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A  girl enters a school named sophia secondary school.Her parents just left her at the gate unlike other parents dropping their kids till their droms.She knew her parent wont drop her in.

Her warden Ms.cini welcomes her in.

Ms.Cini:Hello Nandani welcome to your new school.

Nandani(small innocent smile):Miss can u plzz show me my dromroom plzz.

Ms.cini:yes sure come on wid me.

They together go in towards a varanda behind the school campus.They reach the end of the varanda and enter one of the last room.

Ms.cini:nandani this is ur room and u will share it wid 3 more girls and opposite to ur room is boys room ok then u arrange ur staff met u tommorow and remember from tommorow ur class starts.

N:thank u miss.

she starts arranging her stuff and when she is finall done she sits on her bed and sees towards boys room.

A small cute boy is sitting on his bed and looking curiously towards her room.

Nandani goes out of her room and call him

Boy:hi my name is SANSKAR

N:hi my name is nandani

S:r u new admission?

N:yes class 6 and u?

S:same here but which section??

N:I still dont know.

They talk for sometime and leave towards their room both felt happy talking to eo.

As soon as she enters back to her room she sees two girls arranging their stuff one of the girls come towards her

girls:r u going to share this room with us??

N:yes i m nandani

girl:hi i m swara and this is ragini u can call us swaragini

N:means u both r twins

S:yes but she is 3 mins elder

R:hi nandani

nandani just gives her a smile

S:nandani i will call u as shona u know it suits u our dida says that people call darling as shona and we are going to spend next 7 years together so we can be besties right

N:yah ofcourse but plzz dont mind me on my mistakes


N:actully i never made friends.

S:what u never made any friends??



N:because have heard the name of narendra murthy and abhimanyu murthy??

S:of course who dont know them they are great business tycoon and the other is a youngest rising rising super star yaar he is sooo cute.

R:yah and his sister is also beautiful i heard that but why r u asking this??

N:because i m her

S:what ??

N:haa i m nandani murthy

swaragini starts laughing

N:y r u guys laughing??

R:now we got to know y u didn’t have any friends

S:because others were ur friends because of ur dad and broo

R:but dont worry our situation is also the same we never made friends


S:because my dear shona our father is shekhar gadodia

N:ohh so u also had friends with bentifits


N:thank god there is some one who can understand me now

SRN laugh and have a group hug and after some time they go for their lunch

They were standing in a long line waiting for their number.

S:shonaa i forgot to ask u who is staying opposite to our room??

before nandani could speak sanskar call out her name. seeing sanskar nandani turns and say hi.sanskar comes towards her.

N:sanskar meet my besties this is swara and this is ragini

San(smiles):hii girls. Nandani i came to tell u that ms.cini informed that tommorow we all have to reach the auditorium room by 10 am


San:okay then bye

N:sanskar its cya never say bye

San:okay meri maa cya

swaragini compelete their lunch and reach their room and see the 4th bed occupied they see a girl tensely talking to herself

girl: oh god plzz help

SRN:from whom??

girl:nobody hi i m navya

S:hii i m swara this is ragini and this is nandani

R:now tell us y were u asking for help??

Nav:woh na actually i never made friends soo..

Nan:i think same case guys.

Nav: what same case??

R:woh na we also never made friends because of our parents means we had friends with benefits soon.

Nav:yahh same my dad is an industrialist soo..

Nan:its okay guys now we all are friends na soo now we dont need anybody so lets have a group hug guys

all four had a group hug they all talked for sometime and went out in the varanda. Suddenly one girl came

girl:hii I m soha class 6 are all in class 6??

Swa:yess but what do u want??

Soha:woh i came here to meet nandani hi nandani


Soha:can we be friends plzz??

Nan:but y do u want to be my friend ??

Soha:woh actu..

Nan:wait i know because u want to meet abhimanyu murthy so why not be nandani murthy’s friend right??

Soha:yahh no no no no

Nan:sry but i m not interested in being ur friend

all 4 of them leave from there

Nav: waah nandu it was superb

Nan: obvio navya i have been practicing this dialogue from last 5 years so u know how telented i m.

they look at each other and burst out laughing.They move towards the game hall and pass there time pulling each others leg.

