Manmarziyan – An overview

Manmarziyan – An Overview

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…Its again your Renu,…I wanna Discuss about Our Favorite Serial Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziayan,…I badly want to read everyone’s take yaar,…I think this is the only serial which has different Perspectives on Same scenes and each time when we saw old episode,..It looks afresh,…So,Why cant we discuss something about our Favorite Manmarziyan,..Even after show closure,I cant get myself attached with another serial cox of the characters indepth,which we saw in our MMZ,..Its a journey of 4 months,…We just got 2 months to see Radz and Sams friendship,…Just 2 months on our beloved hot passionate couple Ardhika,…Just few scenes to show the deep friendship btw Radz-Neil,…Just one month on Ardhika and Few scenes on Nesam after marriage,….But 2day,We crossed 4 months after the show end,…But still we din get out of it,…Due to many unknown reasons, it ended abruptly but the characters Radhika,Arjun,Neil and Sam are living in our hearts as Ardhika and Nesam till now,….I had a belief that our longing,our belief will never go in Vain,.. Last year 2015,…,

A wonder happened as Manmarzian –New show telecasted as a Daily soap,..We surprisingly got Ardhika as a Adorable couple cox of their irresistible chemistry,….Now In this New year,I’m hoping that we will get to see second wonder of seeing them again in a Deep love story like Manmarziyan,…Ok,..M stopping my blabbering here,…I never gonna Write detailed Analysis about this Serial in this post cox Its like an ocean,I need to write a book yaar,…..So,Just an overview on the Four lead’s life,….Cox We can Write our take on each episode or our favorite scene in this thread na,… Friends,..I got this thought While typing a chapter in My FF Missing pieces,…As many wanna discuss our old fav scenes too na,….So,This is just an Episodic analysis of our Favorite Show Manamrziyan not a Fan fiction,….Here we gonna discuss many things about Ardhika,Nesam,Even about Mala,Prema,Dilip,Nandhini,Samrat,Piyali,Dadaji,Saral,Manya, Teji,Zubin,Krithika,Ankush,Riddhima and many more which we saw in the original serial and their in depth character analysation,…

MANMARZIYAN,…Its a story about Four people,..Different thoughts,..Different Aim,..Different perspectives,..Different Background ,…Different characters,…When they met,..It will be quite interesting to explore na,…Yes,..2 Intense friendship and two Intense love btw the couples happened,…Couldnt get,…Lemme explain,..Love——-One is Passionate Hot love story as ardhika and Other is Light Cute Friendship wala love story as Nesam,….Friendship—–One is Two girl’s flawless Friendship as Sam and Radz,..and Another one is Guy-girl Deep friendship btw Radz and Neil,…(though we got less scenes on them,..But every mmz fan or Ardhika fan admire their Friendship),…

This is the only serial which Defines Friendship from 2 different Perspectives,…When 2 optimistic Persons ready to spread their rays of light on 2 vulnerable pessimistic persons,…Then there is no need to explain how interesting it will be na,..Yes You all are right,..It was interesting,Fun to watch not then but now too,…

(A Sweet Warning note to the hot couple Ardhika of Manmarziyan from Renu ,…
What yaar,..You know,What you people did,..You two just came and just stare each other and went just like that by conquering many innocent hearts like Renu’s,…yes u two stole our hearts by your irresistible chemistry….What impact you ppl make in Renu you know,..Whenever she saw/listen any film song rather enjoying that song,.Here Renu imagining you ppl in that song,…Almost all songs yaar irrespective of language,..Now,She stopped listening songs itself,…But couldn’t help her yaar,…Please come soon na,..Save her from this,…Please come back yaar,…And When you come back hearing her words, Please don’t kill us again na,…But she was expecting that,…LOL,…)

Ok,..Coming to the story,…The main key for all the Four is our chirpy small town girl Radhika who has immense light to shower on all,…Its about her Dreams,…She has lot of dreams in her small eyes,..She wanna achieve her dreams before becoming someone else like many of us,..So,Now let’s see our four leads brief character sketch and their story,….First will be,…

(Again a small fight btw Renu’s Right heart and left heart yaar,…
Left Heart—-Yeah,..M also like her in someways,…
Right heart–Renu,stop, Go away from here,..Why are you coming in btw,…M talking about My Angel Radhika Mishra,..No,Radhika Mehra,…
Left Heart—HArree,..Stop your fighting within yourself,..Ya,She was Radhika Mishra, when she identified her dreams with help of her Bestie Sam
Right heart —No, She was Radhika Mehra,When she achieved her Dreams with the help of her hubby Arjun Mehra,..

