Manmohini 29th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Siya Reaches Mohini’s Den

Manmohini 29th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guruji reminds Ram that Mann and Mansi shouldn’t meet at any cost. Siya gets Mann’s effigy and says he is ready. She throws it from balcony down. Mohini playing video game thinks human god takes care of evils so well. She prepares live wire to electrocute Mann and Siya. Siya jumps from balcony and leaves in car with Mann’s effigy. Jhumri takes lunch for Siya and doesn’t find her there, she then sees Siya driving her car away and informs Ram. They then search Mann and doesn’t find him. Mannn hides in Siya’s car. Mohini thinks her wait is over now. She calls Siya who doesn’t pick call. She then calls Rana/Ram also doesn’t pick call.

Siya reaches Mohini’s den. Mohini walks to her. Siya thinks when did she Mohini take back her old form. Mohini hugs her and says she was waiting for her since years and will enjoy killing her. Ram with Guruji and Sumri drives car towards Mohini’s den to save Siya and hopes Mohini doesn’t find that Siya is pregnant. Mohini starts her lenghty dialogue and says she will end Siya today. She pulls out Mann’s effigy and warns her to stop her game.

Siya rusn to Mansi. Mansi points gun at her and warns not to act oversmart, else she will repent. She fixes time bomb and warns Siya to obey her, else she will burst Mansi. Mann reaches and warns Mohini to dare not harm his mother and Mansi. Mohini says she is his mother. He says Siya is his mother. Mohini points gun at Siya and warns Mann to be in his limits. Drama continues…

Precap: Mohini holds Siya’s throat and says she will kill her and her unborn child.

Update Credit to: MA

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