Manan: true love never ends (episode 12)

Hey guys….

Manik searches for Nandini everywhere!!
But he dont find her.. He gets worried.. He searches the whole night!!
He leaves home…

Nyonika waits for him…
Manik reaches home…

Nyonika: Manik did u bring Nandini?? Where is she?
(She looks back)
Manik: (sad) Ma..I’m sorry!! I dint find her!! I’ve searched for her everywhere!!

Nyonika gets sad and breaks down!
Nyonika: what do u mean you don’t find her Manik?? It’s midnight!! How can she be alone!! Is she safe?? Oh god! Please help her!!

Manik: Ma!! I’m really sorry!! I dint expect this will happen!!

Nyonika: why Manik?? Why do u hate her so much!!Today the way u behaved with her is not at all good!! What did she do to u Manik.. In this journey of 2 months.. She dint trouble us ! She even gave money as a paying guest!! Now again she’s in problem because of you Manik..Are you happy now Manik!!

She cries and leaves!!

The gunda searches for her.. He becomes mad… He is soo angry!! He is fuming with anger!!
Rowdy: (shouts) Nandiniiii!! How can u leave me like this Nandini!!! How many days should I wait for you…I won’t leave you Nandini!!
He gets mad.. He keeps on shouting calling her name!!

Abhi is so worried…
Doctor: she’s so stressed!! She got minor wounds.. Let her take rest completely!!
Abhi: Thankyou doctor!! Can I take her now?
Doctor: it’s better if you let her stay here! But if u think can manage.. Then u can take her!
Abhi: Thankyou doctor!!

Abhi goes inside to see Nandini!! His eyes are filled with tears!
He can understand her pain, how she might felt seeing the rowdy! He caresses her hair!!
He thinks:
Thankgod I came at the correct moment!! Or else he would have taken her!!
I should do something!
(He looks at her) It’s my duty to take care of you Nandini!!! I will never let anything happen to you!!
What should I do now? Should I take her home?? Yess.. That’s d safest place..
(He looks at the time)
No!! This is not the correct time! Il take her tomorrow.. First I need to talk to Ma!!

He sleeps in the hospital!!

Next day:
Manik room:
He is very disturbed.. He remembers the night incident…He only feels guilty for what he had done!! He wakes up..
He decided to again search for her In the same place…
He gets ready.. At that time Soha comes!!

She looks at Manik who is very tensed…She goes near him!!
Soha: Manik! Why r u so tensed about her.. Leave it Manik!! Don’t worry about that low class girl..

Manik looks at her angrily..
Soha: I mean.. She will come safely!! How can she leave this Malhotra mansion!! She will come don’t worry!!

Manik looks At her angrily and leaves…

He goes down and watches Nyonika crying and dadi consoling Nyonika:
Dadi: Manik! Did u get anything about her!
Manik: dadi I’m going now.. Nd plz don’t worry!! I will bring her home today!!

At that time Abhi comes!!
Dadi, Nyonika, Manik, Neeta and Soha are happy to see him!!

Nyonika: Abhi when did u come from Australia?? How r u beta?? (She caresses his face and looks back) .. Where is Mukti??
Abhi: Ma!! (He hugs her) I’m fine!! Mukti dint come.. Actually I came here for some work!!
Manik: bhai?? Oh ya i forgot! You told that ur merging Aditya industries with urs right?
Abhi: Yaa Manik!! That’s the reason I came here! I thought to surprise you all.. So dint say about my arrival!!

Dadi: but Abhi! What’s the need to merge ur company with other one??
Abhi: Aditya Murthy industries is the top industries Ma!! Aditya is my best friend! We both worked hard to develop our companies!!! We were with each other at the tough time!! And we decided to merge our companies..Nd we legally taken the permission too!! But suddenly he has died in a accident!! But I should remember my words given to him!!

Nyonika: it’s a gud one Abhi!! All the best!!
Manik: haa bhai! I’ve heard about them!! Anyways all the best!!

Abhi looks at Neeta and Soha..
He takes blessings from Neeta!!
Abhi: Hii Soha! How r u
Soha hugs him..
Soha: I’m fyn Abhi !

He looks at Nyonika, and finds that she’s lost in her thoughts!
Abhi: Ma! Kya hua? You look so worried!!
Nyonika: nothing beta!! You get ready and come.. Have ur breakfast!!
Abhi: Haa ma!!
He leaves from there!!

Nyonika: Manik! Plz get back Nandini soon!!
Manik: ha Ma! I will.. Plz don’t be like this.. I can’t see you in pain!!
Saying this he was about to go but looks back…and looks around!
He looks at balcony, where she used to sit and listen songs!! He can imagine her sitting their. Smiling at him and laughing and saying her annoying jokes!!
He feels her fun around!! … He gets disturbed and leaves!!

He gets inside his car!!! He looks through the mirror.. Nd he remembers yesterday incident.. Where he started his car.. When Nandini was about to get in!!!
His heart skips a little of thinking about that incident and feels guilt!!
He closes his eye!!!!!
Nd thinks..
I’m sorry Nandini!!!!

He goes to the same place and searches for her… He don’t find her…Now he gets really worried
He is very clueless.. He don’t know what to do..
He thinks to take help from police..and he calls them and tells to meet him in his office!!

Abhi in his room..
He thinks..
It’s not correct to keep Nandini here.. Dadi,Soha all r here.. It won’t be good if I bring Nandini at this moment!!
Anyways I need to be with Nandini now.. He leaves to meet her!!

