockdown k chakkar mein mere dimag me ideas aarahe hai ? hehe joking …
So as everyone told to write something more so I am writing ?
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Do leave a comment if you like it enjoy stay home stay safe be happy ? ..
Bye see you soon ??

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