Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st December 2013 Written Update

Nimesh asks sorry to Shikha’s papa and mom and leaves. Shikha’s papa goes towards weeping Mahi, picks her bag and asks Shikha’s mom to keep it inside. Mahi asks sorry to her papa, he says it is okay and goes to his room. Shikha consoles Mahi. Shikha’s mom asks her husband not to think too much and relax. He says he is upset with this car guy and he cannot forget what Mahi did. He even now can’t believe that Mahi could do this. Shikha’s mom says Mahi didn’t have food till now. She says Mahi has realized her mistake and good Sameer was there to calm you. She says we misunderstood Sameer, but he helped us so much. She says lets go to Sameer’s house and apologize. He says ok, lets go to Sameer’s house tomorrow.


is thinking about Sameer’s words, how he calmed her papa. She develops a soft corner towards him. Mahi comes to Shikha’s room. Shikha asks what happened. Mahi says papa is still angry on me, so she cannot sleep. Shikha says papa has forgiven you, but it will take time to normalize. Shikha says even she needs time to normalize. Mahi is shocked, but Shikha says she is joking. Shikha says she didn’t know Nimesh was her boyfriend than just friend. She asks if she has named Nimesh as Nimisha in her mobile. Mahi says yes. Shikha says that is the reason you used to speak to Nimisha for such a long time. Shikha says if Mahi would have told her, she would have spoke to her parents. Mahi says not make her feel guilty. Mahi says she found a good guy for Shikha. Mahi’s mobile rings.

It is Sameer on the other side. Sameer says sorry to Mahi. He says he felt sorry to hear about her and Nimesh. Mahi asks sorry instead to trouble him and his parents with the fake account. Sameer says he is relieved now after talking to her. He inquires about Shikha, if she is still awake. He wants to say good night to her. Mahi gives her mobile to Shikha. Sameer says what happened today was not good. He enquires about her papa, she says he is alright. Sameer says to read a book, she will be relaxed. He says good night to Shikha and cuts the call.

Shikha’s papa is reading paper and her mom preparing breakfast. Mahi looks at her papa and requests Shikha to serve tea to her papa. Shikha says if you have made tea, then you serve it to him, he will like it. Mahi serves tea, but her papa doesn’t respond. She turns back and goes. Her papa calls her and says tea is good. She gets overwhelmed and says sorry to her papa for what happened. Her papa says it is ok and not to cry. Her mom comes and says not to cry and to eat something. Shikha’s papa informs Shikha that he and her mom are going to Sameer’s house. They ask her also to accompany them. She says ok.

Shikha is confused with the dresses, she requests Mahi to help her with finding a matching dupatta. She taunts Shikha for being so conscious about matching dupatta. Shikha and her parents leave in a car to Sameer’s house. Shikha sees the same black car following them via a mirror. She sees someone else in that car and is relaxed.

They reach Sameer’s house and ring the bell. Sameer’s mom opens the door and is very happy seeing them. She invites them inside. Sameer’s papa is also very happy seeing them. Shikha’s papa gives them sweet box. Shikha’s mom asks about Sameer. Sameer’s mom says he is in his room and calls him. Shikha’s papa says Sameer helped us a lot and we want to convey thanks to him, so we came here. Sameer comes. He sees Shikha and her parents and Shikha and greets them. Sameer’s papa says gupta ji has come to say Thanks to you. Sameer’s mom says she will prepare tea. Sameer says he will go and prepare tea. Sameer’s papa asks Shikha to help Sameer in preparing tea. They go to the kitchen. Shikha watches Sameer preparing tea and is amazed that Sameer can prepare such a good tea. Sameer says his dad is his friend, so he pulls his legs a lot. He says the secret is he only knows to prepare tea. She just watches Sameer preparing tea and kinda develops soft corner for him.

Precap: Shikha breaks Sameer’s guitar’s strings. She says sorry to sameer. He says it is ok, he didn’t see anyone til now saying sorry so cutely. They start seeing each other’s eyes.

Update Credit to: MA

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