Manan: true love never ends (episode 9)

Hey guys I am really sorry for making you all wait…actually due to sudden death of my cousin I couldn’t update ….

Nandu fainted.. Her thoughts were full blank!….
Small flashback scenes were striking her.. Wch is related to gunda!!

All r in breakfast table.. Nandini starts eating her chocolate..
Dadi looks at her angrily!!
Dadi: hey Pagal? Early morning chocolate? How can you eat? Dint ur parents taught u manners? Close that chocolate and start eating ur breakfasT…

Nandini gets shocked and looks at Nyonika
Nyonika signals her to close the chocolate..

Nandini immediately closes the chocolate..
Manik looks at her and laughs!!!
He thinks finally… Dadi is correct medicine to her!!
Nd smirks!!

Dadi: Nyonika, today we need to arrange puja in our house.. Make arrangements.. Some guests are coming here.. Send this girl somewhere.. Again they will be asking stupid questions..

Nandini is shocked… Nyonika looks at her helplessly!!

Manik smiles…

At that time Manik gets a message about reception invitation..

Manik: Ma! Today evening at 7:00 Mr. Verma elder son reception !! We need to attend…get ready!!

Nyonika: but Manik.. We have puja at home.. All guest will be coming!!

Manik: but Ma! How can I go alone!!
Dadi: take this girl with you Manik!

Manik, Nyonika and Nandini are shocked!!
Manik: Kya??
Dadi: haa Manik! Take this girl with u.. So that we can concentrate on our puja.. If she’s here.. All will be asking us many questions..
Nyonika gets happy…
Nyonika: ha Manik!! Actually it’s a good idea!!
Nandini smiles looking at Nyonika..
Manik: (angrily) okay Ma!! Nd Nandini get ready by 6:30… I hate people who don’t have time sense!!

Manik leaves!!


Nandini gets ready wearing a frock!!
She comes down… Nyonika and dadi are shocked to see her dressing!!
Dadi: Nandini!! What is this dress??
Nandini looks at Nyonika confusingly…
Dadi: wear some saree or salwar.. Ur not a kid.. Ur going for a marriage behave like a matured girl okay??
Nandini: okay dadi!!
Dadi: Nyonika give her a saree!!

Nyonika takes her to the room.

Nandini: Ma! Y dadi is so strict with me??
Nyonika: hahaha Nandini!! Dadi might be strict but she’s very good hearted!!

Nyonika helps Nandini to get ready!!
She looks at Nandini … She gets happy seeing her!!
Nyonika: woww Nandini!! You looking soo pretty!!
Nandini: Thankyou Ma!!
Nyonika kisses her cheeks…
Nyonika: now come fast! Manik will be waiting!!

After sometime Manik comes home.. And gets ready!!
He wears white shirt.. With black blazer!
He is soo cool and handsome!!!

He goes near Nandini’s room and knocks the door!
Manik: Nandini r u ready??
Nandini: haa Manik!! I’m coming!!

she opens the door.
Manik was totally lost in her beauty. she was wearing red net saree…with simple ornaments & minimal make up. he was completely mesmerized.
And stares at her!!

Nandini : mr.Manik! where are you lost? shall we go?
Manik came back to senses…. He smells a perfume smell!!
Manik: Nandini.. This much of perfume?
Nandini: nice na..u know I like this smell!!
Manik: ?…Challo..plzz!!
Nandini smiles looking at his expressions

They both come down..
Nyonika and dadi looks at them…
Nyonika gets very happy looking at them.. She’s lost in her thoughts!!
Manik: Ma! We r going…
Nyonika: take care! And blesses them!

Nandini: bye Ma.. Nd hugs her!!…
Nyonika: bye Nandini …

Nandini goes near dadi…
Nandini: bye dadi!! (Hugs her and kisses her cheeks)
Dadi is shocked…before she starts scolding…
Nandini runs smiling… Nyonika hides her smile..
Dadi gives a small smile!!
Manik too smiles seeing her childish behaviour!!

they moved out for the party.
Car: Nandini keeps on talking… Manik warns her every time.. But she keeps on speaking.. Manik unknowingly enjoys her company!!
They reach the venue!!