Left heart—Oh my goodness,…Why are you fighting,..please put both the names in your character sketch—cox she identified and achieved her dreams,..Both are important na,…Now your pblm solved na….Then get out from here,…I wanna say sth about my spunky girle,…
Right heart–Ya m going,…But this is the pblm for my Angel too,..She love her Bestie Sam and her hubby Arjun,…Ok,U continue,..But mind to stick on your words,..Dont write lengthy cox its just an overview,..I knew you like Radz more,..So,I hope u will listen to me too,…
Left Heart—-Ya,…I knew,….You don’t worry,…)

1.Radhika Mishra to Radhika Mehra,…

She was sweetly called by many nicknames,…(guys,..If we keep a nick name contest,..As usual my Radz ly win among all the 4,…)

Radhika, panoti,raaste ka pattar,Mrs.Arjun mehra- By her hubby Arjun
Chasni – By her Friends
Choti –By her Family
Radhu – By her Obsessed Ex-fiance Saral
(Here Radz – By Renu,… lol)

Radhika,…A Girl of aspiration,altruism,naivety,….She is more talkative but never talk about her personal with anyone,…She will do anything for her loved ones i.e.,for her family & friends,…She will not back out of the things she engaged unless n untill she complete it fully despite the hurdles coming her way 2 stop her mission of achieving it,…She never cares about anything which affects her in personal when it comes 2 her family n friendship,….She is the proper definition of Being selfless 2 her beloved ones,…She never reveal the mistakes done by her loved ones in public even she was blamed for their mistakes,…At the same time,she is too naive when compared 2 others,… She is fun loving person & will always try 2 clear the mess in the ppl surrounding her by her antics n philosophy,…even sometimes she herself end up in problem while bringing light in other’s darkness by fading her light like candle,…She ll 4got the wounds given by her loved ones sooner But what will hurt her is the fact that she was unable 2 save them 4m their destruction b4 her eyes,…Her definition of friendship itself differs 4m others as she always wanna b a protective shield to her friends by saving them from being hurt before facing the problem,..She always search for a cause of the problem and will try to find the permanent solution for the problem,…

She was worried like many of us that she couldn’t find her talent,..She tried many jobs but she din get satisfied or shine in that job,…Finally,She identified her dreams ly when sam entered her life as a friend & her words gave a big strength 2 achieve her dreams of being a writer & also gave guts 2 live in it,..She dinn wanna marry some1 b4 living her dreams but at the same time she cant go against her parent’s wish 2 fulfill her wish,…That’s the reason she engaged 2 saral b4 landing up in mumbai,…Though radhika bcame friend of Sam n Neil,but it takes time 4 her 2 understand their craziness & she loved Sam cox her prolonged trials of identifying her real talents which was achieved ly cox of Sam,..Though their First Meeting started with Misunderstanding, Radz was inspired by Sam’s self confidence and Boldness in facing the situation all alone,…Her admiration on her Friend turned into Love for her Bestie,…Yes she understood that sam’s past hurts her 2 move on in her life,..So,She cleared all the mess in her life n succeeded in bringing back the light in sam’s life as her priority changes infront of sam,…

When their friendship develops,She loves sam as her bestie from the bottom of her heart,..n she never let any wounds 2 reach sam infront of her eyes,…this is the time Destiny played its game by the entry of a mysterious man Arjun in her life via the bridge SAM which connecting her 2 him,…Radz dinn find her equation well with Arjun cox of his rude jerk attitude but she tolerated his presence cox of the fact her bestie loves him,…But in her subconscious mind she started prying information out of him within their few encounters,…She started digging his innerself 2 find his real face behind his facade 2 save her friend 4m being hurt again in her life,….She understood that he never love her friend and he is acting to hurt sam,….

By her unique quality n her spunky nature,she followed arjun despite his warnings,manhandlings, threatening,rude behavior,taunts,insulting,… 2 get answer 4 her doubts n tried 2 find his deep innerself which he hiding it 4 a longer time,…His proximity dinn affect her cox wen she concentrated in her mission, nothing ll distract her 4m her path na,…
She is too naive in understanding Arjun’s proximity at times as her womenliness inside her been awakened by arjun makes her perplexed n affected which she fails 2 understand,…She considered arjun’s inclination 2wards her as his goodness in him /respect for her & at one stage of her life she started trusting arjun above all including her friends,.. She tolerated her fiancé Saral’s misbehavior 4 her parents n she never opposed him except when he molested her on sam’s proposed wedding night,.. Cox She thought he din worth of it,…But,she felt arjun’s comfort unknowingly,…

Shortly Her life was hanged btw 2 loved ones,…one is SAM,her bestie n other is Arjun,whom she trusts,…Even wen her bestie humiliated her believing some craps, she never backout 4m saving her n she has no way 2 back out leading 2 marry arjun accidently,…She never thot of marrying him as she just wanna change him 2 a good person 4 her friend but irony s he bcame her’s instead of her bestie’s,…She does some stupid things 2 save her friend by putting her dignity & self respect in stake,… Everyone accused her for not sharing her problems with anyone,.. I remember one story while writing this,…2 friends walking in a forest,. One friend slapped his friend and the friend who got slap wrote on the sand that my best friend slapped me(this is our radhika yaar- she took the slap from her friend as such after getting it) and after a while when they crossed a river the same friend who slapped now saved his friend from the river,..Now the friend who got slap wrote in stone that my best friend saved my life(Radhika is also same like this yaar,…She told everyone and even owed to sam for showing her Dreams to live in,..)

