Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th April 2014 Written Update

Aditya says Madhu that she always has problem with one or other issue with him now a days. She says they have problem only one issue. He says he does not know what she is talking about. She says he is favouring Samaira now a days. Aditya asks her not to talk about Samaira. She gets angry and goes.

Mohanto asks Sunaina if she is looking at Samaira’s pic and says she is perfect for Jai. He asks to check with Jai once before taking any decision. Sunaina asks Aarya not to tell Jai that she is thinking of marrying him to Samaira. Samaira comes down. Sunaina says she wants to talk to her. Samaira says she is busy and going out, will talk to her later. Sunaina says I will accompany you in my car and we will talk on the way. Samaira says it is ok, I will speak to you here.

Neeraj asks publisher to publish the book without checking as Aditya has ordered him. Publisher says he cannot publish it without reading.

Sunaina asks Samaira what is her thought about marriage as she has reached the age of marriage. Samaira says she has to meet her goal first before marrying. Sunaina says career is there today, but not tomorrow, life partner stay always. Samaira/Shikha remembers how Sameer/Aditya betrayed her and pushed her from cliff. She says in marriage, lot of compromises and adjustments have to be made, even then there is a risk of betrayal. She gets a call from Neeraj. She asks Sunaina to excuse her and goes from there.

Aditya thinks about Madhu’s words and even Samaira’s words. He gets a call from his secretary. He asks her to come in. Once she comes, he asks about Madhu’s schedule. She says Madhu is busy, she will ask her later.

Publisher reads the book and calls Aditya to inform him, but Aditya is not in the office. Aditya goes to a restaurant and waits for Samaira. Publisher calls Aditya, but just then Samaira comes, so Aditya does not pick the call. Aditya asks Samaira what important thing she wants to talk about. She says she just wanted to meet her outside. She holds his hand and says she wants to hold it without fear of Madhu. He says he is not understanding her, when he comes near her, she goes away from her, what does she need. She says she does not know what she wants and what is happening to her. Whenever she thinks about her, nothing she can see, not even his wife and family. Publisher calls Aditya again. Aditya picks it. Publisher says he wants to talk to him about the book. Aditya asks him to publish the book.

Publisher says book has some controversial matter. Aditya asks him to publish it as it good for book’s publicity. Publisher says Neeraj Aditya told as soon as book is published, to launch it. Neeraj informs Avinash about book publishing and its launch. Avinash thanks him. Neeraj asks to thank Samaira as she helped him in publishing the book and asks Avinash to call Samaira as chief guest for book launch. He says he will send her number and asks to call her and invite. Avinash agrees.

Neeraj comes home says Samaira that book is being published now. Samaira says Aditya will sack publisher once he reads the book. She says Aditya will be criticized by everyone after reading this book, then she will handle him. Avinash calls Samaira and thanks her for helping him in publishing the book. She says he is his father’s age, so not to thank her and to think her as his daughter. He says she has got good upbrining and requests her to become chief guest for book launch. Samaira gets emotional. He says if he comes, he will think that Shikha has come. Sudha takes call and asks if she can come. Samaira/Shikha says she will definitely come.

Precap: Samaira/Shikha launches the book. Madhu comes and asks what is happening.

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