Party hall

It was superbly decorated..
Nandini:wow…Manik this is really beautiful na!! She shouts excitedly!!

Manik : Nandini!!! behave properly. i am a reputed personality… Don’t do over actions ok..

Nandini(angry): how mean u are Mr. Manik! (She starts hiting him)
Manik: (laughs) Nandini … Stop it!! See all r looking at us! Be quiet!! If u do like this next time I won’t take you anywhere!!

Nandini stops hitting him

At that time they were interrupted by the people.
Manik introduced Nandini as his relative….

They were many guys in the party… he noticed that she was being the center of attraction. most of the guys are admiring her.
he was getting angry. he himself don’t know why.

Manik was talking with someone!! At that time Nandini keeps on talking with the people and makes friends easily..with her presence total environment has changed..

Mr. Verma: Manik.. Thankyou so much for coming!! And Thankyou for bringing Nandini with you…

Manik confused..

Mr. Verma: because of environment has been changed..
Manik: (smiles) Ohkk!!!
( Verma keeps on praising her)

Manik Looks at her… She keeps on talking.. Laughing.. She’s fully involved..

Manik stares at her lovingly and smiles!!

He watches a guy.. Going towards Nandini.. He starts speaking with Nandini..
Manik feels jealous and angry!!

He goes near them..
Manik : Nandini shall we go near the couple.. Nd wish them!!
Nandini: haa Manik!!
Manik keeps his hand on her shoulder and takes her..looking at that person angrily!!

Nandini is surprised seeing his other side!!

They go and meet the couple.. Nandini wishes them and they take a selfie!!
(They spend the time teasing each other)

At that time that gunda comes to the same party…
As soon as she sees him…
Nandini gets scared… She’s sweating.. She gets afraid seeing him..
But that gunda doesn’t notice her
Nandini goes near Manik and holds his hand tightly…
Manik: Nandini Kya hua?
Nandini: plz lets go from here..plzz Manik!!
Manik: r u mad!! I’m busy Nandini.. How can we go in the middle..
Nandini: Ma…
Manik interupts her..
Manik: Nandini!!! Don’t irritate me…
(Saying this he leaves from there and talks with another person)

At that time she watches that gunda coming closer… She gets afraid and runs from there!!
She watches a constructing building and goes to the terrace and hides herself…Nd cries..

She keeps crying…

The party gets over..
Manik searches for Nandini but he can’t find her..
Manik: (shouts) Nandiniii!!!
He gets tensed… He keeps asking everyone!!
He comes out… And searches everywhere…
He gets angry!!

Manik: (angry) this girl!!!! I don’t know where she went!!

He comes near the constructing building… Nd suddenly smells her perfume..
He gets tensed… Nd goes inside it…
Manik: (shouts) Nandini!!!!
But she won’t respond!
Manik: Nandini!!
(He keeps calling her name and reaches terrace… He gets shocked seeing her in such a state)

Manik: (tensed) Nandini!!
Nandini gets scared hearing the name… She closes her eyes!! She dint even look at him And hides herself…

Manik is shocked to see her in such position!!

Manik: Nandini Kya hua??
Nandini: (cries) please don’t come near me!! Plz leave me!!
Manik: Nandini!! Listen!!

Nandini gets afraid and calls Manik!! Manik!! Help me!!

Manik again big shock…
Manik: Nandini its me Manik!! Nandini look at me…
Nandini gets relieved hearing Manik’s name and opens her eyes!!

Nandini: (happy) Manik!!! And hugs him tightly!
Manik gets worried seeing her..
Manik: Nandini!! What r u doing here?? Are u fine?? What happened??

He caresses her face…She was fully tired with sweat!!
Manik wipes her sweat…

Manik: come Nandini!! Let’s go!!
Nandini: no Manik!! He is here!! He will take me if he sees.. I don’t want to go with him!!

Manik is confused…

Manik: Nandini no one is there.. I’m with you Nandini.. No one will take you okay!! Now come…

Nandini holds him and walks!!