For me,the one who helped to achieve our dream is really special to us,.. though they are not related to us but we can do anything for them cox they helped us to discover ourself na,… So without any sort of guidance, Here Radz tried to save her friend and end up marrying arjun,…She knew i t hurts her friend too,…But its not important for us na when we wanna save our beloved ones from the fire,..We know what the fire will cause but our beloved ones,who may not known the effect of fire was ready to jump into the fire,…How can we let them to jump in fire knowing it will burn them or sure,..We may try to make them understand but what if they never listened to us,…Its our duty to save them and we never bother about their hate for us at that time na,…That’s what Radz did,…So,I really wonder this kind of Friendship from Radz towards Sam,… A big applause to you girle,…

After Becoming Radhika Mehra,…Gradually her feelings 4 arjun transformed 4m hate to goodness in him and finally to LOVE,.. On trying 2 save her friend 4m a mystery man,she started feeling 4 him after understanding his child craving 4 love nature and his innocence in his sister’s revenge,…Hence she just set things right in his life by clearing all the air n left him after completing her 2 missions,…one being saving sam 4m revenge n other being saving arjun 4m avenge,…She showed him the path to live,…She was his light but she forgot that he is her light too,..Her life is incomplete without arjun as he is the one who read her worries without being uttered by her even when her family and friends failed to understand,… she read him like an open book and same Arjun also read her as such,…She always wants him to smile ,…She wants him to spread the light which she given him to her bestie Sam,….After fulfilling her wish, Her hubby came to her and proposed her,.. She accepts his love only after confirming that her friend is happy despite her worries,her wounds,her pain,…. and He is the match stick 2 her candle n her light ll b lighten ly by him,….(Renu stopping here,…Cox we have more thing to discuss about them na),..

2.Arjun Mehra,…

He was sweetly called as Arjun by almost all,…
And Sir,Arjun sir,Muzeebath,Bagwaan,Acche insaan…Finally Arjuun by his cute wife Radhika,…
Poor guy longed to hear his name Arjun from his wife a lot,…

ARJUN, A man of mystery,…He was talented in speaking Truth before all which sounds like a lie,..He has a painful past deep down his heart and the only thing which occupies his mind donkey years is his Revenge over khannas family,…Which he assumed as his medicine 4 his sister’s pain by giving the same pain 2 the 1(sam) whose father is responsible 4 it,…You may ask what Renu blabbering that Arjun was taking revenge for his sister by hurting the accused Daughter,…Ya,..This is the problem,… He was emotionally clichéd by his psycho sister Nandhu, who grown him with all care which he needed wen he was an orphan n that too being an eight years old child,…he saw her tears all his life & he attained adult age with same angster in his eyes which his sis seeded in his childhood 2 avenge 4 her meaningless revenge,..He saw ly his sis’s pain n he dunno anything other than that all the years,…So,When his sis asked him to take revenge on Sam(Samrat’s Daughter),..He promised her to do so in his childhood,..He wanna fulfil his sister’s wish cox He wanna see the same pain which he saw in his sister’s eyes by hurting Sam,…

Here we all knew His Reason for revenge was correct but the person he targeting was wrong,…But,My poor Arjun din knew anything other than this revenge right from his childhood,..So,He planned everything to hurt sam,… He was in full revenge mood,..He dunno to distinguish btw Right and wrong,…Good and Bad,…he considered himself as Bad man in this world until he met his Radhika,…He thought that his charm will affect any girl 2 fall 4 him whoever it may b SAM or Bonnie,..& he used it to trap Sam,when she was in a Vulnerable state by his flirting attitude,…He was succeeded in it,…He never think that he cant affect a girl using his charm n good looks till Radhika’s entry in his life,…It was the first time he felt affected by Some one like radhika,..His fear of letting out his revenge by his unknown feelings for radhika makes himself 2 get rid of her by continuously taunting her with his misbehavior,…

He was wondered that how Radz read him like an open book within their few encounter,..She saw his Real face which inspired him a lot,…But wen radz started digging his innerself despite his manhandling n threatening ,which he hide 4m the whole world makes him wonder n he couldnt stop himself 4m feeling 4 her,..As she starts to see his Goodness which he himself never ever tried 2 see all those years inclined him 2wards her more,….Her every reaxn had an huge impact on him may b as irritation,annoyance,love,anger,hatred, care, affection,….He was so loyal 2wards his ly family,world r watever i.e.,his sis NAndhu,..where he found this same selfless loyalty 4m radz 2wards her family n friends,..Both were not living their life 4 themselves,..Their synchronization makes him 2 remove his facade b4 her & he himself felt free b4 her n he was himself without any pretending of his fake mask wen he was alone with her right 4m the start even b4 acknowledging his feeling 4 her,…

