Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is shocked to see Madhu in front of him and asks how did she come out of coma. Madhu says she bought doctor who dramatized her coma and says she is the one who sent him proofs against Shikha. She asks if he needs any more proof against Shikha. Aditya says Samaira/Shikha betrayed me and she forgot I can become Sameer again to teach her a lesson. He apologizes Madhu to forgive him. Madhu says Samaira used divide and rule against us and we should get together and defeat her. She says we will kill Samaira/Shikha by pushing her from cliff again. Aditya says this is the best surprise gift for her.

Shikha reminisces Neeraj confessing his love for her and falls asleep. She wakes up and sees a flower bouquet and Aditya wishing her happy birthday. She asks how does she know. Aditya says there is nothing about you hidden from me. He asks her to close her eyes for her surprise gift. Once she closes her eyes, he imagines her as Shikha with specs. He gives her a saree gift and says it will look nice on you. Samaira gets tensed seeing that. He asks if she did not like it. She says she liked it. He says he has another surprise for her and says they are going to Panchgani to enjoy their honeymoon. Samaira reminisces Aditya following her and pushing her from cliff. Aditya asks if she wants to go somewhere else. She says it is a perfect place and asks if they can take Arnav with them. He says of course they can. She says it is the best gift from him. He thinks it is her last gift. Samaira thinks she was waiting for this day and once Mohanto transfer Mohanto’s custody in her name, nobody can stop her from killing Aditya and Madhu.

Mohanto, Sunaina, and Aarya wish Samaira happy birthday. Mohanto gives Samaira Arnav’s custody papers and says it is her birthday gift and fullfilled his promise. Saamira thanks him and says it is the best gift she got. Aditya thinks she does not know what will happen to her.

Samaira is about to sign custody papers when everyone hear a sound from Madhu’s room and run there. Nurse sees Madhu shook her hand. Mohanto gets happy seeing that Madhu is recriprocating. He asks Madhu to speak to her. Madhu shakes her hand. Sunaina sees that and asks her to open her eyes. Madhu opens her eyes and recognizes everyone. Mohanto thanks god that she is back to normal. Aditya looks at Madhu and smirks. Mohanto says it is Samaira’s hard work that Madhu is back to normal now.
Samaira thinks Madhu wake up before she could sign Manav’s custody and hopes Madhu does not create any problem. Lawyer asks Samaira to sign the papers. Mohanto says when Madhu is back, he cannot give her Arnav’s custody. Samaira says he promised her and now she is Aditya’s wife. Madhu comes there and says she is Aditya’s wife, then why they are calling Samaira as Aditya’s wife. She asks Mohanto how can he do it for him. Aditya asks her to control herself and says it was her fate. Madhu asks Samaira what papers she was talking about. Aditya tells they are Arnav’s custody papers. Madhu asks Mohanto how can he give Arnav’s custody to another woman. Samaira says she is Aditya wife, not another woman. Madhu says she did not give birth to Arnav. Samaira says so what, Arnav believes her as his mother. Madhu starts drama, says she does not want to lose her son and falls unconscious. Aditya holds her and carries her to her room.

Avinash and family prays god to help their daughter in her revenge and protect her.

Sunaina tries to convince Samaira to let Arnav be with Madhu. Nurse informs them that Madhu is not in her room and even Arnav is missing. Samaira reaches Arnav’s room and finds him missing.

Precap: Aditya reads Madhu’s letter that she is going away with Arnav.

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