Manmarziyan 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji hugging Radhika. He says I told you to trust me. Dilip confronts him for his lie and gets annoyed. He asks him is he teaching this to Radhika to manipulate things. He takes taxi. Radhika holds Dada ji’s hand and says she has to go somewhere. Dilip asks where. She smiles. Sam says she won’t with with Radhika. Neil sings a rap song and stops Sam. He asks her to get her anger out. She cries recalling what happened today.

Neil gives the mic to her. Sam sings her pain out. Neil gets teary eyed seeing her cry. She wipes her tears and sings along. She smiles to make him smile. Radhika comes to a studio and Dilip asks why did they come here. Radhika says it has Dada ji’s dream, should we not end this. She asks Dada ji to come. Dilip says she is wasting time. Radhika says Dada ji’s way was wrong, not his intention, are you ashamed of him, why, he lied for my happiness.

She asks him to return his return. Dilip says trust needs to be earned. Dada ji says leave it, our story ended years ago, Dilip is right, I did wrong, I will not apologize but I wish you have feel shame for me. Radhika cries. Dada ji starts leaving. Radhika says today you are happy for my success, but you feel ashamed of the ladder. She says Dada ji is unique and it became burden for him. She says he left the trust, Dada ji joined her dreams and he has broken his heart.

Dilip stops Dada ji and says he can apologize to make him feel big. He says I m sorry. Radhika and Dada ji smile. Radhika says she heard he came here to become singer, she wants to know is it true, and asks him to fulfill his dream. Dada ji sings and they smile. The people like his song and they sing together and laugh.

Neil and Sam sing the same song in the café. Radhika tells Dada ji that she will be having a full wing flight and its her first day at birdsong tomorrow. Sam tells Neil that she will cut Radhika’s wings and make her recall Rishikesh. Radhika comes home and gives sweets to Dilip’s friend. They video chat and tell her mum and Ankush that she got the job. Her mum gets glad. Sam sits sad and sees Neil.

Its morning, Dilip says he will accompany her. Radhika says she will go herself and takes their blessings. Manmarziyan………….plays……… Sam cries and Neil asks her to come. Radhika leaves for her job. She comes first and greets Suzanne. She says its her first day today. Changu Mangu come and take Radhika for her BPL. Neil drops Sam and asks her to keep BPL light. Sam asks him to handle his shoot. He leaves.

She hears a dog barking and stops. She sees Bonzo and runs to him. She sees a man with Bonzo. She says Arjun and sees its someone else. She says sorry. Changu calls Sam and shows Radhika waiting. Samn brings someone and asks Radhika to sit and meet the peon. Radhika greets him. Sam fools Radhika. They ask is she ready for BPL. Radhika says yes, but whats it. Sam says whoever new comes, does research on BPL underwear. She does its ad and asks Radhika to call its underwear, with respect.

Radhika makes a tagline, and says she is thinking for a line. They ask her to do research. Radhika does the survey for BPL underwears. Chandu records the survey. Sam says she has 4 hours to complete research, will she be afraid. Radhika says no.

Radhika does research by taking inputs from some people on underwears usage and the staff gets laughing on her research. Bonnie tries to expose Sam’s prank infront of Piyali. Piyali walks to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Can I hit sam plzzzz plzzzz cant I hit her 10 tight slaps ohhhhj plzzzz I want to hit her otherwise I can’t sleep tdy.

  2. radhika should hav rejected the job.she got it on sympathy.i dont knw why but i lik sam and her attitude and i dont lke radhika thinkng

  3. Ohh poor radhi & someone pls yaar koi toh batao ki isn’t nly me thinkng Sam is Behind Arjun & arjun is gonna be behind radhi

  4. Yes even i think dat… coz arjun n radhika r d main leads…. so myt b!

  5. True sukriti n daisy

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