He even started 2 4get his lifelong goal of his avenge 4 nandhu b4 her many times,…As deep down he needs some1 like radhika badly who understands him which he himself puzzled at times,…At the same time,He knew that Radz deserves a better guy and life than him,..But he cant see anyone touching his radhika before his eyes,..He wants to burn them thru his eyes cox he felt that Radhika was his own property and no one other than himself have no right on her,…Though,He started feeling her as his girl, He never crossed his line r take advantage over her cox he knew it will hurt her,…He always dreams about her and always fight within himself to control his feelings towards Radz,…He knew he needs her forever,..Without her,His life is nothing,…He never wanna lose her ….at the same time,he also wants her to live a happy life which he cant give,…He always warns her to leave him but his inner self, he wants her to be with him forever,..

He always says or does things which he never meant from his heart,..He cried his heart out for many times while hurting his Radhika,..At one stage of his life,he understood wat his heart wants n his mind fails 2 compete with his heart’s desire,…& his goal in his life has been changed after falling in love with Radhika completely & he was ready 2 do anything that ll bind him with radhika,…He even ready to sacrifice his revenge for her love,….But his Wife wants him to give that light to her Friend Sam cox its his responsibility to clear the air as he was the one who played with the feelings of a girl,…So,She left my poor boy,…First he was afraid of losing his revenge cox of radhika & later he was afraid 4 losing herself cox of his revenge,…He just wants 2 lead a normal life with his radhika who can bring sun 2 his incessant Dark night,…

Renu is stop talking about her angry bird Arjun right here,..Arjun baby,You don’t worry cox she always talks nonstop about you and your feelings,..So let her stop or else she will start over again,….Now She has to talk about your wife’s 2 best friends and they are solely responsible directly or indirectly to bring you ppl together na,…So for now,Bye Arjun,…Take care of my Radz,…


She was sweetly called as Sam,Samendher Singh,Sammy by her Idiot Neil
Bachu by her Dad Samrat
And Sam,Samaira by her friends and others

Sam,A City girl,who lost herself in her Dream world,… She was good at heart,..She seems to be strong outside but she is emotionally weak n always needs some1 beside her as a supporting wall n She always thinks about her,herself n her life,…She loves her friend Neil,….Like Radhika,who dunno to name her feelings for Arjun as love,..Here her bestie Sam misunderstood her feelings for Neil as Friendship,…She trust anyone easily even it was a stranger n fall into their trap sooner,…She always reacts first b4 acts,…So,Her friends Neil and Radz never mind her acts,…She even play pranks on innocent ppl just 2 prove her point,….She always dances to other’s tunes,…Any1 can easily manipulate her n hurt her without facing such difficulties except her warriors Radhika & Neil,.. She cant withstand any failure in her life n she never ever tried 2 overcome the problems in her life,…she always used 2 live in the dark past which causes her pain n without some caretaker she never ever tried 2 do sth 2 come over it,…She even fails to understand her closed one’s feelings 4 her n poor in judging the persons in her life,…she always hurts her loved ones without knowing it n she even dinn think about them 4 a second,….

Without Neil,her life wont b complete cox neil knew all her flaws mentioned above n even being hurt by her many times,neil never left her alone wen she needed him,…She is lucky to have Friends like Neil & Radhika in her life,…which she never cared cox both love her in diff ways as Radhika always wants her 2 b happy n she saved her 4m huge heart break n being murdered by putting her life in danger as she wants 2 protect her always & Neil always there 2 console her n support her when she was hurt,… other than neil,She loves her father Samrat,…He is the one responsible for all the mess in this four person’s life,…But,Samrat himself had many personal problems with Sam’s Mom Piyali ,..

Truly speaking cox of his mistake, sam was vulnerable and she faced all the pain,..When her brother jai was dead cox of Sam’s mistake,..He never tried to solve the issue btw his wife and his daughter,..He just left it as it is without talking to piyali,..But what about sam,..He just loved her a lot as his daughter,…But never tried to clear the pblms in sam’s life which radhika tried,…I cant accuse him alone even my Neil too dinn do that cox he wanna be a shelter to Sam always whenever she was hurt,…the real truth is neil dinn know how to relieve sam from her vulnerable condition,..When sam was confused to select arjun’s offer for a dinner date or Neil’s offer,…Samrat helped her to choose her decision,..If he did this whenever she needed,..Sam never end up in pain and never caused pain to Radz and Neil,…

