Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 41

Recap : Manik and Nandhini’s bike ride and concert.

Manik takes nandhini with him in his car, Fab 4 and navya in another car follows them.
Mukthi : Guys we rocked it, iam very happy.
Alya : Yes Mukthi we did it, finally.
Navya : Congrats, u all were fabulous.
Dhruv : Thank u Navya.
Cabir : Guys i never see this much of crowd in that venue till now, we just nailed it. He gets a call from Khurana. Guys see Khurana is calling. Hello Mr. Khurana.
Khurana : Hello Cabir u all were fabulous i must say, and here iam gonna celebrate this and i personally invite u all for my party to Fab 5, so i will meet u all in 1 hour.
Cabir : Thank u Mr. Khurana, Sure we will be there. Guys we r invited by Khurana for his party.
Mukthi : What yaar Cabir, y u said yes to him, what abt our party.
Dhruv : But Mukthi we have to na.

Alya : Dont worry Mukthi we will have a blast, we have to spend just 1 r 2 hours there thats it, then we will start to our party, what say cabir.
Cabir : U r right Alya, so guys lets go.
Navya : So drop me in hostel.
Alya : But y come with us it will be fun.
Cabir : Ah Navya.
Navya : No i have to go, verna they wont allow me.
Mukthi : Leave her Cabir, we will have party with her someother day.
Cabir : Ok Fab 4 drops Navya in hostel, and calls Manik and said the same to him.
Manik : Cabir yaar, i dont want to come understand na.
Cabir : Manik we can but Khurana cant and u know na he promised us to offer an album, its must we should be there.
Manik : Wo…cabir..
Nandhini : Manik u go and have fun dont miss this oppurtunity, its prescious na go.
Manik : But Nandhini.
Nandhini : Manik i said na we will talk later, drop me and go.
Manik : Fine. Cabir iam coming.
Cabir : We gather in half an hour in the venue ok.
Manik : Ok. Manik drops Nandhini in her house and leaves to get ready for the party.

In half an hour Fab 5 reached the venue and enters the hall and every one claps for them Mr. Khurana invites them on stage and announces that he is gonna give them an album and sign them for next 1 year everyone claps for them and the party starts. Manik is still thinking abt Nandhini and wants to spend time with her, Fab4 comes there.
Cabir : Hai Romeo what r u thinking.
Mukthi : Abt Nandhini or kya, haina Manik.
Alya : Is it so Manik.
Dhruv : Guys dont do that yaar poor thing.
Manik : Dhruv u r my real frnd.
Cabir : Romeo, now tell me what u want us to do.
Manik : i want to meet Nandhini.
Mukthi : So what r u waiting for go na.
Manik : But party.
Alya : Dont abt it we will manage.

Ca & Dhr : Yes boss we will Manage, go.
Manik : Thank u guys i will be back soon.
Cabir : Never say that, i know u wont.
Manik : Cabir saale. and Moves from there.
Dhruv : Now cabir do u want to go somewhere.
Cabir : Wo…no i go..anywhere no..
Dhruv : Good and three of them drags him inside the party.
Nandhini shares what happen in the venue with Chacha, chachi and Rishab, everyone where excited to here that the concert was a big success and they r going to do album soon.
Chachi : Nandhu now go and get ready for tomorrow, iam so excited to go there and look at Rishab he is ready from today.
Nandhini : Smiles, ah chachi i can c it, yearly once only we r going to our native that y he is excited.
Chacha : Ok ok chachi and bete ki bath bahooth hogayi now go get ur dresses Nandhu.
Nandhu : Ok chacha, when we r leaving tomorrow.
Chachi : Evening 6.
Nandhu : Ok chachi and leaves to her room and changes to her night suit and lyies on bed.
Manik who came to c nandhini again takes the help of ladder and sneeks in her room, Nandhini who is already waiting near the door.

Nandhini : Hai Manik.
Manik : Shocked to c her, arey u were waiting for me?
Nandhini : Ah i know u will come to meet me, so i was waiting but i really dont know that u will come in this way again, said na its dangerous and drags him inside the room.
Manik : Ah but i dont want to disturb chacha and chachi.
Nandhini : Really Manik, i know u very well.
Manik : Accha u know me and tries to get close to her, tell me na nandhini what u know abt me and tries to kiss her, but she push him aside and Manik falls on the bed and saw the siutcase was ready. Nandhini r u going somewhere.
Nandhini : Ah Manik i tried to say this to u today but i cant, we r going to Chennai for 1 week.
Manik : What????one week, but…y..
Nandhini : Manik coming friday my mom and dad’s anniversary so every year we will go to their gravery in native, so this year…
Manik : No this year u r not going. Listen Nandhini i can understand but, what abt me.
Nandhini : Manik just 1 week na it will just vanish and trust me even i miss u.
Manik : One week i dont think so cing ur package i think u will settle there.
Nandhini : Smiles, Manik iam girl for 1 week i have to carry this much of things u know right.
Manik : Fine, but take me too.
Nandhini : What?
Manik : Ah take me with u so that we wont miss eachother.
Nandhini : Manik iam gonna be in chennai for 2 days only, after will go to our native for the rituals, its just small village i dont think u will be comfortable there.
Manik : I dont mind.
Nandhini : But i mind, listen Manik u r not coming with me thats it, now its late before chachi could enter my room just go from here go and push him.
Manik : Ok bye and leaves disappointed. Nandhini sees him climbing down carefully and moves to her room.

Manik comes back to the party venue with disappointment.
Cabir : Arey mere bhai, kya hua.
Manik : Wo.. Nandhini.
Cabir : Abb kya kiya tune.
Manik : Maine, seriously cabir, she is just crazy yaar now she is going to chennai for 1 week itseems.
Alya : What but y suddenly.
Manik : She said that her mom and dad’s anniversary on friday so she want to go.
Mukthi : Oh sentiment, then what Manik tell her to take u with her.
Manik : Arey i said to take me, but she dont want to she thinks that i wont be comfortable, whatever.
Cabir : So u r upset becoz of this.
Dhruv : Ah cabir, obviously Manik just 1 week na, but i think ur mind is thinking for someother thing am i right.
Manik : Mera yaar u got me right, she said me not to come but didn’t said that we should’t.
Cabir : Meaning.
Manik : U remember na that day when Rhagav was introducing Nandhini, he said that her grandmother is a carnatic singer and dancer so..
Cabir : So now u r interested in carnatic music right Manik.
Manik : U r right cabir, but we r interested.
Dhruv : What? u mean we all.
Manik : Yes.
Alya : Wow Manik i heard Tamil nadu villages r fabulous to be with nu iam in.
Mukthi : Iam also in.
Cabir : Ofcourse everyone decided so chalthe.
Dhruv : But principal wont accept becoz we r just 5, we have to take some more.
Manik : Right Dhruv, we will take some selective students of dance and music along with Rhagav.
Cabir : So u r in full mood to change this personal trip into official trip ah.
Manik : Dont worry Cabir we will take Navya also.
Cabir : Thats like a frnd, now lets go.

Precap : Nandhini is waiting for Manik’s or Manik to come to sent of her, but he didnt. Manik is all set to follow Nandhini. Now the story travel to chennai and Nandhini’s native village.

Frnds i want to know whether u r liking this track or what nu pls let me know, by ur comments pls iam expecting then only i can post the story pls let me know.

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