Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira thanks Neeraj for protecting her from losing her dignity and says she and her family would have died if it would have happened. Neeraj says nothing will happen to her and her family. Aditya comes to Samaira’s green room and knocks door. Neeraj goes from backdoor and asks Samaira to take care of herself. Samaira opens the door oncce Neeraj goes. Aditya asks if she is alright. Samaira acts as being very tensed. Aditya asks her what happeend and then says he warned her to be aware of Madhu, but did not know Madhu would stoop to such an extent. Samaira is shocked to hear that Madhu did it and says Aditya that he is just doing a drama. Aditya says if he would have been making a drama, he would not have come here. He says she knows he loves her. Madhu says if she loves him, he should drag Madhu and make her apologise to her.

Mohanto and Avinash ask manager about Samaira. Manager says Samaira got angry and left the show.

Samaira says if he really cares for her, he should teach Madhu a lesson which she should remember her whole life and asks if he can do that. Aditya does not say anything. She says one has to do so many things in love, but he cannot do anything is just a coward husband. Aditya asks her to shut up. Samaira says he can just shout, she will teach his wife Madhu a lesson.

Reporters ask Madhu why did the show stop before starting. Madhu says due to technical issue, it stop. Reporter asks if it stopped because Samaira left the show and if there is any rift between her and Samaira again. She asks reporter to shut up and goes from there.

Neeraj informs Sudha and her family about the incident happened. Sudha gets worried for Shikha and thanks Neeraj for helping her and her daughter. Neeraj says Sudha that she thinks him as her family member, so it is his duty to protect her family.

Samaira comes to Madhu and asks why did she tried to malalign her reputation. Madhu says she did not do it. Samaira says Madhu that she planned her wardrobe malfunction and asks her how can she stoop to that level as a woman and insult her dignity. Madhu says she is behind her husband, then what dignity she has. Samaira says if she cannot handle her husband, then she does not have right to talk about dignity. She says she does not want to dirty her hands by slapping Madhu. Madhu agrees she planned her wardrobe malfunction and asks her what she can do.

Mohanto comes home with his family and Avinash. Avinash and Sunaina ask Samaira if she is okay. Samaira asks Sunaina to ask her daughter and says Madhu planned today’s tragedy. Madhu says Samaira has gone mad and she does not know what she is telling. She asks Samaira the proof. She says Aditya that Samaira is alleging her that she planned Samaira’s malfunction and says Mohanto that she was with Aditya in the whole show. She asks Aditya to tell it to Mohanto. Aditya slaps her and says this is the truth. Mohanto asks Aditya why did slap Mohanto. Aditya says Samaira is telling right and says he got a proof of it. He calls Samaira’s assistant/stylist and asks her to tell the truth. Stylist says Madhu asked her to remove broach from Samaira’s dress. Mohanto asks Madhu why did she do that. Madhu says she did it for publicity. Avinash asks Madhu how dare she to do it to her daughter and asks Mohanto if he has taught his daughter this kind of culture. He says he will not stay here. Mohanto requests him not to go like that. Aditya asks Madhu to ask sorry to Samaira. Madhu asks her sorry.

Precap: Aditya says Samaira that he proved his right on Samaira by slapping his wife and kisses her.

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  1. Its abut time she needs not 1 but 2 hard slaps

  2. That was too good to watch madhu getting slapped.


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