Ok now coming to Sam’s poor decisions in her life and her lack of witnessing the truth before her eyes,.. Arjun , Our mystery man judged her character by his perfect planning n he manipulates her in the way he wants by his charm looks n sweet double meaning dialogues which she needed 2 hear at her vulnerable conditions,…She mistaken Arjun’s fishy shelter as love without seeing his intention behind it,…He even succeed in making her 2 see the world in the way he wants,…even after ardhika marriage,she believed Nandhini and arjun’s words cox she dont wanna burst the image she created 4 arjun in her mind to take revenge on her friend as she thought Her Friend betrayed her,…,…She was attracted 2 arjun’s physical appearance,… Her infatuation n her obsession 4 arjun makes her 2 live alone in her dreamy world which fails 2 connect her with the reality,….She always needed a temporary relaxation from her current sufferings rather finding a solution to her problems,…

She have no guts 2 burst that bubble in which she was living 4 quite some time in her life as it gives her immense pleasure 2 rest in her bubble rather than facing the reality,…that’s y she slapped her best friend b4 all n she even doubted her n humiliated her publicly n hurting her badly with unpleasant words which not at all matching her character,…She behaved like a creep cox of her fear in believing her friend’s truth,…

& she even dinn care about Neil’s feeling 4 her as she again scared 2 see neil other than her best friend as she wears a friendship mask n she never wanna see him as her lover as it ll again burst her bubble,…So,she ignored Neil’s feeling 4 her as she started cheating herself with her fake love mask by loving Neil and calling him as Arjun,…But she never tolerate seeing some other girl with neil even it was her Best Friend Radz,…She always wants to b first in Neil’s life on everything may be its his Dance or whatever,…She even trusted her enemies by hurting her lovable friends,…She came out of her bubble ly after Neil’s confession of going away from her,..She cant withstand the fact that she gonna live her life without Neil,..She cant image even in her dream without Her idiot,..She was never hurt seeing her so called love Arjun for namesake with any girls but seeing a girl for few minutes with her idiot burns her a lot,…With radz explanation of being fallen in true love,She understood that she loved her idiot alone in her life,..

Renu was merely disappointed by the fact that they din show sam reciprocating her friendship to her 2 loved ones Neil and Radz like them till the end,…but feel happy guys, at least she started 2 live in real with her idiot na,….

Sorry Sammy,…Renu taunted you more na,…What to Do,..She was doing her duty,…You don’t worry deary cox you are the dream girl of her Chocolate boy Neil na,…So,Pardon her on my behalf,….


He was sweetly called as Neil by all,…
And Idiot by his Sammy,…

Neil,A man of Gem, jovial nature,….He always supports n consoles his friends when they needed,.. I said na,..We gonna see 2 definitions for friendship,…We already saw One as Radz and other one is My Neil baby,…His definition of friendship differs from Radz as he wanna be a supportive person 2 his friends in all walks of their life,…His ly happiness lies in his Best friend sammendher singh which he dinn realize till radz explained about his selfless friendship with sam after arjun’s entry in sam’s life,…He loved sam despite knowing all her flaws n he is the ly one capable of putting some sense in2 sam’s brain wen she does sth idiotic,…

Sam is his soul,….He even noticed arjun’s hidden motives but failed 2 react cox his priority always lies in supporting n consoling sam,..That makes him 2 4get his world n he even started acting as a slave 2 bring happiness back 2 his ly angel SAM’s life by hurting his feelings 4ever,..He never expect anything in return 4m her,…He hide his feelings 4 her by losing his charm,his jovial nature n infact started being in devdass mode 4 a quite long time n he shed buckets of tears wenever seeing sam with arjun,…His each dialogues ve sensible meaning n if he was normal,he would never ever let sam 2 humiliate n slap radz b4 all,..He knew who is who n wat one can do n wat not,…& also wat one is upt2,…

His mom Prema,a positive character who supported him in all walks of his life,..He shared his deep feelings with his mom but Prema,who felt his pain consoled him but she never gave him the guidance to tackle his pain,…If she said him to confess his love before Sam-Arjun marriage proposal atleast once,..Things might have changed,..Sam might think about her feelings for neil,…But when he panic about their friendship,…Prema,…Dinn took effort to solve this problem,..She was just remained as a shelter for her son,..May be he learnt that quality of being shelter for their loved ones from his mom,….But what i loved her is she gave full freedom to her son to do whatever he wants to do,…Neil,who dinn know what to do followed that balloon man’s advice of loving sam without confessing or expressing his love to her,…

So,like sam,He also lives in sam’s world far apart 4m reality,…he never allow himself 2 come out of this bubble n hence he failed 2 protect his chasni (His friend Radz)being hurt in all this mess,…He came 2 reality ly after meeting Radz in arjun’s home after their marriage n Sam’s plan 2 take revenge on Radz by snatching arjun 4m radz,…He understood sam dinn love arjun n she was just taking revenge on her bestie as she cracked her bubble na…