Next day in morning navya is running in the room with a chocolate in her hand and swara is chasing her shouting to return her chocolate back.

All the four girls get ready wearing there school uniform(guys u can imagini worrior high uniform) all four were looking beautiful as well as cute

They move towards auditorium hall they were about to enter they see sanskar and two more boys as well ,the girls sit in the last row and the boys as well sit next to nandani.

After the introduction part they pay attention to the speech given by their academic director sir.

After that they go towards the classes alotted to them.

As soon as Nandani was abt to enter her class peon can and informed her that AD sir wants to meet her

She moves towards his cabin and enters after taking his permission

Nan:good morning sir

AD:gm my child plz have a sit. I called u here not because ur r mr.murthy’s daughter but because i want u to be comfertable with the environment of our school.My child i know u never got a chance to share anything wid ur parents since ur childhood as they are always busy so i wanted to tell u that always remember one thing whenever u want to share anything wid anybody but are confused whom to tell i have all my ears for u my child just think me as ur father and share whaterever u want

Nan(with teary eyes):yess sir i promise to share everything with u

AD:thats like a good girl u r my daughter. Nandani did u make any new friends??

Nan:yes I made four friends two of them are swara and ragini gadodia ,one is navya naveli and one is sanskar oops i forgot to ask him his surname.

AD:its ok i know him his surname is maheswari but did u not meet his brother laksh??

Nan:yah i met him in the auditorium

AD:did u meet my son??

Nan:i guess noo

AD:how is it possible i arranged his room with the other two

Nan:ooo did u mean Abeer

AD:yes he is my son if anybody harasses u just tell him or me ok

Nan:yes sir

AD:u tell this to swaragini and navya as well

SRN:sir thats not required we heard every thing

AD:thats good and always remember one thing u 4 are my daughter my own daugther’s

The four of them come out of the cabin and move towards there classes as soon as they enter to their shock sanskar; laksh and Abeer are also there

San:girls dont tell me that even u are in this class

Swa:sry to say this but we are

All seven of them sit together in the last row and start talking and enjoying with eachother

Swa:one second we all are alotted 4 people in one room but u are only 3

San:even we have no idea

As the days pasted they became inseparable and started their pranks almost everyone was scared of them but all teachers loved them a lot

Ad sir used to call them in their cabin or used to meet them in their class days were going smooth Nandani came out frome her conservative nature and along with sanskar was the biggest paranker of the group. STudents started calling them as elites as they never allowed anyone to be friends with them.

Nandani started calling sanskar as bhaiyu and laksh as lucky and Abeer as abeer bhai,swara as baby, ragini as chinnu and navya as navu                                                                                       Swara called sanskar with his name ,laksh as lucky and abeer with his name ,nandani as shonaa ,ragini as chinnu and navya as navu                                                                                             Ragini called sanskar as sanky, laksh as lucky,abeer as abeer bhai,nandani as shonaa ,ragini as chinnu and navya as navu                                                                                                                             navya did the same

Sanskar and the boys started calling nandani as choti

All seven were very close to each other but most importantly they were attached to Nandani they treated her as their baby sister even nandani was happy to get such great friends.

Their friendship became more strong as days passed by on the other hand nandani noticed difference in swaragini and sanlak so decided to talk to them but never got a chance.

Leap of 3 years

It was the begning of there class 9.All 7 went in the canteen together one boy came near swara

boy:hii swara actually i wanted to tell u this since last 2 years but was scared as u are an elite actually i love u will u be my girlfriend

All gave him ‘yeh tu gaya’wala look

Sanskar got angry and banged the table hard the boy got scared and ran away elite were shocked to see his anger they never saw him this angry.

Swa:what happen sanskar??Y R U behaving this way??

Nan:haa bhaiyu whats wrong??

He glanced at nandani and nandani nodded at him

Sanky stood on the table and said :miss swara I LOVE U

swara smiled at him and hugged him tight

elites started clapping and hugging eo

The very next moment even Lucky tried to stand on the table but fell down and everyone stared laughing laksh gave them a death glare at became silent but the elites continued laughing. Nandani was holding her stomach and laughing at him and his angry pout.




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