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So their moment was disturbed by a boy asking them to meet AD sir..

Sanky:let’s go our godfather is calling us maybe something important he needs to talk.

All nodded and moved towards his cabin on reaching knocked and entered

AD sir:so how r my kids doing??


AD :so I have called u all here for a u all know the new session is starting so there will be new admissions and there are 3 new students in ur I just had a small request..among the one boy is coming and will be staying with the boys..all I want is to make him comfortable and plzz no pranks on him..

San:sir we got u but are u asking us to not prank at all or not prank on him

AD sir smiled:how can I say the elites to not prank at all I am asking u to not prank on lets see how he get along with u guys..

All smiled.AD sir signed all something they nodded and swa:chal shona let’s go.

Nandu nodded and walked out.

AD sir:I don’t know when will she come out of that trauma..Sanskar here take this medicine and make sure she takes them..I am not able to see her guilty for something she never did..

Sanky took the packet and all moved out without saying anything.

Outside while moving towards their class nandu’s hand brushed with a boys hand and a current passed through them.But before nandu could turn and see him Swara pulled her.On the other hand that boy turned but there was no one.He entered ADsir’s cabin smiling.

Nandu was physically present but still she could not concentrate as she was disturbed by the thought of that touch she felt. As soon as the bell rang she got up and moved towards the music library after informing the elites. They knew tat she is disturbed by something as she goes to music library or the dance room when disturbed.

Nandu entered the music library took a guitar and sat in a corner where nobody could see her and started playing a tune(of jaise mera tu)..

The same boy entered the music library and took a guitar as well and started playing a tune listening which nandu stopped playing and started moving towards the tune but both of them were unaware of the fact that Harshad had locked the library..the boy started singing..

Tere mere darmiyan hai baatein ankahi..             tu waha hai mai yaha kyun saath hum nahi..

Nandu was mesmerized listening to him but suddenly they heard some sound as nandu was near the door she went there and as soon as the door opened sanky hugged her..

San: choti I was so scared not finding u in ur room thankfully I heard somebody singing and came here..

Nan:bhaiyu I am fine see ..

They went out before that boy could see them.

Nandu asked not to tell anyone about the locked library..

Elites were sitting on the short wall which was exactly outside their room. All other students were also standing and chatting with their friends. Nandu after some time went in.

Later tat boy came in the veranda searching his room all girls were flat seeing him.

Soha came towards him:hey u new here??

Boy:yes just joined..

Soha was sticking to him while he was feeling uncomfortable trying to escape from her.

Elites saw this and sighed and Rag came towards them putting her hand on soha’s shoulder:hey Whatsup soha??long time we did not TALK.

Listening to her soha literally ran from there and elites laughed at he reaction along with tat boy.

Boy:hey thanks for saving me yaar..

Rag: that’s fine u new here rgt??need help??

Boy:yes actually I was finding my room hmm do u know kabir,sanskar and what was the other ones name

Rag(smiled):Laksh come on follow me..

They went towards the others..

Rag:here they r.

San:hmm so u???

Boy: ADsir asked me to meet uh guys and I m suppose to share room with u guys..

Kab:ohh so u r Mr.special huh??

Boy:not Mr.special but MANIK MALHOTRA..

all smiled and introduced themselves..they were talking on different topic all liked him..suddenly swara shouts:stop..

San:what happened Darling what’s wrong??

Swa:can u here any noise??

They heard carefully and ran in girls room..Manik stayed at the door not feeling rgt to enter..

They ran towards nandu who was shivering,  sweating and shouting

Nan:noooooo…I didn’t….I….didnot….plzz….leave meee…plzz… plzz

She was shivering badly..

Sanky tries to calm her down but she was not so he immediately hugged her tightly not leaving her all other too joined them trying to calm her down.. san(murmuring):no choti u did not do anything it’s fine’s fine


swara shouts and suddenly all ran towards the girls room I don’t think I should enter in but I heard a girls voice shouting to leave her and telling tat she did not do anything… what she did not do??i see her hands that were shivering badly… others had tears in there eyes even Sanskar who seems to be strong…but this girl is very special to them.. Sanskar hugs her but I am not able to see her face .. why am I feeling restless??oh God


After sometime nandu calms down and they release her make her eat her pills and water..

All sit down around her bed Sanskar was not leaving her hand. Manik sat on the wall waiting for them..