Manik mades her sit inside the car..
Nd They leave..

Manik thinks about her and gets worried….
Nandini sleeps on his shoulder… Holding his hands tightly!!

A tear falls from his eyes thinking about the situation!! He was very confused!!
He don’t know why Nandini is soo tensed…

They reach home….

Flashback ends!!!


Maddy and all others are worried for Nandu.. They dint find her..
Tasha: guys!! Where did she go? She’s really a crack! Ohh god! Please I can’t tolerate this nonsense I’m leaving!
She leaves!!

Parth gets angry.. Seeing his anger Dhruv cools him!

Rahul: guys! I think she went to her cousins house or some friends house!
Maddy: Yaa may be.. Anyways sorry for troubling you all..
Rahul: no problem dude!! Can’t we do that much for our science group…

Dhruv: let’s again search..
Maddy agrees!!
They search for her again… But no one finds her!!
After sometime
Maddy tells everyone to go back to their houses..
All accepts
Maddy: Dhruv it’s so late.. Today u sleep in my house!
Dhruv: okay Maddy!!

All leaves… Maddy and Dhruv goes to Maddy’s house and they talk for sometime!

Maddy keeps on trying her number!
Dhruv: Maddy, I’m really worried for her.. She’s so sweet man.. Where did she go!
Maddy: we don’t know any of her relatives..

They keep on talking.. They dint check the time.. It was 5:00 am!

At that time Mukti wakes up.. She comes to do puja.. And looks at both Maddy and his friend.

Mukti: Parth! ! So early u woke up? Going anywhere..

Maddy: wo! Ma! actually we r talking..
(She looks at their worried face)
Mukti: Kya hua Parth ? Why are you so tensed?
Maddy: nothing Ma! Just college works and all! Nothing to worry!
Mukti: hmm okay fine! Wait il get coffee for both of u!

Maddy again tried calling her number but she won’t respond!
He gets irritated…

6:00 am
Arts students are practising their dance early morning!!
At that time Navya gets call and she goes outside to talk…
Her call gets disconnects due to signal!!

Navya: oh god!! Noo signal!!
She goes towards terrace… At that time she finds a phone, and picks it up.. Nd gets shocked to see Maddy calling!!!

She picks it up!!

In MM:
Maddy is happy to see Nandu lifting the call!!
Maddy: Nandu!! Nandu!! Where r u?? You know how much we r tensed!!

Dhruv gets relieved!!

Navya : Maddy! I’m Navya..Wo actually!! I found this mobile here !!
Maddy: what??? (Worried) I mean where Navya!!
Navya: college terrace…
Maddy: what??

Maddy thinks. …:Okay Navya listen!! Can u do me a favour plz..
Navya: ha Maddy!!
Maddy: can you once check.. Whether Nandu is there or not?
Navya: haa Maddy!! 1 min…
She searches for Nandu!! And gets shocked seeing her sleeping under the roof…

Navya: (worried) Nandu??
Maddy gets worried hearing her name!!
Maddy: Navya Kya hua??
Navya: Maddy!! Ha Nandu is here!! She’s sleeping here!!
Maddy: what?? Ok ok!! Plz don’t tell this to anyone!! We r coming!

Navya tries to wake Nandu but she’s not responding..
Navya is tensed… That Nandu is so wet with her sweat… Her body became cold!!

After few mins Maddy and Dhruv reaches the terrace..
They see Nandu and gets tensed..
Dhruv: Navya!! What happened!!
Navya: I don’t know.. Her body is so get some water.. Stay with her!!
Maddy looks at Nandu..
Maddy: Nandu! Nandu!… He takes her on his lap..
He touches her forehead and notice her body being so cold..

He rubs her palms!!! Nd wakes her!!

Navya gets water.. And they splash water on her face…
Maddy: Nandu! Nandu.. Wake up!!

Nandu opens her eyes.. Nd looks at the person!! (She holds his face and calls)

Nandu: Manik!!!

Her dream comes in front of her mind.. seeing Parth in front of her!!

Maddy is shocked seeing Nandu calling his full name!!