He cheers her again by 4getting ardhika 4 a while but he felt hurt by seeing sam’s stupidity in hurting radz,..As he cant tolerate her stupidity as he came 2 reality now,..thus makes him 2 put some sense in2 sam’s brain n He even confessed her his decision of leaving birdsong just 2 wake her hidden love buried deep inside by her fake bubble,… He even decided 2 move on in his life as he understood this s the ly way 2 make sam come 2 her reality,… (Renu,..Thanx Neil,.. you din do this Before Ardhika marriage or else they never marry each other and here Renu might have missed their many Tom And Jerry fights) ,..he understood her every move,..infact he saved his friend’s life by challenging sam 2 choose him or her avenge on radz,…He succeed in his plan too,..Ofcourse his samainder singh chooses him cox she loves her idiot nothing more than any 1 in this world,…He tried all his ways 2 bring sam 2 her right path n got succeeded in it by the final touch by his chasni,…

Don’t worry Neil,..Renu likes the craziness in your love story too,..But what na,She cant say everything na,..So,Please Excuse her na,..Ok friends,On overall,We all love Radz- neil friendship bond too yaar, depicts the true friendship,…. Ok,..Ok,..Stopping here,…That’s all folks,…

P.S.:Renu Missing Manmarziyan and Ardhika’s Tom and Jerry fight Badly,….Please god Help this girl na,…And Friends Thanx for reading my Overview on our Favorite manmarziyan till end,…Those who read it are really great yaar cox she is testing all your Patience,.LOL,….As usual Sorry 4 many grammatical errors here n there,..hope u all never mind cox its Renu’s standard line na,…Don’t forget to start the discussion by posting all your POVs,..I’m waiting to read And This Crazy Renu also Ready to scribble her pov,..Will meet you all in the comment section,..Bye,….

  1. Tat was a very gud one shot renu..loved it??

    1. Thanx priya,…Again its like a discussion thread, you can post your fav scene too yaar,….

  2. Ih renu tanks 4 an overview………i lvd it immensely…….well u nailed all our emotions……….i feel as if I wanna hug you… u……..(I ve xam tday..plz pray ? 4 me dear)…….is ur xams ivr??

    1. Sorry Aastha for not wishing you well before but read your comment thaat you rocked as i guessed,…And mine was this weekend deary,…

  3. Oh renu i miss our mmz too much dr

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  4. oh my dear renu here manha is speechless. what r u dng with her??!!! First only she is dying for manmarziyan n now u started this. she is going to die of happiness. N u r the reason for it dear. But i like this very much like verrrryyyyyyyyyyy much.
    Now u really need to write a book on this dear. renu me too sailing in the same boat, after seeing mmz i just imagine ardhika in any song. i think all song r apt for them. lol. see our madnessssss. this is our craze for them.
    i love radz n thank u, u always nail her character, for this i love u more renu.
    U r just superb every character, every feeling u hav just nailed it. i can’t write anything more coz u hav wrote so much that i’m wondering what to write.
    But one thing is for sure even the CVs wouldn’t hav noticed these many things while writing. lol. u r just amazing.

    now i’m missing mmz more n more n more. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u renu.
    so song dedication for ardhika. listen and enjoy.


    1. Thank you somuch manha,…Its my favorite song too,…I used to imagine our Ardhika’s jilebi scene in the first stanza and Payal scene,…Store room scene,…Omg,…Stopping here,..Once again thank you manha,…We all are sailing in the same boat,….

      Will you do me a Favor,..Please start some discussion on our Ardhika or mmz here deary like the one we had on new year in Missing pieces FF and i cant come here often till monday or so,…

      I hope you,naomi,nisha,shree,dipika,Ameena,aastha,Lakshmi,Rg..will continue it here,…Please deary,…

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    3. Aastha,..I had no pblm cox My name itself ends with u na,….Love you too deary,…

  6. Here is lyrics of the song

    Jise Zindagi Dhoondh Rahi Hai
    What my life is searching for

    Kya Ye Woh Makaam Mera Hai
    Is this the same destination?

    Yahaan Chain Se Bas Ruk Jaaon
    Just to rest here forever peacefully

    Kyun Dil Ye Mujhe kehta Hai
    Why does my heart wish that?