About 2 hours later the girls asks them to go and sleep after forcing them they come out but are shocked to see Manik waiting for them..

They all together go to their room

Kab:why were u waiting u could have slept rgt??

Man:how could I sleep when my friends r worried..

Kabir and laksh hug him and go to change.

Sanky was sitting on his bed lost.

Manik went and sat beside him…

Man:I don’t know what had happened but I will just say that whatever happened we can’t change it but all u need to do is let it go and become strong for that girl if u fall weak how can u make her strong. U need to let it go from inside of and then from her..I know I shouldn’t and I don’t have any right but I am always there if u need any help..

Sanky saw towards him and hugged him and started crying kabir and Laksh were shocked as sanky never cried..they went and hugged him..

After breaking the hug sanky:thanks and never feel that u r not one of us..

Kab hugged sanky and cried:sanky buddy when will she become normal I am missing her when will she stop crying and blaming herself I am not able to see her like this..

Lak:mee to bhai I want my choti back with her naughtiness I miss her a lot…

For the first time the 3 of them cried and let the pain out..

San:don’t cry we need to be strong no for ourselves but for choti need to be strong…

After some time they felt somebody staring at them it was Manik making a puppy face..they asked what

Man:yaar this is not fair u guys hugged without me and I can’t even cry as I don’t know the matter but at least u could hug me..

They smiled at him and extended their hand for hug..

San:u r behaving exactly like choti..

All smiled how she used to tell the same..

3 pairs of eyes were seeing them and smiling with tears..3 of them altogether:even we need it..

Boys smiled and hugged them as well..

San: what is this yaar I asked u not to leave her alone why did u come here??

Swa:sry but I was tensed for u guys and we did not leave her alone AD sir is there with her..

Man(suddenly jumped):what sir is here how??I mean why??

All smiled..kab:because rgt now he is my dad not Academic director..

Man:ohh… but why is he with her instead of you??

Lak:because buddy they are his daughters..

Man:means kabir and tat girl are siblings..

San:nooo…dude give it a break u will get to know what relation we share so just chill..

All smiled and went to their respective rooms/beds and slept…


morning all 4 boys were running around the room finding one thing or the other..after sometime they were reading in light brown pants with white shirt and navy blue blazers looking dashing… manik was trying to make his tie since last 15 minutes At last he gave up and went to kabir

Man: yaar kabir plzz help me with the tie yaar its irritating me…

Kab:give it to me sanky ,lucky even u guys give me ur ties I will ask choti to make them.. she might be ready by now unlike that lady bheem and her sister and madhubala..

Listening to kabir lucky shouted:yaar kabir what’s ur problem yaar don’t call her lady bheem her name is ragini dude…

Saying this he blushed a little..

Sanky:ohhh my brother is blushing for rigs ohhh..

Kabir thought to pull his leg:sanky now we even can’t call lady bheem as lady bheem lucky don’t like it …so buddy u tell me what should we call her huh..

Man:ohh so I was wrong..

San:abt what??

Man:that ki only one pair of love birds are there but what am I seeing here there r 2 pairs…buddy love is in the air…

All 3 started laughing..

Lak:Manik don’t worry next is ur turn only…and kabiraaa… what are u laughing at huh u r also in line dude..

Kabir avoiding what he said:I will go and give it to choti and also check on her..

San teasingly:Haha go check her and others too except my darling…

Kabir ran before sanky could speak any thing else..

After 10 mins kabir came and gave them their ties…


Kabir gave me my tie and I thanked soon as I wore the tie a sweet smell came from god it was making me crazy..this smell is so good…

I asked kabir:buddy who made this tie??

Kab:why ??

Me:woh it’s so perfect that’s why..

Kab:ohh this toh choti made it other 3 dumbos don’t know how to make it..

This means that it’s her smell it’s so hypnotizing I definitely need to see her..god this girl is making me crazy..


A boys comes and asks Manik to meet the warden for going to class for some work..

Man:guys I will meet u in class..

All nodded..after he left the girls came out of their room and the boys as well…

Nav:where is he??

Nan:whom are u talking about navu??

Swa:nobody just a new boy..


They went to their class and sat at there regular place.

The teacher came and asked nandu to get some books from the library. Nandu nodded and went..

On the other hand even Manik reached the library to get soon textbooks..

Nandu was standing on a stool and finding the books but suddenly the stool disbalanced and nandu screamed..


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