manik malhotra_its my love story (part-51)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Next day was tour all planned everything. It was late night everyone are at nandini’s house. They all waved bye and returned to their respective houses. Tour start next day 5am.

Manik reached home. He is so excited for tour with nandini. He reminded his trip to lonavala and got more excited. When he entered hall he got shocked. It’s khanna who is sitting with his parents. Manik’s smile gayab. Total excitement reined.
“Hello Manik! How are you?”
“Fine uncle”
“I came to meet you. These are some gifts I brought for you. Last week I visited London.”
“Thank you uncle!”
“Please have your seat Manik”
Manik sat beside khanna
There went general talks for half an hour and khanna left.
Manik walked to his room with a pale face. Nyionika observed Manik
“Harsh! Look how dull Manik became meeting khanna why don’t you avoid such meetings with khanna?”
“If I do so he feel that iam desiving him. I can’t avoid, at the same time I can’t see Manik like this. How happy and excited he was about his tour with his friends seeing khanna everything reiund”

Manik dropped the idea of going on tour with nandini. He felt like someone slapped harshly to come out of dreams “Manik you don’t have right to dream, right to be happy, right to ruin nandini’s life, right to play with her happiness, right to play with her emotion. O god why are you doing this to me? Nandu! What I had to do to make you secure, always happy. Just with a small smile and five mins talk you dragged back me to your wounderful life which mesmerizes me, makes me to believe in myself, gives me strength, I love you nandu truly, deeply, madly” Manik slept on his bed. His mind is in total stress.
His mobile gave buzz
It’s nandini’s msg
“I’ll be waiting for you hope you won’t be late and plz don’t forget to bring your guitar”
Manik smiled.” You are impossible nandu just your name makes me smile. Now I had to go. One thing is clear till I express my feelings in words she won’t till then I will keep her happy ”
Manik is thinking about her and slept.
Teri saanson ki saans mein
Jo hoon toh main hoon
Tere khwabon ki aanch mein
Jo hoon toh main hoon
Tere hone se hi mera hona hai
Tujhko khona jaise khudko khona
Tu jo hai toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon
Tu jo hai toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon
Bin tere mera kya hai
Jisko sunu jisko kahun
Bin tere mujh mein kya hai
Jisko jiyun jis mein rahun
Tujh mein hi duniya meri hai
Tere ik pal mein sadiyan meri
Bin tere main sehra saa hoon
Bin tere main qatra bhi nahi
Tere hone se hi mera hona hai
Tujhko khona jaise khudko khona
Tu jo hain toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon
Tu jo hain toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon
Tu mere chehre pe hai
raahat saa jo thehra huaa
Main bhi tere haathon mein
kismat sa hoon, bikhra hua
Tu meri rooh saa hai
Tujhko chhu ke main zinda lagun
Jab bhi main mujhko dekhun
Mujh mein bhi main tujh sa lagun
Tere hone se hi mera hona hai
Tujhko khona jaise khudko khona
Tu jo hai toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon
Tu jo hai toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon

Morning by 4am Manik reached space. He called cabir and druv with sleepy voice they woke up and got ready. He called mukhti and Aliya they are still getting ready .

Nandini came with mr. And Mrs murthy. Seeing nandini Manik smiled. He wished her parents. While they are talking almost all the students came. All fab4 as always late today also. Everybody settled nandini’s parents gave her so many instructions. Nyionika came to Manik and gang and gave them her credit card asked Manik to take care of himself and enjoy the trip.
Bus started.

As it is roadway from Mumbai to goa, they go via phanvel which has both side forest with full of natures beauty. Everyone are excited and happy. As in demand of all students fab5 started to perform. All day they were shouting eating laughing and playing. It’s night after dinner everyone changed there seats
Cabir and navya, Aliya and druv, mukhti and girl from there class occupied there seats Manik looked around and sat besides nandini.
Both talked on random topics. Nandini in between there discussion went into deep sleep she leaned on manik’s shoulder and is slipping so he slowly kept her on his lap to sleep.
Manik took her hair which are disturbing her. He looked at her face ” why nandu life is test us? The smile which you have may vanish when you know the dark truth of my life. What should I do? Nandu! ….. A drop of tears dropped on nandini’s cheek. “Nandu! You are beautiful emotion of my life. You always gives me smile and happiness but iam going to ditch you, give you lifelong pain.” Manik wiped his tears, took a deep breath and just playing with nandini’s hair

Nandini opened eyes but didn’t move, “why making us saying all this? Why is he crying? What pain he is talking about? Why will he hurt me? Why he want to stay away from me?” Her tears flowed out of her eyes

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