Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th April 2014 Written Update

Madhu comes near the kitchen and sees chefs standing outside. They say Samaira is inside preparing something and asked us to stay outside. Madhu goes and asks what is she doing. Samaira asks what will people do in kitchen. Madhu says she does not have to prepare food as servants are there for it. Samaira says she wanted to prepare food and serve everyone. Madhu says she is guest of this house. Samaira says they pampered her so much that she forgot she is a guest. Madhu asks what is she preparing. She says she is preparing moong dal halwa. Madhu says everyone is health conscious in this house and won’t like it. Samaira goes to check with servants about sugar. Madhu adds salt in it to spoil halwa.

Neeraj goes to Avinash’s house who asks about the book publication. Neeraj gives him a letter. Avinash reads it and gets happy. Sudha asks what is written in this letter. Avinash says book’s first edition has gone for publishing and will be released in market soon. He thanks Neeraj for his help.

Samaira feeds halwa to Aditya who likes it and praises her. Aditya asks how did she know that he likes moong dal halwa. She says she told him that she will give surprise, so this is her surprise. He asks she is from Switzerland, then how did she know the reciepe. She says she took it from internet. She says she will give these kind of surprises everyday. She says she will leave now before Madhu sees them and goes.

Sunaina praises Samaira for preparing tasty halwa. Madhu says what is special in it. Aarya says being in India, you did not learn preparing tea, Samaira being in Switzerland prepared halwa. Samaira comes and serves halwa for everyone. Mohanto praises Samaira and says it is amazing and he is eating so tasty halwa after a long time. Mohanto asks Madhu to taste it. Samaira says she will feed Madhu herself and feeds it. Madhu is surprised that it does not have salt in it. Samaira says she made this halwa in second attempt and says she added salt first time and then reprepared it with sugar. She says Madhu that she will not tell anybody that she added salt first time.

Madhu comes to her room and scolds Samaira. Aditya asked what did she do now. She sees halwa bowl there and says even he ate Samaira’s halwa. Aditya says it was very bad. She asks why did he eat the whole bowl then. He says it is a bad habit to leave food.

Madhu comes to Arnav’s room and feeds him food. Madhu comes and scolds Samaira for entering Arnav’s room. She asks her to handle him carefully, he is a kid. She says he is her child and asks what is she feeding him. Samaira says moong dal halwa. Madhu says Arnav does not like halwa. She calls nanny and asks her to take Arnav out. Madhu then asks Samaira to go to her house now as she is alright now. Samaira says she will go. Sunaina comes and asks when is her dad coming. Samaira gets tensed and says he will be coming soon. Sunaina asks if he wants to give surprise. Samaira says he is not planning any surprise and says she will inform her once her papa informs her. Madhu says Samaira is going to her home now. Sunaina insists Madhu will not go anywhere. She says if her papa is not coming, she and Mohanto will go and bring him from there. Madhu says it is a good idea, they have not gone on holiday since a long time. Madhu asks Samaira to call her dad. Samaira says ok and goes from there.

Samaira calls Neeraj and asks about fake dad. He says he will arrange and not to worry. Neeraj says he is worried if editor calls Aditya and informs him. Samaira says not to worry, she will not let Aditya pick editor’s call.

Aditya is in the office. He remembers time spent with Samaira near the swimming pool and her moong dal halwa surprise. He gets Samaira’s call who asks what is he doing. He says he was working. She says he is lying as he picked phone immediately and was waiting for her call. He says he was not waiting for her call. She says fine then, she will keep the call and asks him to continue with his work. He says he was not waiting for her call, but was thinking about her. She says she will come and meet her now in a coffee shop outside. He says he has important meeting with Madhu. She says she has to tell him something important, gets angry and says he cannot go out without Madhu’s permission. He says he will come and meet her.

Aditya stands near the window and smiles thinking about Samaira. She comes and asks why was he smiling. He says nothing and asks if she had some work from him. She says he is not concentrating on work, what happened to him. He says she is not talking to her properly these days.

Precap: Samaira’s says she cannot marry as she has to compromise and adjust in marriage and what if she gets betrayed.

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