Nandini suddenly shouts loudly in her sleep!!
Nandini: please leave me.. I don’t like to come with u.. Please leave me… Manik!! Manik!! Please help me!!
She remembers the incident where rowdy drags her…
She opens her eyes!! And sits…
She looks at the surrounding and gets tensed.. She think that rowdy has brought her.. And she tries to escape…
Nurse: Doctor!! (She shouts calling him)
Doctor comes at that moment!!
Doctor: Nandini! Listen!!
Nandini: please leave me!! He will kill me please.. Plz let me go!!
Doctor: no! You can’t go now.. Ur not well
Nandini : please leave me!! (She shouts loudly)

By that time Abhi reaches!!
He is shocked to see Nandini shouting!!
Abhi: Nandini???
Nandini looks at him and get surprised.. She gets happy..
Nandini: (happy)Abhi bhai!!!

Abhi goes towards her..

Abhi: (tears falls from his eyes) Nandini…… (He hugs her)

Nandini gets happy and hugs him tightly!!
Nandini: bhai… Please take me from here!! If he sees me here he will take me away.. Plz bhai!!
Abhi: Nandini don’t worry I’m with you.. In fact I brought u here.. He is not around here Nandini!

Nandini gets relief..
Abhi: Nandini don’t worry about anything!! I’m with you Nandini..
Nandini gets happy but due to weakness she faints!!

Abhi: Nandini??
Doctor: she’s tired!! She’s so scared of something!
Abhi: can I take her now?
Doctor: ya u can.. But just use these tablets for those wounds..She will be fine!
Abhi: Thankyou doctor!!

Abhi brings Nandini to his guest house!!
He makes her sleep.. Nd he appoints a nurse to take care of her..

Manik’s office!!
Police has come and Manik talks with him!

Manik: it was my fault! I shouldn’t react like that! I fee so guilty.. Plz help me! I need to find her!
Police: hmm! Ya sure will help you! But once can you take us to that place..
Manik: Yaa sure!!

They reach the place!!

Manik explains to the police…Nd police thinks for a minute!
Police: there’s one way to trace her!!
Manik: (happy) what’s it!
Police: cctv footage!!
(As its a main road.. It’s helping us out)
Manik: oh!! Ya I forgot about it.. Please let’s check it quickly!

Police station..
They look after the footage…
Manik: hey look!! That’s my car!!
They paused it..
Police: so Mr. Malhotra! At 9:36 you left Nandini and you went..
Nd they continue watching it!!
And they notice Nandini sitting alone on the road and crying..

Manik was shocked to see her crying!! He was guilt to see her position.. He gets angry on himself for making her cry!!

The camera continues…
Nandini waits for a vehicles to come nearly for 1 hour!! After some time they watch a jeep passing.. And it get stops near Nandini!!

Manik and police gets tensed and they look at each other worriedly..

Jeep stops near Nandini.. The person gets down.. Nd he talks something with Nandini!!
Nd suddenly they watches that person dragging Nandini, slapping her.. Nd Nandini escaping!! After 1 hour.. That rowdy again comes to that place and he takes his jeep along with him with the same direction, where Nandini had escaped!!

Manik is in big shock now.. He takes a step back.. He is in deep pain and guilt for leaving her alone!! He was broken completely… There are flashback where he remembers that Nandini asking him not to leave her alone!
His eyes r filled with tears.. He was so worried for her!! He starts hating himself for leaving her alone!! He can understand that she’s in big problem now!!
He is in complete shock!!

Police: I’m sorry Mr. Malhotra! Seeing this footage I got to know that the girl is in big problem! They might be 2 chances..
1. May be she might have escaped by going into that jungle area.. Nd she might be here somewhere!!
2. That person might have done anything to her.

Police: I think option 2 might have happened!! Because after the girl has run.. He came near to his jeep after an hour.. Nd again went inside the jungle.. So may be he might have harmed her.. Nd taken her with him!

Manik:(shocked) noo!! This can’t happen and Nothing has happened to her!!

Tear falls from his eyes to think about her position!!

Police: Mr. Malhotra! Please be brave!! Will search in this area!!

Manik: (angry) there is only 1 way to find her.. Can we trace this person! I want him,, I will kill him with my hands!!
(Saying this he shouts calling Nandini)

Police: Mr. Malhotra I can understand.. Please go from here!! Will trace him and will let you know!

He closes his eyes and remembers all the moments he spent with her!! He starred hating himself!!

He grabs the keys to his car and makes a run for the door while Police gets worried about him.
In the car, he starts driving to anywhere, he needs to be alone.

The traffic lights turn red he closes his eyes and thinks about their kiss!!

Then the lights turn green and he hears other cars behid him beeping their horns at him..
He quickly moves and reaches MM..
He gets out and walks into the house. Still the same Memories come rushing back of both laughing, of both having fights!!

He walks inside..
Nyonika: (happy) Manik! Did u bring her??
Manik: Ma wo actually!! Police is searching for her.. I will let you know everything okay!!

He goes to his room.. Nd slowly walks into the washroom and stands under the shower!!

He thinks about the footage.. Nd gets angry on himself..
And hurts himself by hitting his hand to the wall and shouts NANDINI!!

He talks to himself!!
Manik! How can u do this… How can you leave her alone.. (He thinks about that rowdy) what if something happens to her!! Did he harmed her??? How will u face ur Ma Manik?? Will you forgive urself??
He keeps calling Nandini!!! Where r u??

At that police calls Manik!
Police: Mr. Malhotra! I found him!
Manik: what??
Police: yes! Mr. Malhotra.. His name is Jagadish!! He does all illegal things!! A big gunda of this town!! He has many rape cases!!

Manik gets shocked.. A tear falls from his eyes again!! His tension is increasing more and more..

Manik: rape case??
Police: yes Mr. Malhotra! I think Nandini is with him!!

Manik gets angry!!
Manik: can u give me his address!! I will not leave him today..

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