    Jazbaat Naye Se Mile Hain
    I’ve found new emotions

    Jaane Kya Asar Ye Hua Hai
    I don’t know that this effect is

    Ek Aas Mili Phir Mujhko
    I’ve found a new hope

    Jo Qubool Kisi Ne Kiya Hai
    As someone has finally accepted me

    Kisi Shaayar Ki Ghazal
    Like some poet’s beautiful poem

    Jo De Rooh Ko Sukoon Ke Pal
    Which gives a moment’s peace to the soul

    Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai
    I’ve found someone…

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    Naye Mausam Ki Sheer
    Like mornings of a new season

    Ya Sard Mein Dopahar
    Or afternoons in the winter

    Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai
    I’ve found someone…

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    Jaise Koi Kinara, Deta Ho Sahara
    Just a shore that offers support

    Mujhe Woh Mila Kisi Mod Par
    I found her on some turning

    Koi Raat Ka Tara Karta Ho Ujala
    Like a star that shines at night

    Waise Hi Roshan Kare Woh Shehar
    In the same way, she lightens up the city

    Dard Mere Me Wo Bhula Hi Gaya
    She made me forget all my pain

    Kuch Aisa Asar Hua
    She cast such an effect on me

    Jeena Mujhe Phir Se Woh Sikha Raha…
    She is teaching me how to live again

    Jasie Baarish Ka De Tarr
    Like the rain which drenches everything

    Ya Marham Dar Par
    Or the satisfaction that one has after applying ointment on the wound

    Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai
    I’ve found someone…

    Jaise Bangaare Ko Ghar
    As if a wanderer has found a home

    Naye Mausam Ki Seher
    Like mornings of a new season

    Ya Sard mein Dopahar
    Or afternoons in the winter

    Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai
    I’ve found someone…

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    Muskaata Yeh Chehra, Deta Hai Jo Pehra
    This smiling face is protecting me

    Jaane Chhupata Kya Dil Ka Samandar
    Yet no one knows that is hiding in the ocean of her heart

    Auron Ko Toh Hardam, Saaya Deta Hai
    She gives shade to everyone else

    Woh Dhoop Mein Hai Khada, Khud Magar
    While standing in the sun herself

    Chot Lagi Hai Usse Phir Kyun
    Even when she is wounded

    Mehssos Mujhe Ho Raha
    Why do I feel the pain

    Dil Tu Bata De Kya Hai Iraada Tera…
    Oh my heart! Tell me what are your intentions

    Main Parinda Besabar
    I was a restless bird

    Tha Uda Jo Darbadar
    That was flying from place to place

    Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai
    I’ve found someone…

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a wanderer has found a home

    Naye Mausam Ki Seher
    Like mornings of a new season

    Ya Sard Mein Dopahar
    Or afternoons in the winter

    Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai
    I’ve found someone…

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
    As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home

    1. Manha yeh gana me har roz sunti hoon…now it’s like I memorized it also….perfect song….for our situation …

    2. My fav too,…Ameena,.How are you,…Hope you are fine,….

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    You nailed it honey … Emotions… Emotional a akita ponne … No no.. You’re not testing patience… I wanna hug you tight now … Big one

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      Love you too,…Please read manha’s reply comment na,…

  8. Wow renu u nailed it … Really well. I loved it . Radhika , Arjun, Neil and Sam. Each ones character was beautifully portrayed. I really loved it
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    hey guys really want to say this we all really love manmarziyaan a lot

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    we all have a problem to the serial air on night 10:30 pm and then in morning 8 am I mean seriously some of us all even watch at that time

    me too coz at 10: 30 sometime we are busy sometime some other problems so then we willl have to take time at 8 am and said to our dear ones that just usually we are watching tv at itna early at 8 am

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    but really love this serial coz I live my manmarziyaan in it so much .

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    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. nishuuuu true u r. Daily 10.30 i hav to snatch remote from my brothers so that i can see mmz. Mng 8 was impossible as we r not allowed to watch TV in mng. so in night i used to do drama n tell filmy dialogues for the remote just to watch mmz. N it was always a worth. I’m happy that i watched a show like DOSTI YAARIYAAN MANMARZIYAN . be it for short time. It gave us memories for life time. N we can never get bored to think n speak abt them.

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    OMG. Unnoda overview varnikka varthaiye illa. And enn manasulaium mindleium irrupadhu kotti thirthaapla irrukku. Warning notela sonapla endha paatu pardhaalum ardhika niyabagam thaan varardhu. 4 lead roles pathi super varnithu irundhey.
    Actually renu mmz serial paarkum podhu, Ist serial parppen nxt update padipen. Andha allavukku cmt sec. padikkamaaten. Oru murai ellorudaya cmmts padichen adhula unnoda cmt irundhadu. 1st 4 days updates patichittu cmt paapen. After that, updates page open aaney udaney first unnoda cmt irrukkannu theyduven. Appo enn kannu thedum & vaai rennuuu renu sollum. Unnoda cmt parthenaa oru periya smile enn mugathula varum. Adhukku apparam unnakku naan romba periya fanagiten.
    And mmz part 2 edukkardhu pathi news yaarna kelvi patingla. Pls therincha sollungappa. Naa II part kaaga wait pannren.

    1. Naomi,..You made me emotional yaar,…

      No words to say deary,..Thank you sooooooooo much,…

      Me too waiting for that to happen,…

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    Love u renu… Keep writing ..