Nandu again closes her eyes!!

Maddy: Nandu! Wake up…
Dhruv: Nandu!!
Navya rubs her palms..
Navya: Maddy it’s better if we take her to hospital!!
Maddy: haa Kk!!
Navya: Maddy! Shall I come to hospital?
Maddy: haa Navya!!
(He holds her in his arms and takes her to hospital)

In hospital:
Maddy tells doctor about everything how she got tensed seeing the minister…

Doctor checks her and comes out of the room…

Doctor: she’s tensed.. Its because of weakness.. And She dint had anything yesterday…Nd she’s very disturbed seeing him.. I think she’s afraid of him.. She needs complete bed rest!! And use this medicines.. She will be fine!! And don’t leave her alone..

Maddy: okay! Thankyou doctor!!

They take her to her house!!
And places her on her bed…
Maddy: Navya can u change her dress?
Navya: haa Maddy sure!!

Maddy and Dhruv… Waits in hall and talks

Maddy: it’s because of me Dhruv.. I shouldn’t have scold her like that!! It’s all because of me!!

Dhruv: it’s okay Maddy!!
Maddy: that day in that ministers house she was really scared of him.. But I thought she’s behaving like a kid..but yesterday I got to understand how much she was scared…
Dhruv: but Maddy! What might be the reason!!
Maddy: we need to find it!!

At that time Mansi calls Nandu.. Nandu mobile is with Maddy!!
Maddy looks at the phone and checks it

Mom calling…..

Maddy: Dhruv.. Nandu’s mom is calling.. What shall we do?
Dhruv: don’t tell them.. They will get worried!!
Maddy: but Nandu.. Nandu needs her mom at this time!!
Dhruv: Yaa then let us inform..

At that time Navya comes out!!
Dhruv : Navya talk with Nandu’s mom!! If we talk she might get worried.. We r boys na!!
Navya :okay!! And she lifts the call… Nd puts speaker!

Mansi: (tensed) Nandu!! Where were you?? Mama is worried!! Why dint u lift the calls from yesterday! Are you fine!!

Navya: aunty.. I’m Nandu’s friend! Actually Nandu is not feeling well!!

Mansi: what?? What happened to my Nandu?

Navya: fever aunty!! Can you please come!! She will be happy if u be with her!!

Mansi: haa beta! I will come.. Please take care of her!

Navya: okay aunty!!
She cuts the call..

Maddy: Thankyou Navya for everything… Seriously u helped us a lot!!

Navya: no need to say Thankyou Maddy!! Nandu is my friend!! okay then!! I need to go.. I have lab now.. Can u both manage!! Or shall I send my mom!!
Maddy: it’s okay yar.. Will manage.. I kept message in the group.. Sasha is on the way..
Dhruv: Navya shall I drop you?
Navya: no Dhruv.. Thankyou..if Cabir sees he will get angry!! Anyways bye guys..

Navya leaves…

Maddy and Dhruv goes to the room.. Maddy feels guilty seeing Nandu in such state.. He don’t know why.. He was soo worried for her!!
He looks at her face.. And caresses her!!

They hear a knock!

Dhruv goes to open the door.. It was sasha!!

Sasha looks at Nandu and gets worried..
Sasha: what happened to her Dhruv..
Dhruv explains her…
Sasha : okay guys!! I will be with her.. You guys take some rest!!
Dhruv: okay!!
Maddy thinks about the incident where Nandu gets scared seeing the minister…

Maddy: no!! I will stay here!! Actually Dhruv she needs us yar!! Only Sasha can’t take care of her!! If at all she wakes up.. She might get disturbed again!!

Dhruv: Yaa ur right Maddy!! It’s better we can take rest here itself!!

They all sit near her and talks for sometime!!

Maddy holds Nandu’s hand.. Nd talks reminding her jokes…
Dhruv and sasha laughs!!!

After sometime!!
Dhruv sleeps on the sofa and Maddy falls asleep near Nandu…. Holding her hand!! As they dint sleep entire night!! Sasha dint disturb them.. As she know That they were tired..

Episode ends!!

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