Manmarziyan – Let me live Part 21

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Hiee hiee sorry sorry but as promised i am here with the next part.. will finish in 2 more updates… love u all

Enjoy the ride…


Arjun drove fastly to that place and took a glass bottle and drank it half made himself cool and spoke to himself ; fwww arjun act cool…. pakka she will slap u dont worry or be angry baby. U got this……. he came out and found his lady love sitting on a small stone and looking at a small flower which was there. It was a cute flower and she was staring at it and she was lost in the thought of her mom.

He smiled and thought; a flower looking at another flower. She was so much lost and her eyes were continuously pouring. Arjun made his hair all messy and unbuttoned his 2 top buttons and walked as if he aas drunk.

Arjun; oye madam namashkar……. and made a pranam with the bottle. Radhika saw that and wanted to kill him that instant her eyes were piercing him he gulped but he continued his act. He spoke as if he was drunk…..
Arjun ; do u remember me madam let me say about my self i am arjun….. im looking for a person she is missing since few days have u seen her.
Radhika; pls get lost arjun before i loose my cool. ….
Arjun ; why is it mattering u if i drink ??
Radhika ; coz u r my friend…. im sorry were my friend….

Arjun smirked but wanted her to say her heart..
Ooh only a friend u have many friends then why is it important for u if i drink or not…..
Radhika made a clap by folding her arms ; im sorry mister mehra i will not come to u even if u die. … continue and drink and spoil urself and she cried.
Arjun ; ooh who are u to say me to continue the drink or not madam ?? She lost her cool….
Radhika; what the hell do u want ??
Arjun; why did u slap me ??
Radhika; coz u drunk…..
Arjun ; what does that really matters i drink ?? Haa ??
Radhika; because u r my best friend arjun why cant u see that and cupped his face. He saw straight in his eyes. Arjun thought; super arjun continue……
Arjun; i have my own life madam even if u think i am ur friend u have ur limits to stay……
Because i dont want that dinesh to hurt u….. radhika shouted a bit…..
Arjun; i will tackle him if he messes up with me don’t worry….
Radhika; don’t worry how can u say me don’t worry i have all the right to worry for u…..

Arjun ; u dont have…….
Radhika held his shirt and spoke in a threatening voice; only i have that right arjun….. he shoves her hand and said ; no one has right on me……. so u have zero right…… radhika was not able to bear more….. she shouted in top of her voice ; one more time if u say that u r dead only i have that right because……….
Arjun ; u dont have…..
Radhika ; argh arjun i love u ….. only u… u idiot drunken head… only i have that right say that again ur dead…. she shouted and was in full angry mode.
Arjun shouted oooooo hooooo made it my man…..radhika was not able to understand.
Radhika ; what did u made it ??

Arjun ; made u speak ur heart….. radhika kept her hand over her head and gave a ooo look… this she asked pointing the bottle.
Arjun ; radhika if someone has glass bottle and liquid it is not alcohol.
Radhika; then ??

Arjun ; plain water yaar….. he threw the bottle and held her hand and slowly made her to come near her… she blushed and was taking a step slowly towards him… so…….arjun asked by holding her by her waist. Radhika saw him and was now scared thinking of dinesh. Arjun read that and said ; radhika if u are with me trust me i can fight that Dinesh…
Radhika was still scared ; Arjun he not the one you think… he has destroyed many people…

Arjun ; but he does not know what he is going to face ooh dont worry Jai will nail him… she looked confused.. why should jai do that ?? she asked.. Arjun pulled more close and said coz he is ur Jaggu ur jaggu bhaiyya… her face lit and hugged him tight..

Arjun ; hmm wish i said that before i would been hugged by u like this and winked… She slapped and today Radhika was so happy… some one was for her to hold her and to take care of her a family she can claim after sam… He gestured her what by raising his eye brows and she nodded nothing and hugged him tight again..
Dinesh’s house…

He was holding the document back with himself and was in no mood to leave that… he was checking and was holding and he kept it in his safe locker… he paced here and there… Dinesh was losing his mental state… he wanted money all the money… he was making sure that he did not miss any place.. he was checking all the place where he has hidden the money and was continuously smoking and kept himself alert as someone may snatch the money from him… somehow sleep took over him… when he woke up he was in the middle of the street… his money was gone his everything was gone he was totally helpless money less value less… No no…

He screamed and jerked and woke up… he then realised he was dreaming… that was hard for him to believe that it was a dream.. he washed his face and came out but his eyes went wide when he found few officers came in.. he knew his end was about to come but he never knew this fast…

They were questioning him for everything.. if he would have been in the old self he would be tackling them easily but he who was already lost was doomed by their questions… they took all the documents and asked him to accompany to their office.. he made an assurance that he will come and asked them to go out..
He was sitting in his sofa and laughed hard sarcastically and his face turned red due to anger, agony, revenge.. he wanted was to destroy bird song but all went his waste… he wanted his revenge.. but how all was lost…

Precap ; 2 more chapters to go… one end and one epilogue….

Thats it for today… how was it… pls share me your views… love u all will update soon as now u guys can trust me… lol love u all muhhhaa bear hugs…

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  1. Wow akka.loved it.arjun Oscar acting.radhika confessed you take care

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the final two chapters. 🙂

  3. Jessie

    Ardhika proposal was nice….hmmmm….I loved it….hahahah…vaaaalu paya..!!Eager to know abt dinesh…..Avana kolluha…..vidateeha….oye….!! Lml ezhuthra….enga en 2 states…chummmmmma….kalaichen…..your too good baby….!! Express train…..I will wait Baby’s Express to arrive in 2 states station….!!! TC….Apram…unoda keta pazhakam….romba pidichuruku ??

  4. Sushie

    Awesome update arjun plan wrkd out vry well namaskar with bottle n rads reaction were superb i luvd it . Dinesh’s dream s wat he deserves let him suffer will b waiting fr nxt update. love you loads!! Tc sv

  5. Nice one ?

  6. arti viswanathan

    Sv darling nice, superb,outstanding,marvelous,excellent episode….. I loved it to the core… I liked all the scenes… I liked arjun acts as drunken boy and radhika gets angry and says she has all right with him….. And arjun asks why she has all right towards him and then she says i love you arjun… loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u……

  7. Shree

    Loved it.. Arjun Oscar winning performance!! Hahaha… Too cute… Loved everything di

    Love you Ponne ??

  8. Rossy

    Wow….twini….ardhika proposal…but Arjun is lucky…radz didn’t slap him…lol…dinesh….aaargh…i want to kill him…why two more chapters…why not more…okk…i know u have many more stories….hmmm I wanna see jai in action now…

  9. very nice

  10. Divya_dabriwal

    That was just amazing, Dinesh has become pshyco… Its really awesome chappy… Waiting For the next one eagerly…

  11. Gianna

    Amazing SV, Radhika finally said what we all wanted to hear and Dinesh is about to kiss his doom. So happy with this update. Take care

  12. Kavina

    Loved it

  13. sorry sorry .late comment ku …….as usual outstanding update……….eagerly waiting next uuuuuuuuu tc

  14. Roma

    Very lovely episode my spllllll…loved it to the coreeeee. …loved the way arjun made rads speak her Berlin heart out…n dinesh…he is getting what he deserves. ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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