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    but you know really want to watch a new serial a youth kind of show
    but really

    But here I live my manmarziyaan a lot deareeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    I really live my heart here.

    Well a truth reveleation , I never lie at this place not a single one whatever I said I said truth about anything

    that is the reason I do anything here by heart doesn’t work with mind here.


    Where heart made its place safer in all the queen of hearts my deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees then why there is any place vacant for mind to came in .??????

    tell me If I am wrong.

    really love u all by heart

    Getting headache coz of lots of work but still smiling to reach there by the blessings of god. and meet u all.

    Love u all

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Nisha,I wanna type more but couldnt help cox my net pack gonna end and I wont be online till my exams ,..

      One thing love you too sweetheart,..Be happy deary,…

    2. nishuuuuuu u r always right my dearrrryyyyy. we r so much attached to each other. Now it feels we r more than just mmz fans.
      oh i’m being so emotional now.
      oyeee renu what u r asking for favour. plzzz dear u just hav to wish or command.

      nishuu me tooo same here. I didn’t knew till mmz that a place like TU exists. lol. Really. It was just a mere accident that i knew abt TU while i was checking mmz episodes as it was only posted on hotstar. so there was no authorization for youtube to post full episodes.
      Then i started reading TU mmz episodes daily n the comments too even after watching episode. Actually manmarziyan is the first show which i never missed a single daily. I was that addicted to it.
      when i came to know that TU will wnd comments section of last epi then i thought i wont come here again bcoz i used to only read mmz episodes. Then TU gave us FF n our MMZ was the first FF of TU. N now i became addicted to FF’s.
      ok i will end now.

      My dear lovelieeeeeeeeeees plzzz come here n discuss abt our mmz. this is like a discussion thread. Plzzzz give ur views n experiences.
      waiting here for u . loveeeeeee u allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  14. hey renu ur overviw makes me cry…actually u spoke my heart…truly….. yess dear after 4 mnths gone still mmz is in our heart with same Passion…. i missed mmz daily….n want it to retelecast on starutasav so checked shws on that channel…bt starplus r sych heartless they didn’t started it till…..cant control my tears for mmz…
    aradhika makes us all deewanis of them…me too wish 2016 bring them back soonnnn…….love u dearrryyy

    1. Dipika,…I knew we all sailing in the same boat,..That’s why i wrote it as third man pov from Renu’s position,..I mean myself yaar,…

      Missing them badly,…Love you too,..

    2. dipika don’t worry dear.As renu said we r all sailing in same boat. N wants mmz badly. But it can’t be brought back.
      I’m just wishing Ardhika come back in this year. i want this wish to come true.

  15. Hi guys… N tyvm renu…loved d overview… It was mesmerizing.. N I’m speechless.. Aftr reading it….actually silence speaks…more than wt words does…n i agree with all…it ws much more than seeing a micracle..thank u vry much renu…..keep posting ua updates…sry i didnt introduce myself…im surabhi…a silent admirer of all u guys n mmzs ff….lov u loads..guys…

    1. Surabhi,…First you are welcome,…I like your name yaar,…

      And thank you so much for your appreciation deary,….Hope one day our wish may come true,…

  16. Thanks renu……u actually deserve d appreciation…….u hv just earned it…..n do u hv any grp sort of in fb…r so…plz let me knw …l wish i could join u guys……stay connected… Tq…

  17. Hi deariiiiiiieeess renuuuuu, marvellous overview…very well written n described to very tiniest details about each character…I wish they all read this means CVs, monica, ahem, shravan n kashmira…the depth of each character you wrote here n in your previous reviews in mmz comments sections worth of appreciate your hard work behind this unique epic piece of art. you loads renu…you nailed it honeyyy. ..

    I think I can talk about myself here little bit…I’m roma…I was always a silent reader of TU for Qubool Hai written update since I love that show season 1 n 2 very much…one day after reading qh epi surfing n found last episode of mmz written update, I read that n then all comments, I mean all the 2074 comments of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess and I mesmerized reading all those beautiful words n became fan of you fans n mmz right there. Then I read all the written updates of mmz with comments…then saw this show on various Internet sites for Indian shows….then at the same time I start following Farha (kfar), thena ff’s. ..from then to till now I’m huge fan of these mmz, mmz ff, n all of the very outstanding ffs…

    So this was my story to get contact n become friend with you all sweethearts…..

    Now coming to my favorites scene in mmz…it’s really difficult to find any single scene coz I liked lots of the scenes…mostly all ardhika, raneil, nesam….I’m in love with the rads role…n arjun’s chemistry with her…raneil pure friendship, nesam cute fights…this show n you guys changed my life very much….now I don’t feel lonely as I’ve many true friends here…love you loads and very very tight warm hug to all of youuuuuuuuu. …just one wish I have, I want to meet all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess one day if life n my Allah allow me…muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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